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  1. Article 5. The nation shall have only 1 nation leader and 4 co-leaders, no more and no less than that. If something were to happen to the nation leader that would render him/her no longer fit to rule. An election will be held between the 4 co-leaders. One will be picked to serve as nation leader. The vacant position for co-leader will be occupied by either an election. Or directly filled by the nation leader. During an election for co-leader. A mayor of a town that is part of the Uthon Nation is legible for to run as a candidate, as well as have a single vote. Citizens of the nation can also vote and it is a valid and legal vote. Votes will be conducted through strawpoll and will last for only 3 days. After the 12 hour of the third day, the votes will be tallied up and counted by the supreme judge. Section 2 of article 5 declares that impeached and removed if they have broken the law and/or cause much strife in the nation. The supreme judge must be the one to order impeachment, and only with a majority vote of the co-leaders will an impeachment process begin
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