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  3. From the shooter's  manifesto, join the link above for more:
  4. Reminder that Wayne is a hobo con artist parasitizing the people around him and especially the elderly. Wayne was 5 months behind on the rent for his mobile home before the owner kicked Wayne Lambright out. This guy had also loaned Wayne over $1000 in his many failed attempts to get the psycho Wayne to straighten his life out. Everybody coming into contact with Wayne eventually learn. Wayne has no conscience, no prospects, no loyalty, no skills, no future. Behind Wayne is a long trail of devastated and financially inconvenienced people stretching back into Wayne’s 20s. Wayne also managed to con older technologically illiterate people into handing over several tens of thousands of dollars for projects that could have been carried out by an outsourced indian in one week. In Wayne’s hands, not even that can be done. Wayne is the perfect storm of incompetence and narcissism and the only people who have been willing to maintain a relationship with Wayne for more than a few months are a couple of redneck alcoholics and a methhead with whom Wayne enjoys periods of homosexual debauchery including the use of stimulants while seeking out ill reputed public bathrooms for "slam bams." But don't worry, Wayne fully forgives himself every time so he's Not Gay.
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