Quiet Sunsets 5 (AiE; Celestia)

Feb 10th, 2014
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  1. >It takes you a few moments before you retreat into the guest room and close the doors
  2. >They make a loud 'clunk' when they do, the echo filling the chamber
  3. >You weren't the normal kind of guest a palace caters to
  4. >The kind who could fill a room like this up with their chests, trunks, and all sorts of personal effects
  5. >So aside from the king sized bed, the wardrobe, a small table and the fireplace, wall to wall was filled with empty space
  6. >Especially the fireplace, thank heavens for whoever prepared it before you arrived
  7. >The castle got cold at night, especially in the winter months
  8. >And while you seemed oblivious to it when you were with Celestia
  9. >The moment she left your side, you always felt the air return to its proper temperature for the time of year
  10. >And it never failed to give you a chill
  11. >Rubbing your arms, you made your way to the fireplace
  12. >But not before changing out of your uniform
  13. >And into the silk pajamas you found hanging neatly in the wardrobe
  14. >You had been in a hurry the day before, and didn't really get a good look at them
  15. >They were a dark blue, with white thread along the exposed stitching and black buttons
  16. >Large black buttons, the size of quarters, definitely the kind that creatures without hands would use
  17. >You also notice the embroidery on the left breast
  18. >Your initials in gold thread
  19. >Pretty unnecessary considering you're the only human in Equestria but you still feel a little special that they're personalized
  20. >You begin to wonder, was it Cross Stitch who added that
  21. >Or was it Celestia who requested it?
  22. >Whatever the case may be and no matter how much you like the pajamas
  23. >You couldn't bring yourself to put on the night cap though, it looked ridiculous
  24. >Even if it looked really warm
  25. >All changed, sitting by the fireplace, you begin to go over how the night went
  26. >The sandwiches, cake, the walk around the castle
  27. >The almost-kiss
  28. >That was definitely sticking out like a sore thumb
  29. >You're surprised at yourself more than anything
  30. >All the hints were there, of course, but that doesn't change the simple idea that you nearly kissed a pony
  31. >Have you been away from home this long that you're having thoughts beyond mere companionship?
  32. >Do you find Celestia attractive?
  33. >Setting aside her personality for a moment, you focused just on her body and nothing else
  34. >Flowing, colorful mane, white soft fur, majestic wings, beautiful eyes, and she always felt warm to the touch
  35. >Not to mention her rear was...nice
  36. >No no, this is silly.
  37. >She's a wonderful host and she was intelligent, kind, soft spoken and generally an all around amazing per...pony
  38. >You were attracted to her mind, to her personality, her wonderful soul, that's all
  39. >Her being a different species, abet a beautiful example, was merely details
  40. >...right?
  41. >The leaping flames and crackle of burning wood are your only answer
  42. >You close your eyes and yawn, sleepiness beginning to rear its head
  43. >You'd have to think on this tomorrow when you were a little more awake
  44. >As you made your way to bed, you kept thinking about what would happen next time
  45. >If the chance to kiss her presented itself, would you take it?
  46. >She had been the one to reject you, not the other way around
  47. >You know you wanted to
  48. >Pony or not
  49. >Next time try again
  50. >She wasn't ready tonight
  51. >It was only the second 'date' after all
  52. >She was probably reluctant to let things go that way just yet
  53. >Plus, she kept her real feelings buried all the time
  54. >Maybe it was tough for her to turn that off, even when she wanted to?
  55. >Just keep being yourself, Anon, that's all
  56. >If you feel like it's a good time to kiss her, try to kiss her
  57. >She'll let you know when she's ready
  58. >You can wait till then
  59. >Once you're in bed, under the soft silk covers and down blankets, you find yourself looking at the ceiling
  60. >The ornate patterns, white designs carved into the stone with gold accenting the edges
  61. >The curves in the stone remind you of her, her white fur glowing behind a golden sunset
  62. >Especially the curves of her...
  63. >You drift off to sleep, slightly less noble thoughts following their way into your dreams
  65. >Not long after you fall asleep, you find yourself on a balcony
  66. >Overlooking a city that looks like something from history class
  67. >Roman, you guess
  68. >Because you're dressed like a Centurion
  69. >Scale armor, helmet with a bright red plume, sword strapped to your belt, the whole nine yards
  70. >It felt heavy and uncomfortable but for some reason you don't take it off
  71. >You look to the distance, the sunset is brilliant, shades of red and orange making the sky seem ablaze
  72. >It's far warmer than usual, more like late spring or summer weather
  73. >You take a deep breath, savoring the view, enjoying the warm air
  74. >"The city is safe thanks to you, my champion!"
