Gym Night - Quest #34 - Kat

Mar 26th, 2014
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  1. “Where are we going?” Robin leads you out of the ball pit.
  3. Robin giggles. You both stumble your way to the showers. “I am so crazy about you right now.”
  5. She kisses you on the lips softly, unsure of how to start. It’s a sharp contrast to Jeanine’s aggressive approach. You press yourself against her. Her tiny body is radiating so much heat. You run your hand through her hair and she does the same to you.
  7. You spin her around and pin her to the wall. Spins you around and does the same. You gasp against the cold wall, then moan as she runs her hands up your chest. You arch your back and push into her hands. She doesn’t stop, instead she pays special attention to your nipples, lightly brushing them with her thumbs.
  9. “Robin,” You whisper as you nibble on her ear.
  11. “R-Robin,” she repeats. You forgot about that. In private, that’s what she calls you as an inside joke. It’s cute, but at the same time there’s something about it that’s bothering you. You don’t want to think about that right now.
  13. Your kiss down the nape of her neck. She smells so...sooo mmhmm. It’s like all the good smells of nature combined with a smell you can describe as the smell of pretty. You play with her small, cute breasts.
  15. Robin gasps. “S-s-sorry.”
  17. “Hmm?” You kiss down her chest.
  19. Her breathing is so heavy. “I don’t have anything.”
  21. You kiss her right nipple. “You have a mouthful.” Your lips come around it. You can feel her legs flex rhythmically.
  23. Robin is losing control. “H-how do you do that?” You think her legs might buckle. You start to gently lower her to the floor. You’re glad you’re involved with this business now, even the show floors are clean and spotless.
  25. “It’s easy. Just. Like. This.” You punctuate each word as you slowly move down to her navel.
  27. Her hands go flying to her sides. She has nothing to grab on to though. “I,” she gasps, “I mean how do you always know what to say?”
  29. You’re really not in the mood for a this sort of conversation. She probably knows that too. She’s nervous, shy. You look up to make sure she’s still alright with this. One look in her eyes confirms in. “Robin, I’m crazy about you, but let’s talk about that later.” You kiss the inside of her thigh.
  31. Robin bites her lips. “Mhmm.” She shifts her lower half towards you. In her lustful haze, she’s probably not fully aware of how she’s moving her body. Being as shy as she is and seeing her lose control like this is turning you on more than you ever would have thought.
  33. “Let’s just say I know what to do with my mouth.” You breath the words heavily onto her adorable, smooth pussy. A shiver runs up her entire body. You already know the answer, but you ask anyway. “Do you want this?”
  35. Her breathing is so heavy that for a second you think she’s having a panic attack. The look on her face isn’t panic though. “Y-yes….yes. Please.” She bites her lip and closes her eyes.
  37. You lower your head and lick her. Robin gasps tries to grab onto the floor. “Oh! Oh my…Unnh” She writhes so hard that you have to struggle to keep her legs down. You’re still able to keep a steady rhythm. She barely manages to keep her body under control as you lick her most intimate area. You make sure every lick ends right up at her clit. Every time you do it, she lets out the most erotic and adorable whimper.
  39. Suddenly she starts bucking wildly. “I! It’s! Going to! AHH!” Robin isn’t making any sense. You have to fight to keep your mouth on her, which just makes her flailing and screaming even more intense. When it doesn’t stop, your start worrying that there might be something wrong with her. She starts to slowly come back down to Earth and your fear comes down with her. Only after you’re sure she’s done, you crawl up and lay beside her.
  41. Neither one of you says anything. You just stroke each others hair. You’re still really hot and bothered, especially after that, but you decide to just hold her in the afterglow.
  43. “I never knew it could be like that.” She giggles. “My mind still isn’t working right. I think my legs are shaking. I can’t even tell.” Her eyes are wide and excited, but at the same time she looks completely drained. “It was like fireworks… I don’t even know how to describe it.” She laughs. You’ve never seen her like this before. “Why did you let me take it slow?”
  45. You playfully push her. “Let? Why did I ‘let’ you take it slow?” You can’t even pretend to be upset when she laughs.
  47. Her laughter finally dies down. The petite, adorable, loving little redhead lays you down on your back and looks in your eyes. “I want to make you as happy as you make me.” You like where this is going. “I don’t know how...tell me if I do anything wrong.”
  49. You don’t really know as much as you let on either. You just do what you’d want, and that seems to work. Maybe-Woah! You seize up. Robin just put her finger in you. “Ah!” It’s not a sexy noise.
  51. “Are you OK?” She’s coming down from her euphoric rush from before. Now she’s starting to look like her usual self.
  53. “I’m fine. I just need you to take it slow.” You’re sure that there’s some sort of irony in that sentence. “It’s not that I’m not excited.” You probably don’t need to tell her that, you know her finger can feel it. “It just surprised me. Don’t try to prove anything. Just slow down, go with the flow.”
