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DartCraft Beta 0.2.06 Changelog

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Sep 20th, 2013
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  1. Beta 0.2.06
  2. - Fixed a potential NPE in ItemTileBox.
  3. - Reduced charged Force Armor's rate of charge back to its intended level.
  4. - Added some TileEntities to the Force Wrenching blacklist by request.
  5. - Blacklisted several Applied Energistics and Forestry TileEntities for Force Wrenching.
  6. - Bleeding effects no longer stack without limit and will not persist through death.
  7. - DartCraft will now check for newer versions upon player login, and notify the player if a newer version is found.
  8. - Refactored Thaumcraft Integration to use extensive amounts of reflection in anticipation of an API shift. (Thaumcraft isn't avaliable yet.)
  9. - Refactored Forestry integration to use extensive amounts of reflection in an effort to make DartCraft more stable.
  10. - Force Saplings should now be able to grow on any block they manage to get planted on.
  11. - Force Shears are now effective against webs.
  12. - Added Dartchievements for players who like that sort of thing. It is unknown whether or not they are able to save properly at this time.
  13. - Removed various bits of information from the Force Infuser, as this information is now available from a new source.
  14. - Added the Book of Mudora, which is created by Force Transmuting a BookShelf (shapeless crafting recipe only, no griefing people's libraries.) Right click the Book of Mudora to open an achievement-like gui which immediately contains the sum of all DartCraft knowledge. Players may click on the items listed here to bring up a scrollable information page on that subject. To close the gui simply hit your inventory or main menu hotkey.
  15. - Added Shapeless Force Transmutation recipes for Upgrade Cores and Experience Bottles. The output is determined in the same fashion as right-clicking the item in the world.
  16. - Added NEI plugins for DartCraft crafting recipes and Force Transmutations as well as Force Grinding and Freezing recipes.
  17. - Added NEI Force Engine fuel tooltips to items that are containers of liquids that are either Force Engine Fuels or Throttles.
  18. - DartCraft Guis with Info tabs now cycle through a predetermined set of tips. Just keep clicking on that tab and eventually you'll hear everything that machine has to tell you!
  19. - The Heat upgrade is now valid on Item Cards. Heat will destroy any configured items when they are picked up or the Force Pack is closed. Destroy responsibly!
  20. - Heat Cards will also function inside Force Transport Pipes.
  21. - Normal Item Cards inside Force Transport Pipes will now allow the pipe to act as a sorting pipe, allowing only configured items to pass through the open end. An empty Item Card will allow all items through the open end, and none through the closed ends.
  22. - Force Transport Pipes with Normal Item Cards inside them next to IInventories are now capable of extracting items from these inventories when given BuildCraft power. If there are configured items inside the Item Card they will serve as a filter for what the pipe may extract. Unlike like emerald bretheren Force Pipes do not require items to be supplied in any specific order to function in a useful manner. Force Pipes will also significantly speed up items they extract immediately upon extraction.
  23. - Removed some possible debug output to the console.
  24. - TileBoxes now render in full 3D instead of faux 3D in inventories.
  25. - Wrenched BatBoxes, CESUs, MFEs and MFSUs now show their stored charge in the item's tooltip.
  26. - Fixed broken Bottled Entity IC2 Macerator recipes for entities with names that are not equal to their display names. In addition these recipes now render their entities in NEI.
  27. - Force Plates can now be made in the Metal Former.
  28. - TileBoxes now display the text "(TileBox)" after their name to indicate they are Force Wrenched TileEntities.
  29. - Chests from the Iron Chests mod can now be upgraded in TileBox form using the standard upgrade recipes, yielding a TileBox of the upgraded chest with all its contents still in tact. As an added bonus, TileBoxed Obsidian and Crystal Chests may be shapelessly crafted back into Diamond Chests as well.
  30. - Iron Chest variants of TileBoxes have been added to NEI, as they have viewable recipes and usages.
