Thousand Year Sword: Part 9.02: Enter the Spider's Lair

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  1.    The fiends of the forest that once filled him dread are now mere target practice, learning to focus his new found power into slashes, spins, and an energy bolt thrown by his blade on a mighty swing that leaves him drained for a moment. With a *thwak* and a *whack* the various ugly bat like and snake like fiends are dealt with as he makes his way deeper in the forest following the fairy as she leads him through the maze that even the undead don’t dare venture into. For the life of him he doesn’t understand what is so dangerous as all the fiends are a lot weaker than he had believed, many of which such as the Ball Bats he was able to take out easily even before he gained these magic powers and those deeper in aren’t much stronger.
  3.    He stops dead in his tracks, startled for a moment believing some horrific giant fiend were rising from the marsh. A giant horned black skull like opening; the fanged mouth open wide enough for a man to walk into. Inside he sees stairs going down into the blackness.
  5.    “Go down,” says the fairy, “I’ll light the way,” she starts to grow brighter before him. This light was un-needed as they reach the first floor and magical torches light themselves.
  7.    The fairy vanishes, blinks in and out for a moment, and then is back.
  9.    “What happened?” asks Lukatara.
  11.    “Unexpected interference,” says the fairy, “something is crawling around deep in this labyrinth that shouldn’t be here.”
  13.    “A guardian?” asks Lukatara.
  15.    “No,” says the fairy, “the power I granted you should be more than enough to handle the sword’s golem guardian. Whatever this is, I will guide you away from it.”
  17.     ******
  19.    As they journey through the labyrinth, the fairy both guides him, and periodically alerts him to hide and to push the magic down as much as possible, as whatever it is the fairy is sensing starts to head their way the more Lukatara uses the magic attacks to defeat the fiends.  As they descend deeper the light isn’t as bright as it was in the higher levels, Lukatara can’t believe anything made by people can go down so far underground, he has no idea how far down they are now, but it’s been at least eight flights of stairs so far. Yet somehow, something is still stalking him. It has become a game of hit and run and hide, however it’s not like before, whatever it is, it is no longer this far off thing on some mentally implanted radar that the fairy gave him shortly in the maze to help prevent him from getting lost. Now he can hear the skittering sound of whatever it is moving, a shadow that moves just out of sight. He isn’t sure he’s actually avoiding it, or if its playing with him.
  22.     Then there is light, a massive room, gold litters the floor, and in the center of the room the sword, it is stuck in an alter with runes around it. He steps over the jewels, seeing as he has no idea they are anything other than shiny bobbles anyway thanks to growing up in a society whose only sense of financial value was the coins of the realm made of black crystal, or sigil covered stone and copper coins. He looks up, the ceiling is high, and covered in huge cobwebs.
  24.    “Th…this….isssss….”
  26.   The fairy’s voice is crackling as it blinks in and out, “he…hear me…?....wrong…run…take sword…and…run….”
  28.     It vanishes and then returns a moment later brighter than anything he’s ever seen before forcing him to shield his eyes, “take the sword and run. It’s here!”
  30.    The fairy shrinks down to a tiny barely glowing violet ember and flees behind a goblet as a woman’s voice speaks from a tunnel across the chamber, “How strange to see one of the cattle dungeon crawling in my labyrinth.”
  32.    The source of the voice steps forward, a woman with pale skin, black hair, and solid black eyes. What follows from the shadows however turns him pale, below the waist is the body of a giant grey fur covered spider, except the legs are those of a crab, not something he’s ever seen before so to him they are some strange un-natural blade tipped limbs. She lumbers up her body, and steps over the sword and alter, the sword between a middle pair of legs.
  34.    She looks into his eyes and smiles, “that look…oh how I missed that look…you are not a mindless cattle are you? Nor are you one of those undead monsters….hmmm…”
  36.    She takes a big whiff of the air, and fondles one of her breasts with her claw like fingers, teasing the areola, “I smell magic…are you a wizard come from the outside boy? No…the dome is not gone.”