  75. >A voice like honey sings to you from behind
  76. >You turn around and behold an even more stunning view
  77. >Princess Celestia is on a soft cushion, her mane cascading down her body
  78. >She's laying there seductively, her crown replaced by golden laurel, her hair seemingly wild and free
  79. >In fact, all her usual regalia is gone, instead she's cloaked with a thin white layer of cloth draped over her back and covering her flank and legs
  80. >It's blowing in sync with her mane, tumbling in waves along her body
  81. >It's slightly translucent, and you can make out her cutie mark underneath
  82. >Along with her powerful legs and the curve of her rear
  83. >The cloth seems to tease your senses, showing you just enough to let your imagination run wild
  84. >You unlatch your helmet and slide it off to get a better look
  85. >Her wings are open and enormous, much larger than you've ever seen them
  86. >They're rising and falling slowly, a warm breeze blowing against your face
  87. >Feathers tumble from them and turn into specks of light that drift off into the distance
  88. >You begin to walk closer, drawn to this beautiful goddess before you
  89. >Every step you feel the air get warmer, sweat beginning to bead on your brow
  90. >She smiles, an uncharacteristically flirtatious grin
  91. >Her horn glows a radiant gold and a basket of fruit appears by her forelegs
  92. >With a wink, you feel your helmet pulled from your arm and tossed to the ground
  93. >And the straps of your armor being undone
  94. >After a few more steps it slides from your chest and clatters on the floor
  95. >You're a lot buffer in the dream, your skin glistening with sweat
  96. >Her eyes scan up and down your body and she licks her lips, a cherry blush spreading on her cheeks
  97. >A vine with red grapes rises from the basket and drifts toward you
  98. >You stop walking and let her drag them against your bare chest, along your neck, and up to your mouth
  99. >You bite one of them clear from the vine, the juices exciting every taste bud on your tongue
  100. >She mimics you with another vine, teasing a single grape with her tongue before it vanishes between her lips
  101. >She licks the juices away, eyes fluttering as you finally reach her, running a hand along her neck
  102. >Her fur is softer than you've ever felt before
  103. >And her body radiates heat like hot coals , but your hand doesn't burn when you touch her
  104. >"When the minotaur attacked, I knew my champion would save my kingdom from ruin"
  105. >You nod and feel your hand slide lower on her body, under the white cloth
  106. >Her body only feels warmer and warmer the further your hand drifts from her neck
  107. >"And I knew you would return to me, as you do every sunset"
  108. "I would defeat every monster in this land to be with you, my Princess"
  109. >She extends a hoof, you take it in your other hand
  110. >She draws you nearer still, her eyes closing
  111. >You lean forward to kiss this perfect goddess
  112. >Just as your lips are seconds from touching
  113. >When you can feel her hot breath in your open mouth
  114. >And her mane cascade on your bare chest
  115. >You hear someone clear their throat
  116. >You blink
  117. >Celestia is frozen in place, then she vanishes entirely
  118. >Along with her the sun, replaced by the cold glow of the moon
  119. >You nearly stumble onto the cushion, becoming very aware of your surroundings
  120. >The fantasy over, you seem to have control of your actions
  121. >And you suddenly know this is a dream
  122. >You look behind you in a hurry, to see what the heck could have--
  123. "Princess Luna!?"
  124. >The Princess of the Night is staring at you, a slight smirk on her face
  125. >The grapes from earlier floating near her head
  126. >A few fruit snap from the vine and float to her mouth
  127. >The juices drip down her lips and she mockingly licks them in the same manner her 'sister' did a moment ago
  128. >"We apologize, are We intruding on something..."
  129. >She looks you up and down, from your bare top to what was left of your ridiculous getup
  130. >Her cheeks blush slightly but she did nothing to hide the amusement on her face
  131. >"...private?"
  132. >When did she get here?
  133. >How much of this was she a witness for?
