A Dazzling Pack VI

Nov 4th, 2016
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  1. >"Hey, Caramel? Is there anymore of this yummy wine cooler?”
  2. >"Someone turn this up! It's my JAM!"
  3. >"I'm telling you, Roseluck is the THIRSTIEST! The other day she was hanging around outside the guys locker room and--"
  4. >"Hand me some of those chips. Fuck muh diet!"
  5. >You couldn't help but smile as you looked around your bedroom
  6. >It was about eight o'clock on a Friday night
  7. >School had been out since Thursday because of two consecutive act-eighty days in a row
  8. >Your parents were off somewhere down in Florida for a business trip/vacation getaway
  9. >Your big sister was out in Dodge City with her friends doing whatever community college students did
  10. >She wouldn't be home until Monday, just like your parents
  11. >This meant that you were alone
  12. >You could do anything that you wanted
  13. >You were free
  14. >So, with a long weekend ahead of you, you had decided to do the best thing that came to mind
  15. >Mother. Fucking. Sleepover. Extravaganza.
  16. >Three days of hanging out with the boys, talking, giving yourselves makeovers, and drinking those AMAZING wine coolers that Thunderlane's mom got for you whenever you asked
  17. >The pervy old lady
  18. >There was you, Norman, Flash, Thunderlane, Big Mac, and your man of the hour, Anonymous
  19. >Also known as the HARDEST man in the WORLD to get to come to a sleepover
  20. >It had taken days of planning to get him here
  21. >You and the fellas had hounded him in school at every opportunity, begging and pleading
  22. >Thunderlane, at one point, had even tried to bribe him
  23. >He must have told you no a hundred times, his resting bitch-face game strong as he stared each and every one of you down
  24. >But you had been determined
  25. >Anon needed to get out, have a little fun!
  26. >He needed to be around men
  27. >Talk and have fun with them
  28. >It wasn't healthy to be cooped up with his girlfriends all day every day like he always was
  30. >So you had asked and asked and asked again until Anonymous had broken down and agreed to come
  31. >And here he was, propped up on about two dozen pillows, a mineral paste covering his face and cucumbers over his eyes
  32. >His toes and fingers were being seen to by Flash, who had a scraper and some lotion at the ready, as he talked Anon's ear off about something or another
  33. >Sitting beside him, with an extra-long silly straw that he had gotten from SOMEWHERE, was a half-full pitcher of red wine cooler slushy that you had made yourself
  34. >You didn't know WHY he wanted the pitcher, but when you tried to take it off of him--so you could give him a normal glass-- he nearly bit you
  35. >...
  36. >So... he got to keep the whole pitcher...
  37. >Lack of manners aside, a certain pride fills you as you look the guy over
  38. >You don't think that you've ever seen him that relaxed
  39. >There wasn't an ounce of tension in his body
  40. >His breathing was slow and steady
  41. >You might have thought that he was asleep if not for the fact that you could clearly see him sucking on his silly straw
  42. >A giggle escaped your throat as you took a sip of your own wine cooler, wiggling your toes into your carpet
  43. >Yep...
  44. >This was JUST what all of you needed
  45. >Some good company, good drinks, and good tunes
  46. >As Mac turned up the newest pop hit by C.H.R.Y.S.A.L.I.S, you made your way over to Anon and Flash
  47. "So how's it going over here?" you asked
  48. >Flash frowned
  49. >"It's a skinmergency here, 'Mal," he said with a dramatic sigh, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow. "Dry, cracked, and THICK skin EVERYWHERE!"
  50. >He tapped the edge of his scraper--a thick, industrial thing that you had "borrowed" from your cousin-- against Anon's foot
  52. >Anon grunted, his foot twitching
  53. >Flash just tsked
  54. >"I'm going to be here ALL night, 'Mal," he announced, before smiling. "But when that sun comes up Anon here's going to look like a whole new man!"
  55. >Flash snapped his head to the side and struck a pose
  56. >”Or I’m not the FABULOUS FLASH!”
  57. >You and the other fellas--excluding Anon-- giggled
  58. >You don't care what the other guys at school say about Flash, he is a CARD
  59. >And you mean that in the best possible way
  60. "What about you, Anon? Is the party as fun as we told you it would be?"