  38.    She looks around her and growls, “no…the dome is still there, blasted horrid thing, that foolish man made that horrid thing, trapping me here…but that’s another tale my little delectable…tell me, how is it one of the undead’s cattle has magic? Hmmm?”
  40.    She leans back, as best her frame can be said to do so, and rests her chin on her long claw like hands.
  42.    “I…” starts Lukatara.
  44.    “Well?” says the spider-woman.
  46.   “I…don’t…I mean, a fairy gave me power so I could…”
  48.   “A fairy?” says the spider-woman, “how strange of one to bless a mortal with so much power, it doesn’t smell like a fairy blessing.”
  50.    “It is,” says Lukatara, “she…she gave me a mana crystal and…”
  52.   “Mana crystal!” shouts the Spider-woman standing, “here?”
  54.   She walks up closer, the boy raises his wooden sword.
  55.  She slaps it aside and grabs him by the shoulders lifting him off the ground and sniffs his face, “yesss…I can smell it…and more…the air above…the dome is weakening…yesss, things are creeping in, not enough though…my power…”
  57.     She sets Lukatara down, oddly gently as she says, “that foolish man, he bargained with that thing from the Far Dark, he enslaved the beast gods…but not me…I hid…but it didn’t matter that dome…those Eldritch Seals, only their power rules here, I was cut off from the celestial realm.”
  59.    Lukatara looks confused.
  61.   “I am Lohln,” she says, “the spider goddess, goddess of fate, goddess of weaving, goddess of passion. Men and women would come from all over Midgarda for my silk, clothes made from it would enhance fertility, virility, and protect from disease. My blessing were admired, and my priests were as gods themselves….”
  63.    She rolls her head and gropes herself, one hand traveling south to a vaginal slit, “men and women would seek my favors, become my priests and priestesses just to serve me…but now…”
  65.    With one swipe of her leg gold coins and jewels go flying from a pile revealing human bones, “now I am a creature in the darkness, feeding on ghouls, and…cattle.”
  67.    She turns her eyes to Lukatara.
  69.   The Fairy’s voice whispers in his ear, “run, fight, or fuck her. She can easily outrun you, and even with the sword and in her depleted state she’d kill you, sorry kid but looks like your virginity is going be claimed by a spider.”
  71.   “You are strong,” says Lohln, “so,”
  73.   She leans down on him, making him fall on his ass on the stone floor, she smiles, “you aren’t cattle, you are a man aren’t you? Mmmmm, *sniff*, I can smell it, your arousal, your aura, your strength. I could smell it when you entered my labyrinth, now…its too much, you will pleasure me…”
  77.    She stops a moment changing tones back to stoic, “or I can eat you, devour your flesh and blood…you choice…”
  79.    He opens his mouth but before he can speak, magic web shoots from violet sigils that appear before her hands and wrap over his mouth and quickly and magically wrap around his body, pinning his arms to his side and legs together.
  81.    She lifts him up and says, “you…are…mine,” and carries him off, away from the chamber down the tunnel she came from. She side is scratched by her claw, he starts to lose consciousness, the last things he sees are Lohln’s body and legs and the feint violet glow of the fairy following some distance behind.
  83.     ******
  85.     Lukatara awoke to find himself tied up in a giant spider’s web overlooking some deep pit. His legs were now spread open but tied up to the web, his arms at his side. His mouth was still covered. He feels the web shake as Lohln the spider goddess waltzes over the web with ease, never sticking to it herself.
  87.   “That golem guardian you came to fight is down there,” she says pointing downwards with her claw, “or was…I killed it, when beaten it would have turned into a bridge for the would be hero to cross to the chamber. I opened the secret architect passages myself that you came through my little mate.”
