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  1. Welcome To The Broken FEMURS
  2. This server is fast ( MTF SPAWNS EVERY 180 secs[] Chaos Spawns every 220 secs
  3. Rules{}
  4. 1. Micspaming is aloud but not while spectating or in pregame lobby.
  5. 2. No Hacking (this will be a perma ban)
  6. 3. No Ip pulling, DDOS, Etc (THIS WILL BE PERMA BAN)
  7. 4. NO Teamkilling (usually turned off)
  8. 5. WE all want to have fun Don't be toxic.
  9. 6. Don't stall the round (if you stall the admins will notify you)
  10. 7. Don't forget Keep that femur broken
  12. Join The Discord:
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