  134. >Your dream was beyond incriminating
  135. >From your idealized version of her sister
  136. >To the fantasy of you being some hero of the roman empire
  137. >And not to mention the other fantasy you were a second from consummating
  138. >Needless to say, it took a great deal of self restraint not to shove that dream walking nutcase off the balcony
  139. >You can't get in trouble for what you do in your dreams, right?
  140. "What do I owe the pleasure of your visit, Princess?"
  141. >Better off staying polite and not risk being sent to jail for dream-regicide
  142. >Though you made zero effort not to glare at her
  143. >Not that she seemed to notice or care
  144. >She trots to the bench, eating grapes as she moves along
  145. >Deliberately making this more awkward than it already was, you can only guess
  146. >Princess Luna always rubbed you the wrong way, and while that dodo egg stunt didn't help, it wasn't why you typically avoided her when you could
  147. >She just felt a little "off" sometimes
  148. >This was definitely one of those times
  149. >"Oh, We were simply performing our nightly duties, keeping the lands of Equestria safe from bad dreams, offering a helping hoof to those who may not know it"
  150. >You'd like to show her where she can stick her helping hoof
  151. "And you felt I needed your help ,right now?"
  152. >She laughed
  153. >Not the gentle, almost musical laugh Celestia had
  154. >A straightforward cackle that left you with no illusions as to who's expense it was at
  155. >"Good gracious, no. It was merely a slow night, so We had time to wander dreams of a slightly different sort"
  156. >Rub it in more, Luna
  157. >You take a seat on the cushion, rubbing your temples
  158. >"We must admit, Anon, while we knew you and our sister shared a certain...fondness...We never expected it to be so dramatic in your dreams as well"
  159. >...come again?
  160. >Did that mean Celestia was dreaming about you too?
  161. >"However this certain fondness is what We are here to speak to thee about. You have been keeping Our sister up at night. Normally her affairs doth not concern Us, however when she entertains you for hours on end, she leaves the morning duties to Us."
  162. >You've got to be kidding
  163. "You're saying you interrupted my dream with your sister because you have scheduling conflicts!?"
  164. >"Her activities have kept Us awake past sunrise. We value our circadian rhythm, Anon and We do not wish to meddle with it!"
  165. >You groan
  166. >At least she wasn't screaming at you like last time, joke or not
  167. >But she wasn't being exactly nice, either way
  168. >So you don't feel the need to just 'yes ma'am' her to death
  169. >Besides it's a dream
  170. >Sure you decided violence against her is a bad idea but you doubt she'd be so ridiculous as to scold you for what you said
  171. >Especially considering she'd have to admit to her sister she's been snooping on her fantasies with you
  172. "Princess Celestia has been running the kingdom, alone, for a long time. If she wants to give you more of her duties that's her business. Or delegate to Cadence and Twilight if it's that big of a deal"
  173. >"Princess Cadence believes you can solve any problem with baked goods while Twilight will take days because she'll research every possible outcome. Only our sister is able to handle the day to day mundane tasks this kingdom needs to run"
  174. "Then get one of your aides to do it. Or you know, yell a lot till things get done. You're good at that."
  175. >Luna snorts and the grape vine hits you in the head
  176. >Very mature, Princess
  177. >"We will think on this matter further. Our sister has been cantering about the castle with a bit more vigor to her trot recently. We can only attribute that to your inclusion in her routines"
  178. >At least you had that to feel good about
  179. >Whatever it is you and Celestia had, it was making her happy
  180. >And you did feel a certain bit of satisfaction knowing it messed with Luna's life
  181. >"As much as We wish to continue our chat, We believe you are beginning to awake"
  182. >The stars winked out rapidly and the balcony seemed to fade into nothing
  183. >Luna floated above you, into the very moon she summoned when she revealed herself
  184. "Wait!"
  185. >She looked down to you, her eyes glowing white
  186. "Can you...not tell Celestia about what you saw here? I don't know how she would--"
  187. >"Fear not, Anon, it is not for Us to spread the desires of one to another. Even if that other is our older sister"
  188. >She winks before she vanishes
  189. >You feel the ground beneath your feet fall away, and you tumble into a black abyss
  190. >It only lasts a second, that feeling of freefall into nothing
  191. >Before you jerk awake in a start, nearly tossing the layers of blankets off you
  192. >You take a long, calming breath and let yourself lay back down
  193. >That was the most surreal dream you've ever had
  194. >Maybe because Luna poked her muzzle into it, you could remember it clearer?