  89.   The way she said “mate” makes Lukatara shiver, as there is a clear hunger in her voice. With her long claw like fingers she unties the straps on his pants, she does it with such tenderness reminding him of someone delicately plucking petals. He winces as he thinks how easily those claws could slice through his tender flesh. Her face is far from reassuring with a look of pure anticipation and lust in her eyes, not to mention her madman’s smile. She is actually drooling a little bit from the corner of her mouth. With his ass glued to the web the pants being untied doesn’t allow for much maneuvering, but Lohln is undaunted as she peels the pants off his body, slicing  from the crotch down the legs and peeling them off like skin from a pig, an imagry that softens Lukatara’s member, this giant woman, each boob about the twice the size of his head, her own head larger than his, a single hand can easily envelop his throat, and here she is using those claws for fingers to peel back his pants on the web.
  91.    She lets out a rolling crackling sound, an alien sound, yet clearly an annoyed and frustrated one. She practically rips his underwear right off and flings the scrap of cloth down the pit. She licks her lips as she peels the web from his mouth. He can’t speak as she locks her lips around his, her mouth however is so much larger than his that some of his nose is in there too. She licks across his lips and nostrils before prying his mouth open with her long and flexible tongue. She practically chokes him as she thrusts her tongue down his throat, pinning his tongue down. She is sucking the air from his lungs and everything goes black.
  93.    He awakens a moment later, through his barely open eyes he sees a very human, worried look on her face. It reminds him of the look his mother had when he was sick. Seeing that he is awake and well, that looks quickly fades as does any maternal ideas as she lowers her head to his crotch and engulfs his flaccid shaft in her soft warm mouth. A little wider and he can feels his balls move over her lips, which are the only thing between them and what he can tell are some seriously sharp teeth. His brain is concentrating on those teeth that could slice everything off at once; his dick however has other ideas as Lohln’s tongue wraps around his balls and massages them, sucking on everything at once; much more gently than when she had her mouth on his lips.
  95.    She releases his ball sack and concentrates on his shaft. Despite the whole thing being in that very warm and inviting mouth her tongue is able to lick up and down the shaft, even partially wrapping around it on the up stroke. It isn’t long before he is harder than he has ever been before. However that pleasant rising action making him breathe deeper is replaced by a wince of pain and his dick starts to retreat like a scared turtle as her incessant strokes of her mighty tongue get too strong and the suction too much, the sudden shot of pain from the pressure and a stinging shooting pain in the urethra make him retract almost immediately.
  97.    The look in Lohln’s eyes turns him pale. She shakes her head back and forth slowly for a moment. She rises up and looks down on him. Her imposing form confusing his teenage mind with her powerful form, yet that face, boobs, large pink nipples, flat stomach, and dripping wet pussy make him rise once more, it’s a mere moment before he is rock hard again. Lohln just stands there in thought, her claws slowly rolling on her tits as though that were her natural behavior when thinking. Lukatara winces as he sees her stab the tips of her index claws into her nipples. Not deep for her, but terrifying for him. He expects to see blood, instead milk drips out.
  99.    She leans down, overshadowing his body, his only sight those giant breasts, the nipple teasing his lips.
  101.    “Suck and be strong,” she says.
  103.   She practically thrusts the giant tit down his throat, the boob flesh squishing into his face. He has no choice but to drink up her milk, suckling for all his worth. In a brief moment he forgets the pain, and she pulls back slightly allowing him to breathe. He sucks in earnest and even licks at the tip of the tit as she pulls away. She smiles warmly down at him giving him a moment. His mind is lost to some strange euphoric ecstasy he has never felt before. She presents her other breast, much more gently. He leans up as best he can trying to get to it. Lapping at the tit, she pauses allowing him to lap like a hungry kitten before descending enough for him to take the whole tit in his mouth.
  105.    She makes a rolling R sound, a purr of sorts as she pulls free her now drained breasts. She places her hand on his bloated stomach and produces a light blue sigil that quickly fades. As it fades his stomach no longer feels full.
