(OLD) First Movie date with Lyra (DL 1/3)

Mar 30th, 2014
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  1. Note: This is collaboration story. The vastly superior first part of this story that you are now reading was created by another anon.
  3. ***
  5. "Oh man Anon, and that part where the Masked Stallion burst through the burning barn to save her... It was just so awesome!" The teal unicorn trotting happily beside you gushed over the movie the two of you had just seen. Between her singing praises of the movie, she'd take the time to even act out some of the scenes. Hopping around and pretending to slash a sword with her muzzle, doing a barrel roll into the dirt after saying a cheesy one-line, man she was having the time of her life. Looks like opting to take her to an action movie over a sappy romance was the right choice.
  6. You are Anon and tonight is your first date with Lyra Heartstrings. you had both agreed on nothing fancy, just a simple dinner and movie, though you knew from experience that those could get a bit...boring. Luckily, it seems to have had the opposite effect. Maybe you just weren't dating the right girls back home?
  7. You chuckle at the thought, as Lyra continues to tumble around.You're tempted to tell Lyra to stop her roughhousing, after all, the loose grey hoodie and baggy jeans she's wearing might end up dirty or torn with all she's putting them through.
  8. She insisted she wear "traditional human clothing" for her first date with you, and of course you couldn't say no to such an adorable mare. "...and I just wanted to thank you so much for taking me out, Anon." says Lyra as she squeaks, nuzzling your side. "Even if I already said it like...10 times already, heh." she continues. "Don't worry so much Lyra, there's no need to apologize, I'm having a lot of fun." you respond back. "Y-you are? Oh thank Celestia-I mean, y-yeah me too." She blushes, trying to hide her excitement. "So whaddya wanna do now, Anon?".
  9. Hmm, lemme think..." you say as you stop your walking and begin to ponder your next move. The night was still young, perhaps you and Lyra could go to a bar and grab a couple of drinks or stop by a nice dinner for some coffee.
  10. As you turn towards Lyra to ask what she'd prefer, she starts to mutter something: "...ah, much better..." you also hear what could only be described as a faint hissing sound. Lyra is simply standing with her eyes closed, a serene look of relief plastered across her equine face. Even through her bulky-looking jeans, her legs seem splayed out a bit,oddly limp and relaxed as she sighed in content. "Hey Lyra, you okay?" Your voice seems to snap her back to reality in an instant as she hastily attempts to pick herself up. "Me? Uh-huh, yeah! E-everything's fine, and I'm normal, because we're doing normal date stuff." Lyra stammers with a hint of panic in her voice as she forces out a laugh.
  11. Something was a bit off.."Okay then." You say, trying to change the subject. "So is there anything else you'd like to do?""Me? Well, I k-kinda wanted to go home first, I think I really need a change-TO, I need to change my... clothes, yeah." An uncomfortable laugh escapes her lips as she looks up at you, her rear end anxiously rocking back and forth. "Why do you need to change your clothes?" You cock an eyebrow at her odd behavior. Sure, the mare was a bit quirky, that's what attracted you to her in the first place, but she'd been a little off all night.
  12. "Uh well, I need" Lyra's voice trails off and her eyes go as wide as dinner plates, freezing in place. "Lyra, are you okay?" You ask with mounting concern. "What's the mat-" Your eyes trail down to Lyra's jeans, a large, dark stain now graced the crotch of her jeans, and was still in the process of growing ever the larger. Did Lyra just...piss her pants? The stain spread over her flank as she stood motionless, unable to respond.
  13. The sheer volume of her accident caused it to trail all the way down both sides of her legs, pooling on the ground beneath her in a yellow puddle. You both stand in silence, the heavy scent of ammonia hung in the air as you tried to process what do next. Lyra begins to tremble and her rear hooves give out, causing her to land on her rump with a loud squish. Her golden eyes stare back at you with quiet desperation as she wallows in her own filth. "Lyra, did you just..." You break the silence. Of course you already knew the answer. As if on cue, tears begin streaming from her face as your voice brings her back to reality."A-annie..."She softly cries your name through her tears, hanging her head in shame.
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