  61. >Anon sighed as he took a particularly long sip of his drink
  62. >"I have ascended to a higher plane of understanding," he simply said around his straw, wiggling his toes
  63. >You grinned
  64. >By the end of this you were going to have a brand new bf
  65. >You could just FEEL it
  66. "Alright, I'll let you two--"
  67. >Before you could finish your sentence, something out of your window caught your eye
  68. >One of the lights from the house next to yours flicked on
  69. >Not a moment later, you watched as the window was opened
  70. >...
  71. >You frowned
  72. "Oh shoot, I forgot that their bathroom window was on the same side as my bedroom," you muttered
  73. >Flash perked up
  74. >"What was that, Caramel?" he asked, still working on Anon's foot
  75. >You took a step back from your window
  76. >Usually, you'd have blinds on them that you could open and close whenever you felt like it, but because you were swapping the color of your bed sheets you had to take them off so that they didn't throw off the theme of the room
  77. >You had ordered a new set of blinds but they hadn't come in yet
  78. >That meant your window was completely exposed
  79. >THEY could see everything that you and your friends were doing in here if they just looked out their window
  81. >Not that they WOULD
  82. >But still...
  83. >"Whatcha lookin' at, Caramel?" Mac asked, climbing to his feet and making his way over to you
  84. >"Yeah, what the heck's gotten into you?" Thunderlane demanded, looking out of your window. "What, is someone out there?"
  85. >You grimace
  86. "No, it's just that I realized that these blinds are open..."
  87. >Thunderlane frowned
  88. >"And what? Do you think that Principal Celestia or her sister are going to peep on us?"
  89. >You didn't see Anon get up, nor did you hear him walk over to you
  90. >You also didn't see him take the cucumbers off of his eyes or the mineral paste off his face
  91. >But there he was standing next to you, peering out of your bedroom window, cucumber-less and without a bit of paste on his cheeks
  92. >"Principal Celestia?" he muttered, brow furrowing. "What about her?"
  93. >"Anon! You get back down here and let me--" Flash began, only for Anon to silence him with a finger
  94. >"What are you guys talking about the principal for?" he asked again, looking over to Thunderlane with an expression that you couldn’t quite place
  95. >Thunderlane shrugged
  96. >"What? Didn’t you know that Caramel here lives next to the principal and her sister?" he asked
  97. >Anon's eyes widened
  98. >He looked over to you, then out to the window
  99. >You could see steam coming from the principal's bathroom window now
  100. >She--or the vice-principal--must have been showering or something
  101. >You stuck your tongue out at THAT mental image
  102. >Nope!
  103. >No old, gross cougars for you!
  104. >About a minute passed in relative silence
  105. >Though the radio continued to blast the latest pop song, not a single one of you said a word
  107. >Anon appeared to be frozen in place, staring out of your window toward the principal's house like he had just seen the gates of heaven
  108. >You were beginning to get worried
  109. >And, from the looks on the other fella's faces, so were they
  110. "...Anon? Is everything alright there buddy?" you asked, placing a hand on his shoulder
  111. >Anon jumped at the contact
  112. >He looked down at your hand before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his cellphone
  113. >He stared at it for a long moment, before looking back up at you with tears in his eyes
  114. >Ohshit!
  115. >You did something wrong!
  116. >He was going to cry!
  117. >If he started crying you wouldn't be able to handle it and YOU'D start crying
  118. >And you knew Big Mac was a crier too, so he'd probably--
  119. >"Caramel?" Anon said quietly, slowly, calmly. "You wouldn't happen to have a ladder lying around, would you?"
  120. >...
  121. >What?
  122. >You blinked, a little thrown off by the out-of-left-field question
  123. "Well, um, I think so?" You said. "My mom probably has a ladder or something down in the basement… Why?"
  124. >A joyful, happy, ecstatic smile came to Anon's face
  125. >Before you could do a thing, he pulled you into a hug, wrapping his arms around your head and pressing your cheek against his chest
  126. >W-Was...
  127. >Was this manly whimsy that you were feeling?
  128. >Was Anonymous being whimsical?
  129. >For YOU?
  130. >Your green classmate looked back out of the window as he began to run a hand through your hair
  131. >"...We're going to do great things tonight, boys," he said breathlessly, leaning down to give the top of your head a kiss. "Great, great, GREAT things..."
  133. >Be Principal Celestia
  134. >Otherwise known as Celestia when you were off the clock
  135. >Which you were
  136. >Thank the maker
  137. "Ugh..."