  107.    “Stamina, strength, and durability,” she says and whispers, “plus agility,”
  109.   She sniffs down his body returning to his hardened member which she gives a few licks and gently puts her lips around the head teasing the rim with her lips.
  111.   “virgin,” says while pulling back and giving the hole a quick flick making him shudder.
  113.    “I can taste it, smell it,” she says, “Let’s make your first time a real keeper,”
  115.    He feels a sharp prick a few inches above his dick making him emit a high pitched squeal. Then the warm of her lips wrapping around his member again, this time however the pressure from her tongue wrapping around his member isn’t painful, he has never before experienced something so blissful and alarming at the same time. The side of her tongue starts to rotate around the edge of dick head, the strange sensation makes him shiver and explode without warning.
  117.   As she pulls her head back, he is relieved that it is all over, he came. A throbbing in his dick however tells him otherwise as he isn’t going soft, as he had done every time before when he would ejaculate. Instead his dick is throbbing, moving on its own with muscle spasms as if beckoning for more attention.
  119.     Lohln licks her lips and says, “One down,”
  121.    She vanishes from the web for a brief moment, somewhere behind him, and he swears he hears a gagging sound and then some moans and an odd *slurp* sound. He is still hard, unable to figure out how as she comes back. She stands over him, her dripping pussy well above his head, and her spider body overshadowing him.
  123.    “Now for some fun,” says Lohln with a twisted smile he can barely see.
  125.   She bends her spider body in an odd way, lowering her spinneret to his dick. It’s not just a hole like he would have thought, but can see two pincer like structures on either side. He thinks for a moment she is about to start wrapping him up in webbing; however she instead plops his dick into the tight hole of her spinneret, that orifice not meant to be penetrated. She fondles and pinches her own tits, her tongue hanging out and eyes rolled back as she works her spinneret up and down his shaft. It feels slick and slimy at first, he cums once quickly, then feels a pinch at the base of his shaft. Those pincers are gently pinching him, making his cum, come out in almost painful yet strangely wonderful feeling spurts. He slide up his shaft as she now slowly pulls up. It feels like there is a tight ring around the base of his penis. She then starts to rapidly thrust her spinneret on his shaft, the pincers opened to allow for it. Before too long he came  a second time in her spinneret, although this one took longer to happen. He sees her pulling away and standing above him, yet he can still feel something wrapped tightly around his shaft.
  127.    Seeing his confusion Lohln says, “I wrapped your cock in web, in the ancient world we called something like this a condom.”
  129.    She puts her finger to her lip and smiles, “although this one serves a totally different purpose.”
  131.   He is too lost in this new experience, and all his mind can think of is, “I..just lost my virginity…to a spider…”
  133.    “It’s not over yet,” says Lohln as she as quick as a flash slices the webs holding above the pit and picks him up. Being held tight against her body her sheer size over him is masked only by the odd warmth coming from her body.
  135.     Strands of web magically form from her claw tips, wrapping around his body and sticking him to the wall in an upright position next to the slightly angled web. Placing one of her spiderlegs on the wall and another on a strand of web connecting her web to the walls of the pit she positions herself so her pussy lines up with his web coated dick. He enters her glistening wet pussy with no resistance at all. Swinging herself a bit on the web and thrusting she fucks his still frame pinned on the wall. Her lips curls up as she trusts a bit harder, hurting his back a little. Her bouncing tits look like they could smash his head in at any minute.
  137.    Lohln pulls back, her pussy juices leaving stands behind on his dripping wet web covered cock. She reaches down and wraps her claws around his cock. With a motion like making pottery she magically forms more web around it, the weight of this pulls down on his cock, and the pressure makes an oddly sensual sensation against his dick hole, but a bit rough around the rest of the head. She positions his cock with her hand and makes him enter her again with an “aaah, that’s it,” this time.
