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Aug 28th, 2018
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  1. >Female adventurer from a conservative culture ends up in a sheep village the day before the spring festival
  2. >She decides to stay for it, looking forward to a day of fun in the sun
  3. >What she wasn't expecting was how lewd it was
  4. >Many shed their clothes outright going about in only their wool, or even shearing off their coats into enticing patterns or exposing great portions of their skin
  5. >Desperate to distract herself from the perversion she witnesses, she turns to drink, and ends up in a sauna, hoping the steam and heat will dampen the wild passions of the townsfolk
  6. >She was horrifically wrong
  7. >The sauna is full of sweating, panting rams and ewes
  8. >damp pussies and dripping cocks are exposed by all attending in the cramped room
  9. >And it reeks of sheep hormones
  10. >She feels herself growing lightheaded, and a terrible ache grows in her inexperienced body
  11. >One of the mature ewes reads her like a book
  12. >before long, this wooly woman is goading the adventurer and some young rams together.
  13. >The adventurer cannot believe what is happening as she grasps onto the scalding hot, throbbing cock of a ram that's younger than her
  14. >his cock just looks so...healthy and virile and oh god it smells so good
  15. >stroking isn't good enough, and she finds herself sucking down on his prick as a wandering hand of hers finds another dick to toy with
  16. >over the next few minutes, her brain is boiling from the oppressive reek of horny rams and ewes as the sauna turns into an orgy.
  17. >Her mouth and hands are practically passed around from virgin dick to the cum-slicked members of rams taking a break from fucking their wives or girlfriends
  18. >But her pussy is left alone
  19. >burning and needy, that last wall breaks down and she goes to finger herself
  20. >but is stopped by the same mature ewe who had started all this
  21. >without hesitation, the older woman dives in on the adventurers flower
  22. >licking and lapping and teasing in all the right places, but never letting her cum
  23. >The ewe reduces her to a shaking, moaning mess of a woman, leaving her begging to cum
  24. >But she pulls away, face slicked in girlcum
  25. >And fills the spot between the younger womans thighs with a young ram
  26. >The adventurer and the ram lock eyes
  27. >He's young, fit, and handsome
  28. >Without a word, only a locking of lips, he slides into her
  29. >both of their virginities dripping out at the sight of their union
  30. >He's unbelievably hard
  31. >And rough
  32. >Pure instinct helping him where inexperience falters
  33. >He's relentless
  34. >She loses track of how many times she cums
  35. >In fact she loses track of everything
  36. >But him
  37. >From every bump and curve on his cock
  38. >To his broad tongue frantically working against hers
  39. >To his moaning and grunting as he fucks her as hard as he can
  40. >To his coarse wool against her, each point of friction a harsh spark of sensation against her
  41. >She feels his thrusting grow faster, and more shallow
  42. >And she knows what this means
  43. >If she doesn't push him off
  44. >He'll cum inside and fill her full of his children
  45. >And she doesn't care. She can't care. Not when it feels this good. Not when she feels this right.
  46. >So fertile.
  47. >So receptive.
  48. >So womanly.
  49. >She pulls her mouth away to whisper sweet and filthy things into his cute, sheepy ears and run her fingers over his horns, her legs locking around his hips
  50. >She doesn't have a single regret when he cums, when his cock hardens even further as he sprays rope after countless rope of thick, white, fertile cum inside of her
  51. >The head of his cock sitting right at the door to her womb, throbbing again and again as their minds are wiped clean of anything but orgasmic bliss
  52. >Somewhere in her mind, she has enough thought to fondle and pamper his balls as he paints her insides white even as her walls spasm and grip at him as she rides out her longest, most intense orgasm yet
  53. >He never pulls out, instead waiting until his cock softens up and naturally leaves her well-fucked passage, the ewes of the sauna quickly rushing to her side and hefting her rear up into the air, not letting a single drop leave her body
  54. >Her legs dangle uselessly as they whisper sweetly to her 'This will help with conception' is one comment that makes it through the haze.
  55. >Yes... she thinks. Conception. Babies. This sweet ram of hers. All of it sounded so good.
  56. >Her ram came to her side, looking at her like one might look at a treasure
  57. >Still no words, they hust fall back into each others arms, kissing each other sweetly, and long into the night...
  58. >She wakes up in a bed she doesn't know, in a house she doesn't know, in a town she doesn't know.
  59. >But the feeling a body she knows very well still pushed up against her
  60. >And, she realizes with a girlish giggle
  61. >A body she cannot live without.
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