  31. - Upgraded Force Torches now have proper names when held and stack normally when picked up. Existing Force Torches in inventories will need to be placed and broken to stack properly. Force Torches that were placed in the world will not be affected.
  32. - Item Cards will no longer restock items without Tag Compounds onto items with Tag Compounds.
  33. - Upgrade Cores may now be upgraded with the Experience Upgrade. These Experience Cores are now required to make Mob Cores.
  34. - Force Infusers are now Force Transmuted from Enchantment Tables, instead of Obsidian.
  35. - Force Infusers may now be recolored any of the 16 minecraft colors by right-clicking the infuser with a vanilla dye or an IC2 painter.
  36. - Added the IOwnedTile interface, which is now used for many DartCraft TileEntities. When placed down the TileEntity will have its ownership set to the player what placed it, and the TileEntity can be configured to disallow automation or even to only allow its owner to interact with/break/wrench it.
  37. - Only the owner of a Force Infuser will be allowed to remove or add an Upgrade Tome to the Tome slot, even if the access is set to open.
  38. - Force Infusers can now be broken without losing any data they might have, and will yield the same item as if it had been Force Wrenched.
  39. - A Force Infuser with data on it will show certain bits of information in its item's tooltip. The color and Upgrade Tome will also be rendered in item form.
  40. - Upgrade Tomes are now owned by the first player that touches them, and cannot be used by players other than the one to whom they are bound. If a player manages to get their hands on an Upgrade Tome they do not own they will not be able to hold onto it.
  41. - Wooden and Iron doors now stack up to 16.
  42. - Bane is now a valid socket for the Power Saw.
  43. - Bane now effects Spiders, Zombies, and Witches in unique ways.
  44. - Added the Force Furnace, which is crafted out a vanilla furnace and 5 Force Ingots.
  45. - The Force Furnace smelts at twice the base speed of the vanilla furnace, but uses the same amount of fuel per item.
  46. - Force Furnaces do not lose fuel while idling, and instead store it until it can be used again.
  47. - Force Furnaces retain all their data and settings when they are broken, and are restored when the block is placed back down again.
  48. - Force Furnaces are reclorable any of the 16 minecraft standard colors via shapeless recipes or IC2 painters.
  49. - Force Furnaces will automatically eject their output to an adjacent IInventory (at the same y level only) when they finish smelting, if possible. Force Furnaces will attempt to eject into the largest inventory they can find.
  50. - Force Furnaces can be socketed with one of various upgrade cores to enhance their abilities. Speed will increase the speed at which they operate, but will not change efficiency. Heat will increase the efficiency of the furnace, but not modify speed.
  51. - Freezing will give the Force Furnace the ability to use DartCraft's IFreezeRecipes instead of smelting items. Freezing an item takes less time and uses less fuel than smelting an item.
  52. - Grinding will make the Force Furnace use DartCraft's grinding recipes on items instead of smelting them. Grinding takes twice as long as smelting and uses twice as much fuel per tick. Bonus outputs from grinding recipes will either be placed in an adjacent chest or thrown out into the world.
  53. - Socketing interfaces now play a unique sound when socketing and desocketing.
  54. - Added Force Grinding recipes for Netherrack into Small Piles of Sulfur Dust and Stone into Stone Dust from IC2 if IC2 is installed. Force Plates can also be ground back into Force Ingots.
  55. - Added Force Grinding recipes for Bottled entities into two mob chunks.
  56. - Added IFreezeRecipes for Nether Quartz and Nether Quartz Dust into Certus Quartz and Certus Quartz Dust respectively.
  57. - Added the Force Generator if IC2 is installed.
  58. - Force Generators are crafted out of Force Furnaces, Force Plates and an IC2 Battery.
