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  2. Quantum ThunderYesterday at 9:48 AM
  3. Yes
  5. Swedgenmerry Bongo CatYesterday at 9:48 AM
  6. @Quantum Thunder  I think you need to familiarize yourself with the rules here again.
  8. Quantum ThunderYesterday at 9:49 AM
  9. I have done it.
  10. It was simple, I just needed to find some random airhead.
  11. I think you need to familiarize yourself with basic English.
  12. I stated I had an actual question for Topaz.
  14. Swedgenmerry Bongo CatYesterday at 9:51 AM
  15. That doesnt matter, you were told to stop pinging mods for silly reasons. The next thing you did was ping me. When staff gives your direction, you follow it or you end up here. I suggest you take this more seriously than you have so far.
  17. Quantum ThunderYesterday at 9:51 AM
  18. Yet again you don't realize basic English.
  20. TopazYesterday at 9:51 AM
  21. Evan, stop pinging me
  22. Just dm me
  23. You are just trying to cause trouble for no reason
  25. Quantum ThunderYesterday at 9:52 AM
  26. Plus,
  27. I pinged Bongo to inform him of reason for pinging other official moderators.
  29. Swedgenmerry Bongo CatYesterday at 9:53 AM
  30. Okay, I am going to mute you for 24 hours. Hopefully after that you can behave a little more sensibly.
  32. Quantum ThunderYesterday at 9:53 AM
  33. "Stop pinging mods for silly reasons.'
  34. Just ban me
  36. Swedgenmerry Bongo CatToday at 11:06 AM
  37. Hello @Quantum Thunder , I hope you are in a more  reasonable headspace today.
  39. Swedgenmerry Bongo CatToday at 1:06 PM
  40. Is it fair for me to garner from your response that you do not intend to follow the rules of the server? Particularly about following staff directions?
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