Mar 29th, 2012
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  1. a desperate spider
  2. weaved his web
  3. in the late fall
  4. it was too cold for flies
  5. but perhaps the moths could still be
  6. trapped
  8. winter was approaching
  9. the nights darker
  10. and colder
  11. the spider lay on his web
  12. and saw a faceted sky
  13. intensities of lightness and darkness
  14. fell and rose
  15. as the days progressed
  17. angels fell from heaven
  18. and the spider waited
  19. the angels had sweetly observed the world
  20. and had now become a part of it
  21. the spider lay on his cold web
  23. the angels surrounded the spider
  24. and saw the geometric web
  25. and the markings of the spiders body
  26. his black eyes reflected white lights
  28. one of the angels bent down and coaxed the spider into her palm
  29. the spider felt warmth
  30. she kissed it with her lips
  31. and put it back into the web
  33. the angels left
  34. and the spider slowly starved
  35. gripped to the web
  36. it became a dry husk
  37. that would remain for years
  38. till a broom swept it away
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