  59. - Force Generators function as standard IC2 generators, but can also burn Force Engine Fuels to produce EU. Lava produces the same amount as a Geothermal generator and serves as the reference for other fuels' values. For example lava produces 0.5 MJ/t in the Force Engine for 20,000 ticks while BuildCraft Fuel produces 3 MJ/t for 100,000 ticks - therefore Fuel would last 5 times longer in the Force Generator and produce 6 times the EU. Do note however that the Force Generator will chew through liquid 50 times faster than a Force Engine would; a bucket of lava will last only 20 seconds while Fuel will last 1.6 minutes if constantly burning. Also note that although theoretical yeild can be rather high the generator is limited to outputting 16 EU/t by default.
  60. - Force Generators can be recolored in the same fashion as Force Furnaces, and also retain their data when picked up.
  61. - Force Generators do not burn fuel while idling, and will stop burning fuel until their internal storage is drained if their internal storage becomes filled and they are giving off energy.
  62. - Force Generators can be socketed with Heat to increase their efficiency, or socketed with Speed which doubles the speed at which they operate and the EU they are capable of outputting per level of speed.
  63. - Force Generators output up to 16 EU/t by default, doubled by each level of speed so mind the amount of speed you put on them to avoid explosions.
  64. - Force Generators can run on Force Engine Throttles if they are socketed with a Frozen Core. They will also be unable to accept other fuels in this mode.
  65. - Force Generators can be socketed with a Grinding Core to change to Grinding Mode. In this mode Force Generators will only accept Netherrack and will attempt to grind a block of Netherrack into about 1/10 a bucket of lava for a small amount of EU in storage.
  66. - Valid liquids can be pumped into and out of the Force Generator's storage tank using BuildCraft's Fluid Pipes.
  67. - Force Furnaces and Generators are IOwnedTiles, and may be configured similarly to the Force Infuser.
  68. - Force Armor now halves all PVP damage.
  69. - Forcechine blocks may now be crafted out of Force Plates if IC2 Experiemental is installed. These plates may be used to craft Force Machines which are Induction Furnace equivalents for Macerators, Grinders and Extractors.
  70. - Force Machines may be recolored any of the standard 16 minecraft colors with an IC2 painter, or with shapeless recipes using vanilla dyes.
  71. - Force Machines keep their inventory when broken, like other DartCraft machines.
  72. - Force Machines use 16 EU/t to function, but may be slowly sped up like Induction Furnaces by applying a redstone signal to an adjacent block and keeping EU in their internal buffer. If a redstone signal is present the machine will continually use 1 EU/t while idling to maintain its speed. The greater the speed the faster items will grind, crush or extract.
  73. - Force Machines are capable of accepting up to 512 EU/t without exploding. If fed too much energy the
  74. Force Machine will explode (without breaking blocks) proportionally to the amount given. (You will die.) Of course Force Machines are sturdier than most and they will be dropped into the world as items.
  75. - Force Machines are also ownable like other DartCraft machines, and can be set to disallow interaction with IInventories, Pipes or other players if desired.
  76. - Force Machines will attempt to output into the largest adjacent IInventory if set to "Open" mode, just like other DartCraft machines.
  77. - Force Grinders will attempt to use Force Grinding recipes before any Macerator recipe, if such a recipe is found.
  78. - Added the Force Panel, which is DartCraft's version of an IC2 Solar Panel.
  79. - Force Panels generate a standard 1 EU/t during the daytime, half that at night and twice that when raining.
  80. - Force Panels may be throttled by placing Liquid Force around them at their y-level. The maximum of 8 buckets will provide an overall throttle of 3.0x. This throttle value is multiplied by their modified output to determine their total output.
  81. - Properly configured a Force Panel will generate 3 EU/t during the daytime, 1.5 EU/t at night and 6.0 EU/t during the day while raining.
  82. - 8 Force Panels may be crafted into a Force Panel Mk2, which is nearly identical to Force Panels, except that their base output is 8 EU/t instead of 1. These cannot be upgraded further, but they are capable of generating up to 48 EU/t under the right circumstances.
  83. - Mk2 panels are capable of outputting medium voltage, so be careful with your wiring.
  84. - Force Panels are recolorable, ownable and retain their inventories and charge when broken.
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