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[Halo CE - TSC:E] Scripts in your map - File Creation

FtDLulz Jun 12th, 2015 (edited) 295 Never
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  1. Once you're done with all of that and have installed python, choose a location and create a folder named whatever you want (I'll be calling it MFOLDER, short for merged folder) and then copy (right-click drag) the 'scripts' folder in the SRF and the 'scripts' folder of the BSRF to the MFOLDER. Basically, create a folder somewhere, and then drag the scripts folders into it, dragging the SRF\scripts first and then the BSRF\scripts second, overwriting if it asks you to.
  3. That was the easy part.
  4. Pay close attention, as this is where things get a bit complicated.
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