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Jul 6th, 2018
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  1. /kp/ rigged it wrong, as a joke.
  2. ======Pre-Game======
  3. Start on Preset 1.
  4. Manual Subs by best condition in that position.
  5. Make sure all medals are on the field and playing in position. WEEEOOOO on the left. Betty on the right.
  6. Make sure the right CMF is taking left corners and the left CMF is taking right corners.
  8. If the CF is suspended, put in the non-medal SS and change the position to SS.
  9. If any other medal is suspended, put in a bench player of the same position.
  11. ======During Game======
  12. At 65:
  13. Sub the lowest stamina non-medals for the next best condition.
  15. From 80 mins onwards:
  16. If losing, go P3.
  18. ======OH FUCK======
  19. Switch to At Kick-Off on fluid or these positions won't make sense.
  21. In the event of a red card:
  22. If the red card was to a CF, SS, AMF or DMF, do nothing.
  23. IF the red card was to one of the CMFs, switch the sent off CMF with the DMF.
  24. If the red card was to a CB or GK, put the DMF in it's place and sub on a in-position replacement if possible.
  25. If the red card was to the GK, put a non-medal CB in goal and the DMF in the defender's spot. Sub on a in-position replacement if possible.
  27. In the event of an injury to a CF or SS, put in a SS and switch the position to SS.
  28. Otherwise, put in the next best condition player in that position.
  29. If the injury occurs after all subs have been used, refer to the red card measures.
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