  55. Robin closes her eyes and forces her body to relax. “Slow. OK. I can do that.” She comes up and kisses your neck lightly. Mmm. Her lips are so soft. Her kisses tickle, they barely touch you. Slowly, delicately, she makes her way down to your chest. “Is that better?”
  57. You quietly moan in response as you shift your body closer to hers.
  59. Robin seems encouraged by this. She picks up her pace, just a little. Her kisses have a little tongue to them. You breath in, bringing your nipple to her lips. She doesn’t need a bigger hint. Tenderly, Robin sucks on it. “Uh!” You let out an involuntary whimper. There are no power games with her, or hidden motives. It’s just a wonderful feeling of being cared about, in every way.
  61. It’s more licking than kissing now. She abandons your wet breasts to the cool air. Your disappointment is wildly overshadowed by how excited you are as her tiny soft lips work down to your soaking pussy. She stops. “Is this alright?”
  63. You’d roll your eyes if you weren’t floored by her hesitation. “Yes! It’s alright!” You’re aching for this.
  65. Robin dives right in with uncharacteristic passion. All you see when you look down is her red hair moving just a tiny bit, but those small movings are bending your entire world. You’ve never had this done to you before. It’s unbelievable. Even though she’s not keeping a steady rhythm and clearly not sure what she’s doing, even her explorations of your body feel amazing. You’re barely able to hold a coherent though.
  67. Your world comes back into focus. Robin stopped. Why? Why would she stop when you were so close?
  69. Cutting you off like that was just cruel “Sorry!” She looks like she has a plan. “I just remembered why I took you to the showers.”
  71. You thought it was just because you always teased her in showers. Where is she going with this? Why is she getting up?
  73. “When I was going over the books for the fitness center, I saw that they just put in these new showers.” Robin walks along the walls, looking up. “The supplier didn’t have enough of the regular shower heads.” You don’t get where this is going. “I only noticed because it’s the exact same one as I had at home.” Oh no. She’s depressed about her dad. No, that’s not it, she look giddy. What is going on? She finally finds the shower head she’s looking for. “Help me up.”
  75. You walk over and lift her up. Her cute butt is a lot less cute when it smushes your face. “Robin, you’ve had too much to drink. You can’t climb up there.” You don’t like having to be the responsible one.
  77. She giggles. “Don’t worry, it detaches.” You lower her down and the shower head stays in her hand. It’s attached to the wall by a long hose. “Massage-Wand Vibromatic 4000.” Her eyes can’t seem to meet yours. “I’m...really familiar with this one.”
  79. It finally clicks. “Oh. Oooooh~” You’re starting to learn that Robin has a much more intense libido than you thought. She just keeps it hidden.
  81. Robin sprays it against the wall until the water warms up. “Ready?”
  83. You lean against the wall, spreading your legs. Robin sets the Vibromatic whatever to some sort of light pulse. The water hits your leg, then makes it up to your-
  85. OH! Holy hell! How is this even legal? Your legs buckle. She doesn’t let up and keeps it on you. “Robbeh,” you can’t even speak. “Robin!” Your eyes flutter. If it was anyone else, you’d withdraw. You couldn’t be this vulnerable in front of anyone but Robin.
  87. Your hands reach out to her. She moves on close, pressing the pulsating shower head between both of your legs. You pull her mouth to yours. It’s a sloppy open mouthed kiss, but it’s a miracle you can even manage to kiss her. You both lower to the floor.
  89. “I want this together,” you hear yourself say. You think you hear Robin say something, but you know she agreed. Everything is otherworldly as you’re completely consumed by your lust. The intimacy with Robin and feelings all over your body are like a drug. You rub your pussies together as the water hits you both. Her small hands pull on your legs as the rubbing becomes more intense. You can’t tell her cries from yours any more. You’re lost in the waves of pleasure as you push yourself against her. You’ve never felt so in sync with anyone. It’s beyond words now, there’s only the dance of your movements.
  91. Her nails dig into your ankles, but you’re only distantly aware of the pain. You know what she’s feeling, and you feeling it too. You press against each other in perfect unison. “Hah! Ah! Ah! AH!”
  93. Sound fades out as you’re filled with bliss. You’re heavy and flying gently at the same time. It’s like you’re at the very highest part of a jump, but instead of coming down fast you float down to the ground softly. You don’t know how much time passes before the world makes sense again. The shower head is shooting water in an arc away from you and Robin. Her skinny leg rests across your body. It’s hard, but you force yourself to get up. You turn off the water and help Robin stand.
  95. Her hair still smells great. It doesn’t make you want to ravage her any more, it’s just the smell of being content.
  97. She leans against you. “I love…” her head bobs.
  99. You’re too drained to worry about that right now. You collect some towels, dry yourself and Robin off, and make a blanket out of more towels on the couch in the change room. You and Robin snuggle under the improvised bed. Eevee and Devon come from somewhere outside your comfy little world and join you on the couch. The last thing you hear before you fall asleep is the sound of her soft breathing.
  101. You’ve never been so content in your life.
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