  195. >But that's not what has you wide eyed and shocked this early in the morning
  196. >You dreamt about Princess Celestia
  197. >Not just any old dream either, the last time you had a dream like that it was a girl in college
  198. >Did you...really want to do...that? With her?
  199. >You went to bed convincing yourself you only found her attractive because of her personality
  200. >But your subconscious seemed to think there was a little more to it than that
  201. >As did another part of your body which was far too 'awake; for you to chalk it up to being morning
  202. >Speaking of morning, you didn't have sentry duty today but no need to sleep in like you did last time
  203. >You crawl out of bed to the bathroom for a shower and shave
  204. >By the time you get out, wearing nothing but a towel
  205. >The bed had been made, your discarded robe folded neatly on the table
  206. >And a serving platter on a cart waiting for you, polished silver serving dome in the center with a pitcher of orange juice
  207. >The smell of fresh pancakes gave away what was under it
  208. >Eager to have breakfast, you make a beeline to the food tray
  209. >Nearly missing the folded clothing on the bed
  210. >They nearly matched the clothes you arrived in and fit perfectly
  211. >In the pants pocket, you found a note
  212. >Unfolding it, you recognize Celestia's handwriting immediately
  214. Dearest Anon,
  215. I hope you slept well! I shuffled some things around in my schedule and secured the royal library for us in the afternoon. Please enjoy breakfast, I think you said you liked pancakes. If not, go down to the kitchen and help yourself to anything you like. But not before seeing the tailor if your new clothes don't fit. We have an exciting day ahead of us, be sure to eat heartily!
  216. xoxo
  217. ~ Celestia
  219. >Exciting day?
  220. >Speaking of exciting, this was a lot shorter and to the point than her usual notes
  221. >She must have written it in a hurry?
  222. >Shrugging, you remove the serving dome and dig in
  223. >They have to be the best pancakes you've ever had
  224. >Buttery, fluffy, with a hint of cinnamon
  225. >The syrup has just the right amount of sweetness
  226. >And that's before you tried one of the little bowls of fruit compote that came with it
  227. >You've said it a million times
  228. >You could get used to palace life in a hurry
  229. >Strange how eager Celestia was to get away from it
  230. >Grass is always greener right?
  231. >Finishing up, you smoothed out your clothes, much more comfortable than your uniform
  232. >And started toward the door
  233. >The moment you turned the knob and opened the door
  234. >Storm Dancer, the pegasus from the other night, is at attention waiting for you
  235. >"Princess Celestia asked me to escort you to the library, sir!"
  236. >He salutes
  237. >The run through the palace still fresh in your mind, you resist the urge to punt him down the hallway
  238. >But you swallow your annoyance and salute back
  239. "Lead the way"
  240. >He smiles and motions down the hallway before trotting along
  241. >You follow, wondering why you needed an escort at all
  242. >You knew where the library was, heck when you arrived here--
  243. >You hear a shout and a door slam
  244. >...was that Twilight?"
  245. >Princess Twilight was being dragged down the hall by four guard ponies
  246. >Spike was behind the entourage, looking defeated
  247. >"Princess Celestia declared no pony shorter than her can enter the royal library till further notice"
  248. >Storm Dancer's explanation made the scene before you perfectly clear
  249. >You couldn't help but laugh at how absurd that was
  250. >That he was serious was so classic Princess Celestia
  251. >Twilight was begging the guards to let her back in just to grab a few books
  252. >You passed the entire scene hoping she didn't see you
  253. >Hard for the only human in the world to stay inconspicuous
  254. >She bolts to you and grabs your arm, swearing she's really close to finding out how you got here and just needs five more minutes in the library
  255. >You shake her off and say it's not something you can do anything about
  256. >She whines and before you know it the guards are dragging her away
  257. >You give Spike a pity bro-fist as he walks by
  258. >You feel bad for him sometimes
  259. >"Here we are!"
