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  1. AhriannaMarieWinther: oh..... ma gawd.....
  2. DracoBloodRaven: hey princess welcome back
  3. AhriannaMarieWinther: there are those in this family im getting REALLY Tired of..... and i need to vent....
  4. AhriannaMarieWinther: hey DracoBloodRaven
  5. AhriannaMarieWinther: draco*
  6. AhriannaMarieWinther: i just read all the logs and screenshots.....
  7. Hades7587: /me sighed still looking down not saying anything "just like last time" is all he could mutter as he closed his eyes
  8. AhriannaMarieWinther: this kind of thing never stops..... and im tired of it....
  9. AhriannaMarieWinther: hey Dad, hi Kara
  10. ArtemisKrieger: hi ghoul
  11. GhoulDTBloodRose: /me holds his hand up placing his index finger and thumb a milimeter apart "this fucking close"
  12. ZumiKara: hey. my laptop hating me today lol
  13. AhriannaMarieWinther: Dad, how can we stop all this melodrama?
  14. Hades7587: drama happens everywhere, just the pack and family should work together rather than against eachother
  15. AhriannaMarieWinther: I know we should, but theres those that keep instigating the infighting, and allways against certain people.
  16. GhoulDTBloodRose: well one way you all are about to witness is the death of the nice guy
  17. AhriannaMarieWinther: Dad, the time for the all nice guy is gone. its time for the strong, heavy handed leader to rise for a while.
  18. ArtemisKrieger: or we could drop it as the matter is resloved and being worked out
  19. AhriannaMarieWinther: we drop it without a plan on how to squash it if it happens again, and it will happen worse
  20. AhriannaMarieWinther: because if it happens again, this whole family and pack is going to implode
  21. GhoulDTBloodRose: oh no you dont seem to understand what i mean im talking i will go full on tyrant on all of you
  22. AhriannaMarieWinther: its allready starting to, which is the sad part. so there needs to be a system in place to stop it in its tracks if it happens again
  23. AhriannaMarieWinther: that wont help anything dad....
  24. ArtemisKrieger: right now Iki and Nox are working her issue with asking to be excuted. let those two work it out Iki can then come to the other alphas and explain why Nox asked to be killed,
  25. AhriannaMarieWinther: thats not the issue im talking about, but i agree with you on that
  26. AhriannaMarieWinther: i just dont want family and pack members to be treating others the way i saw in the logs
  27. DracoBloodRaven: theis only one solution the source of it needs to go Rukia has done nothing but cause issues after issue towards me ever since i got with tika
  28. AhriannaMarieWinther: not go, but definitely needs to be stopped.
  29. Hades7587: /me he remained quiet closing his eyes once more as he was patially threatened he couldnt help but grin a little
  30. Hades7587: partially*))
  31. AhriannaMarieWinther: I may not like it, but she is my half-step-sister
  32. DracoBloodRaven: she is the major cause of this she has nevr csaused nothing but drama and causing a rift between me and tika ever since we started dating and it needs to be stoped or i will take rukia out myself
  33. ArtemisKrieger: Plus Nox wanted to clear Draco's name and now she left it up to Him and Tika her faith. but i wash my hands of the matter ealier today.
  34. Hades7587: tbh artemis that matter was dropped
  35. ArtemisKrieger: i cleared it up with moony and she knows how i feel.
  36. AhriannaMarieWinther: its up to Dad. If Dad wants something done about Rukia, its up to him as her father
  37. Hades7587: ive told ghoul my report on rukia
  38. AhriannaMarieWinther: i understand that
  39. ArtemisKrieger: in the process i will say this my pres and my bro as well the mc commiuites do not know Draco. so meh
  40. AhriannaMarieWinther: so its up to Ghoul, as her father, its up to hIm to decide what to do, whether its deal with it, wash his hands, delegate, ignore, whatever.
  41. Hades7587: i have no hatred towards any of this family, just dislike a few attitudes and such is all, im not here to make enemies, tho im not really here to make friends either, a family is all ive ever wanted, but that always seems to get dragged away from me, everytime i get close to grabbing that dream.
  42. ArtemisKrieger: I want moony's mental health to stay strong. i miss my mum robin and the old native pack
  43. AhriannaMarieWinther: can everyone here do something for me?
  44. AhriannaMarieWinther: its really simple too.
  45. GhoulDTBloodRose: i will handle Rukia
  46. AhriannaMarieWinther: just help keep the rooms as drama free as possible?
  47. ZumiKara: ok
  48. AhriannaMarieWinther: but that does mean, be polite about it
  49. Hades7587: i will do my best tho i might take a break from the pack room for a little while, my head, really hurts
  50. ArtemisKrieger: i just enforce what the the rules and what the alphas ask me to do
  51. AhriannaMarieWinther: i understand that, Artemis, just please try..... for Kooris sake
  52. ArtemisKrieger: always do.
  53. AhriannaMarieWinther: just shut down drama when it comes, or send them to me to speak to on discord
  54. AhriannaMarieWinther: ill handle the drama stuff for a while
  55. ArtemisKrieger: ^^ prin
  56. AhriannaMarieWinther: and thank you Dad,
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