  139.    He can kind of feel it this time, as the amount of web allows for him to feel the pressure of her pussy and the warmth coming through the web as she thrusts on him, moaning like she’s in heat. Her moans and *aaahs* and *mmms* and *right there*’s echo off the pit walls as she increases her speed. He might feel pressure and some bouncing and warmth, but its nothing like her mouth or her spinneret even. He realizes he has become a mere prop for her, a sex toy, as she no doubt could make a web replica of a cock anytime she wanted to and propped it on the wall or pleasured herself with it by hand.
  141.    Lukatara has to admit however as he watches her pussy splashing against him, the pressure on his loins and around his cock head, watching those bouncing tits, and that seeing her eyes glazed over in lust, mouths open and moaning, that there is a sexually mental thing going on here for him. He just wishes he could fondle those tits. As if reading his mind, or perhaps by reading his mind, she slows down her thrusts takes a deep breath and slices the webs off his arms, now his body fully supported by the thick web around his body. He has never fondled tit before, and Lohln waits, his prick still impaled inside her and watches in anticipation. He tries to match what he saw her doing to herself, pinching around the nippled, before taking it into his mouth. He cups the side of the one he is sucking on, and reaches for the other with his free hand, needing the large flesh and tracing his finger around the nipples before teasing the tip.
  143.    With an *aaaa* and a smile she slowly starts thrusting on him again. He has to pull his
  144. head back after he tit smashes him painfully in the nose, soft though they look her body is like soft stone somehow, as she starts to speed her thrusts up again. There is a loud *sloshing* sound as she starts to breath rapidly.
  146.    *haaa, haaaa, heeee, aaaaah,,, yeeesssss!*
  148.    Her scream is deafening, bits of stone break loose from the wall from the sound echoing so loudly. He fears the pit with cave in. As her breath returns to normal and with a deep satisfied *sigh* she pulls from, the weight of the dripping wet thick web on his dick yanks down on his member as she lets it drop free of her pussy lips. The sudden weight and pull on his dick makes him splooge like he has never splooged before. Kind of painfully like tiny marbles trying to shoot out his dick head. It feels like his cum was being built up behind the tight ring and now is trying to escape all at once. His body actually shakes the sensation, feeling it all over. He wanders if this is what an orgasm is supposed to feel like.
  150.    His moment is short lived as his eyes shoot open in horror. Lohln rears up, and a kind of fleshy two door hatch slightly opens in her carapace just behind where the human part meets the spider part on her underside. A long pinkish semi-clear fleshy tube with a cone shaped head, the tube barely wider than his penis snakes out. It approaches his cock, bending down then up like a hungry snake. The cone tip opens up like four triangular fingers, or some weird jaw as the tube stretches around the soaking wet web around his cock. It’s much tighter than her pussy was, the four fingers curl up like a corkscrew around his base and the tube flexes bending his dick upwards. Another load he couldn’t believe was still in there shoots out as the tube pulls on him, pausing as he ejaculates. He realizes her body has shifted, she has her two front spider legs on the wall, her arms too, and is looking down at him, as her breasts defying gravity hang above his head, somehow keeping their usual shape. The tube pulls up, somehow easily taking the web condom off of him. Yet as it goes there is enough pressure that it milks whatever cum remains in him out into the web.
  152.    When the web pulls free, she backs off and back onto her web. She grips the swollen end of her tube, holding the web ball in place as he sees two round spheres come down the tube, a white one and a black one. They become embedded in the web ball. Holding her tube in hand she crawls off in the direction as before out of his sight. She comes back a moment later, her tube still hanging down. She looks at him a moment, her tube jerking a little then *sighs* and says, “maybe later”. He hears that *slurping* sound again as her tube pulls back into her body, strangely reluctantly it seems.
  154.    She pauses a moment looking at him pinned to the wall, and his softening dick. She walks over, and with both hands on the wall takes his softening dick in her mouth and plays with it with her tongue. Flopping it about, it become semi-erect as she sucks and flicks on it. But he is spent.