  260. >Storm Dancer steps aside to let you pass to the library, he himself not following
  261. >You thank him and head inside
  262. >You enter and have to take a moment to take the chamber in
  263. >You've never seen a library like this before
  264. >It's incredible, a wide open room that had to be three stories high
  265. >With shelves reaching all the way to the ceiling
  266. >Stained glass windows line the walls, with various unicorn scholars depicted on them
  267. >And in the center of it all, Princess Celestia
  268. >She's shed her regalia and was stretched out on a large sofa, idly flipping through a book
  269. >Almost exactly like your dream
  270. >The sun is streaming through a stained glass of Starswirl the Bearded, covering her white coat with all shades of blue and gold
  271. >You swallow, sweat beginning to bead on your forehead
  272. >Everything from last night comes back to you in vivid detail
  273. >You can almost see the grapes snapping from the vine and coating her mouth with--
  274. >"Anon! You made it!"
  275. >She smiles and waves to you, ending the serenity of the library
  276. >Along with your rapidly degrading train of thought
  277. >You regain your composure and wave back, walking over
  278. >"I've made a lot of progress already! Ones that should work on both of us"
  279. "Both of us?"
  280. >You ask as you approach her, sitting on a stool she levitated over for you
  281. >"Of course, what point would a disguise be if you still looked like yourself? If ponies saw you with another mare, it would be quite scandalous."
  282. >She winked and turned back to the book
  283. >You suddenly feel very warm and adjust your collar
  284. >Sure was stuffy in here...
  285. "So, did you discover anything worth trying?"
  286. >You walk behind the couch and lean forward, trying to make sense of the book she was reading
  287. >The most you recognize is a triangle or two in the diagrams
  288. >The rest might as well have been mandarin
  289. >"One or two spells, yes. Care to observe my casting?"
  290. >Right now?
  291. >Sure why not...
  292. >You nod and she climbs off the couch
  293. >You suck in a breath when she does
  294. >Your eyes unable to keep from watching her legs and her body move
  295. >Her mane cascading along her strong yet feminine form
  296. >To think, once you thought of her as just a big talking horse
  297. >You wipe the sweat from your brow and sit on the couch
  298. >She smiles back at you and her horn begins to glow
  299. >"This should work, but I have a few others just in case"
  300. >Her horn glows brighter, golden energy twirling around her body
  301. >You shield your eyes as it becomes too bright to look directly into
  302. >With a blinding flash, it's over as quickly as it began
  303. >You take one look and bring a hand to your mouth to hold in your laughter
  304. >Princess Celestia is still Princess Celestia
  305. >Just shorter
  306. >And her mane is pink and straight
  307. >"What is it?"
  308. >You shake your head and try to control your chuckling
  309. "It didn't work, ma'am"
  310. >She blinks and looks down at herself and gasps
  311. >"Oh dear... I seem to have reverted to how I looked before..."
  312. >She looks up and sees you snickering
  313. >"Anon!!"
  314. >You can't help it and you lose control
  315. >She hits you with a book, scoffing and kicking at the ground
  316. >You try to regain your composure but she looks so darn cute it only makes you laugh harder
  317. >Your laughter is contagious and eventually she joins you, shaking her head the more she remembered what she looked like
  318. >Once both of you calm down, she reverts the spell and moves on to the next one
  319. >It was a little more complicated, she required help
  320. >Before you knew it, you were standing on one foot, holding two small metal spheres arms length apart
  321. "What's this...supposed to do?"
  322. >Celestia smirks and sticks out her tongue
  323. >"That is to teach you not to laugh at me, no matter how cute I look"
  324. >You roll your eyes and set the spheres and your foot back down
  325. >Clever girl
  326. >"Now with that issue solved, I'll try the next spell"
  327. >You nod and sit back down
  328. >Once again, her horn glows
  329. >But instead of golden light surrounding her
  330. >A sort of bubble forms and drifts to the floor
  331. >In a much dimmer flash, Celestia is gone
  332. >And in her place, a unicorn
  333. >Normal height and size
  334. >Light beige colored, light blue mane, golden eyes
  335. >A bouquet of flowers for a cutie mark
  336. >"Did it work?"
  337. >You nod and hold up a mirror
  338. >She looks and smiles, then giggles when she sees the unicorn smile back
  339. >"My my, I'm quite the looker"
  340. >Even her voice was different
  341. >The songlike, soothing voice was replaced by a younger sounding, slightly higher pitched one
  342. >You already found yourself regretting this idea if this was how it would have to go
  343. >Sure she'll still be Celestia under there but
  344. >If you dream was any clue, you were beginning to like her physically
  345. >"OK, your turn!"
  346. >Wait what?
