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Call of Duty, Cuddle warfare

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May 25th, 2017
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  1. >You are a Deep cover operative for the CIA, currently sharing an elevator with 3 cold blooded killers, four small cages and your almost crippling amount of self hatred.
  2. >The people here dont deserve whats about to happen to them, but you cling to the belief that it will help avert a greater tragedy.
  3. >As the elevator signals your arrival, the sub-human scum you are tasked with investigating turns to you and opens his mouth.
  4. >"Remember, no contact."
  5. >Briefly checking yourself over to ensure nothing exposed, you crouch down and open your cage, it's occupant trotting out and stretching with a small yawn.
  6. >Despite knowing the horrors it will soon inflict, you cant help but find it absolutely adorable as it looks out across the crowded security section.
  7. " many new friends to make!"
  8. >And just like that, it's no longer adorable, you've seen exactly how these creatures make 'friends'.
  9. >You'd rather somebody shoot you outright than go through that hell.
  10. "Can you pick me up, i want to see how many people are here."
  11. >You're not falling for that one even if you were wearing a mask, those hooves are more dexterous than they should be and all it takes is a single touch on skin.
  12. >"My hands are full right now, why dont you ask the nice man over there?"
  13. >You wish you could use your gun on this thing and it's owners, but orders are orders, no matter of sick they make you feel.
  14. "Aww, okay."
  15. >Focusing your attention on the crowd slowly beginning to notice your odd group, you lift your rifle and begin shooting, your 'comrades' doing the same.
  16. >Screams ring out as people drop to the floor, clutching their legs in agony as your bullets rip through muscle, tendon and bone.
  17. >You take brief comfort in knowing they wont be in pain for long, your four legged friends already rushing forward to 'comfort' them.
  18. >Unable to watch what will happen, you make note of the fact the few armed security personel were taken care of in a more traditional fashion.
  19. >You suppose a gun is too much of a hazard without any of the magic wielding ones to protect the others.
  20. >That wont be a problem for much longer though, as you note the clamouring voices behind you already growing higher-pitched as you move on.
  21. >Moving with a calm you do not feel, you continue to cripple as few people as you can without raising suspicions, the airport security woefully unprepared for your assault.
  22. >Even with your restaint, the floor is covered with the moaning bodies of new soon-to-be 'friends'.
  23. >Hearing sirens in the distance, you replace your rifle with the machine gun strapped to your back and check it's ammo.
  24. >At least no more innocents will lose their humanity by your hand, as the echoing sound of a hundred pairs of coconuts grow steadily louder.
  25. >Tearing a bloody swath through the russian army's response to your attack, you're not sure which event will take precedence in your nightmares.
  26. >Finally reaching the rendevous point, you find your escape vehicle ready and waiting, it's occupant starting a conversation with your 'boss'
  27. >Hearing something about a message as you enter the van, you are caught completely offguard when something soft is shoved into your face, causing you to stumble, your weapons clattering to the side as you fall onto your back.
  28. "Oomf!"
  29. >Your heart stops, you know that pitch.
  30. >With rising panic you scramble to rip the face hugger from your head but it simply tightens like a vice, a tingling sensation already spreading over your head and traveling down your neck and shoulders.
  31. >Giving up your new headmate as a lost cause, you blindly grope for one of your guns while you still have the will and hands to end it.
  32. >Fighting through the fog encroaching on your thoughts, you remember the pistol in your side pocket and desperately draw it out.
  33. >Holding it to the side of your head, you absently note your ears have already migrated to the top of your head before pulling the trigger.
  34. >...before pulling the trigger.
  35. >...
  36. >Your hand is not responding, even in the face of it's imminent demise if the tingles around your wrists are any indication.
  37. >Your new ears unconsciously flicker as they register a voice softly speaking to you.
  38. "I know it can be scary meeting new friends, but i'll help you through it, i promise."
  39. >Feeling the gun fall upwards from your half-hand, you notice the faint sound of an activated unicorn horn.
  40. >Fucking magic.
  41. >The inevitability of your situation finally weighing down on you, you quietly sob before ceasing to resist the overwhelming bliss of your human life being washed away by the soft touch of the small horse attached to your face.
  42. >Feeling the tension leave your body, your new friend relaxs their grip and quickly uses their magic to remove the remains of your clothes before gripping you in a proper hug as you continue to cry.
  43. "It's okay, everything's going to be okay."
  44. >Your mission, your orders, your name, old friends and family, all the pain and death you've caused today, all of it slowly smothered by the gentle onslaught.
  45. >Two pairs of ears jerk as the russian forces move to search the small loading bay.
  46. "Time to go, i cant wait to introduce you to the others, i'm Lillydrop by the way!"
  47. >With a chuckle, you introduce yourself.
  48. "Nice to meet you, i'm Fl-"
  49. >With a zap and a flash, you disappear right as the russians enter the building, leaving only your clothes, weapons and CIA badge secreted in your shoes, the latter of which used as proof of american collaboration in the attack.
  50. >You were too busy meeting the rest of your herd to spare a thought for that though, you were nervous after you remember hurting them, but they forgave you pretty quickly.
  51. >You love your new friends, you cant wait to make some more
  52. >Hopefully without bullets next time.
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