  156.    She whispers, “you are delicious, and…so much fun.”
  158.    She stands back and looks at him. She pulls him from the wall and hugging him starts to roll in around in her hands, producing magical web from her hands and moving it around him with her spider legs as she shoots her natural web around his legs, wrapping up everything save his head and an odd strip around his waist where his dick and balls are still free.
  160.     “Three today,” she says, “three eggs now being fertilized by your semen. All my children fled this land long ago. I have had none…no worthy mates, only beasts, undead, cattle, and Mystic Monsters roam this land. Nothing for me. Now…I think I’ll keep you, yes, you will be the hero who raises the army that takes back this land…”
  162.    With a smile and claw tip to mouth she says, “and my new favorite toy.”
  164.    He sighs, “from rebellious youth, too hero, too sex toy for an ancient goddess…and all in one day…” tears start to roll down his cheeks.
  166.    His stomach growls, despite himself.
  168.   “Hungry?” she asks, “can’t live on milk alone I suppose. Don’t worry, I’ll go eat some cattle and bring back some for you, my lover, father of my children.”
  170.    “Cattle,” he thinks…, “wait, she said I was more than cattle…that means…oh shit!”
  172.    He tries to struggle, but before he can scream anything out a bright violet light envelops the room. From his position he can barely see Lohln as she stops just inside the tunnel leaving the pit, a violet glowing orb..the fairy. He thought she couldn’t appear when Lohln was around. They are both moving, clearly having a conversation, Lohln doesn’t look happy, her body ripples, a blackness revealing a brief glimpse as though through a crack in a wave of something black with a red glow beneath it. She calms down a moment later and he can hear her say rather loudly, “fine…”
  174.     Lohln turns around, hands raised creates a blue sigil, the light comes over Lukatara and he is asleep.
  176.    He awakens and jumps back in surprise. He is standing in the treasure room, and wearing different clothes. No longer the begger rags he had before, now a green tunic, brown belt, brown slacks, brown boots, and oddly smooth undergarments.
  178.    “Those clothes,” says Lohln standing behind the sword he came down here for, “are made from my special silk, as are your underwear…to remember me by.”
  180.    She steps back, “now take the sword, and save this land. You have earned it hero.”
  182.   He steps forward, unsure of what to say only able to utter a pitiful, “okaaay…” as he draws the sword. He is startled by the raw power he can feel coursing through his body just by holding it.
  184.    “As you were before,” says Lohln, “even with the…fairy’s….magical power you would barely have been able to lift that blade. I have gifted you with enhanced strength, durability, speed, stamina, and agility.”
  186.     He knows she did all that for another reason, but it feels like a dream now with him standing there.
  188.    She produces from behind her back a scabbard, “this scabbard will hold your blade, hiding its magical presence from that Soul King and his undead minions.”
  190.    She gives him that sexual smile from before as she hands the scabbard to him, “as a reward for pleasuring me so well, I have granted you a piece of my power, inscribed into your mystical essence. Aim your hand at an object far away that you wish to grab or swing from an say, Lohln’s web, a sigil will appear and fire a web for you to grab onto those objects with. It can also be used to entangle your enemies. Be warned, fire can easily undo the web.”
  192.     The fairy appears beside him bobbin up and down, “excellent job Lukatara, you have the sword, boosted abilities, new armor, and a new power. This was a great first adventure for you. Next up you need the three orb keys that unlock the Northern Temple, it’s the closest, and I can lead you to the keys.
  194.    He bows his head to Lohln in gratitude…despite and maybe as part of his mind admits, her actions.
  196.   As he turns to leave she says to him, “when your adventure is done, and the Soul King is slain you will return here.”
  198.    It didn’t sound like she was asking, more like demanding it. He smiles weakly against her look of lust and backs away and heads back towards the surface. He does feel the power inside him, his new abilities making fodder of the monsters in the labyrinth as he returns to the surface
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