  347. >You stand up
  348. "Princess, are you sure this will work on--"
  349. >Her horn is already glowing and hitting you with magic
  350. >Warmth spreads from your chest, down your body, all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes
  351. >The world gets whitewashed and blurry and you feel a tingling feeling
  352. >Like when your leg feels asleep, except everywhere
  353. >And just when it becomes extremely uncomfortable, there is a flash of light and its over
  354. >You blink a few times, moving your arms around, slightly worried they weren't there anymore
  355. >Before you, Celestia, the actual Celestia, is standing there smiling
  356. "It didn't work, and you're back to normal"
  357. >"That means it did work!"
  358. >It was nice to hear her voice again
  359. >But your expression gives away you not quite understanding
  360. >"If I'm appearing normal to you, that means it worked. The spell is an illusion and works in such a way that it only tricks those not under it. It's to prevent confusion when it was used for military purposes...or so I read"
  361. "So...what do I look like?"
  362. >"Come see!"
  363. >She levitates the mirror from before in front of you
  364. >Despite you standing at full height, what looks back is a grey unicorn with black hair and green eyes
  365. >A white shield with two crossed swords for a cutie mark
  366. >Not bad
  367. >You reach and lift a book in the air, well above the unicorn's head
  368. >The illusion's horn glows as if you were using magic, and the book floats above his head
  369. "Wow..."
  370. >Celestia walks next to you, and in the mirror she appears as the beige unicorn
  371. >And the two ponies in the mirror smile back
  372. "We're going to need names"
  373. >"We'll think of something by tonight."
  374. "Tonight?"
  375. >"Yes. Tonight we'll take a walk outside the palace. To get used to being like this. And practice being normal ponies. I'm still slightly nervous, I haven't been a regular pony in a very long time."
  376. "You'll do fine, Celestia. It'll be like riding a bike"
  377. >"I don't know how to ride a bike."
  378. >You chuckle and put your arm around her back
  379. >The grey unicorn mimics it and puts it over the beige one
  380. >"We look cute together, Anon"
  381. "We do, don't we? Like a happy couple"
  382. >She shifts her body closer to yours her middle against your hips
  383. >In the mirror it looks like the two ponies are pressing together
  384. >"I like it."
  385. >You nod in agreement, but turn away from the mirror
  386. >Back to the Princess, back to the real Celestia
  387. "I'm glad I can still see the real you, though"
  388. >She smiles and looks to you
  389. >"I'm glad I can see you as well. If I wanted a unicorn for a companion I'd date one of the guards."
  390. >You and her both share a quiet chuckle
  391. >She's awful close to you
  392. >Those beautiful eyes, her smile, her warm breath
  393. >Her mane falling in waves against your body
  394. >You lean forward
  395. >She does the same, her eyes beginning to close
  396. >Your hand slips from her shoulder to her neck, warmth radiating beneath her soft ivory fur
  397. >Images from your dream flash through your mind as your eyes close, your lips nearing hers
  398. >You were the hero and she was your--
  399. >"Where is the Princess?!"
  400. >Son. Of. A. Bitch.
  401. >You both jump, a guard in the doorway, waving a hoof at the two of you
  402. >Celestia quickly turning to the door to shoo him off
  403. >They begin to bicker, Celestia sounding like normal to you, but to him a small beige unicorn was telling him to blow off
  404. >Meanwhile, you had only one thing on your mind
  405. > almost kissed her again...
  406. >He yells something about intruders and slams the door, locking it behind him
  407. >Celestia chuckles and walks back
  408. >"I'll need to reverse the spell before he comes back, Anon"
  409. "Successful test, at least."
  410. >"The look on his face when he comes back with an entire detachment will be priceless"
  411. "Assuming they break your order not to come into the library"
  412. >She giggles and nods in agreement
  413. >"They're going to be so confused!"
  414. >With another giggle, she trots off to find the spell book
  415. >It was nice to see her happy
  416. >You're still a little upset, another chance to kiss the Princess stolen
  417. >And by a guardpony this time, they were supposed to be your buddies
  418. >At least she hadn't been the one to stop you
  419. >Had that guard not barged definitely would have kissed her
  420. >The moment was gone though, no reason to try and force it
  421. >Besides, there was always tonight
  422. >You take a look in the mirror, the illusionary pony looks back
  423. >You're going to need a name...
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