  138. >It had been a loooooooong day at school
  139. >Long and boring and filled with nothing but meetings and powerpoints and quacks that the school board brought in to "help enrich your teaching portfolios"
  140. >You swear to god if that one speaker hadn't been a man, you would have gotten up and punched him right in his smug, conceited mouth
  141. >Stupid act-eighty days...
  142. >The kids should have at least been there with you so that they could suffer a bit too…
  143. >But no, THEY had the freakin’ day OFF!
  144. >You sighed as you stomped your way into your bedroom
  145. >Today had been a particularly bad day of powerpoints
  146. >You, along with all of the teaching staff, had been forced to sit there until SEVEN THIRTY before you were allowed to leave
  147. >You were hungry
  148. >You were tired
  149. >Your head hurt
  150. >You felt dirty in every sense of the word
  151. >And you wanted some MOTHERFUCKING PIZZA
  152. >Your sister, who was in your kitchen at that very moment drinking heavily--as she did after the end of every act-eighty day--had already ordered the two of you enough pizzas to last through doomsday, so that was covered
  153. >Sleep could wait, and you were already feeling a bit better back in your house away from the school
  154. >Which meant that all you needed to do was take off your suit, shower, and put on some PJ's and you'd feel like half a women again
  155. "LUNA! YOU BETTER HAVE GOTTEN PINEAPPLE LIKE I ASKED!" you yelled as you kicked off your high heels and all but tore off your coat
  156. >"THEY WERE OUT OF IT!" Luna yelled back, which was immediately followed by the sound of a bottle slamming against the countertop
  157. >Oh boy...
  158. >It sounded like she had brought out the Jameson...
  159. >This was going to be a fun night...
  160. >You frowned as you began to unbutton the top your blouse
  161. "YOU LIAR! THEY'RE NEVER OUT OF PINEAPPLE!" you yelled back
  164. >...
  165. >Fucking Luna and her shit taste...
  166. >Shaking your head, you all but tore off your blouse and tossed it away
  167. >You then made your way toward your personal bathroom, pulling off your skirt in the process
  168. >You were going to use all of the hot water
  169. >THAT'D show her
  170. >Yeah...
  171. >AND you'd pour the rest of her Jameson down the sink and replace it with root beer
  172. >Scratching your ass, you flicked on your bedroom light and stepped inside
  173. >Closing the door behind you, you walked over to your small but useable shower and turned the lever
  174. >Instantly, water began pouring from the showerhead
  175. >You quickly took a step back, standing back up to your full height and stretching
  176. "Hmm..."
  177. >Oh boy, did momma need a nice, long shower after the day she had today...
  178. >Bouncing on your heels, you quickly undid your bra and tossed it to the floor
  179. >Your panties were next, leaving you in nothing but your socks
  180. >Your sweet Magnum P.I socks
  181. >You looked down at them, smirking as you nodded your head
  182. >Yeah...
  183. >Best twenty dollars you ever spent...
  184. >You were just about to reach down and pull them off when you stopped and looked up at your mirror
  185. >In it, you could see your naked body in all of its... glory?
  186. >Frowning gently, you looked yourself over with a critical eye
  187. >...
  188. >All-in-all, you'd like to think that you aged pretty well
  189. >Your stomach was still as flat as it was when you were in college
  190. >Your breasts were still as perky and blemish free as they had always been
  191. >...Sure, they were still a bit too big, and no matter what way you moved you could see your ass sticking out, and you were a giant of a woman, but you still looked pretty good
  193. >...
  194. >Yep...
  195. >Still as giant and assy with huge boobs like you've always been...
  196. >Smiling ruefully, you flexed in the mirror
  197. "I don't know what Luna's talking about," you muttered, striking a pose. "I could get any guy that I wanted..."
  198. >You bounced on your heels, sending your tits flying in all directions
  199. "They should be running over each other to get a load of THIS!"
  200. >You flexed again, gritting your teeth and shaking slightly
  201. >I'mbiggerthanyouandyoushouldknowit.jpg
  202. >You were able to hold the position for a few seconds before explosively exhaling and sinking into yourself a bit
  203. >...
  204. >Yep
  205. >You were man material all right...
  206. >Half-heartedly using your hands to do the Million Dollars Hyper Combo to yourself, you stepped into your shower, making sure to close the curtain behind you
  207. >The moment that the hot water ran over your tired, achy body you groaned
  208. "Oh sweet stars above did I need this," you murmured, leaning forward to soak your face and hair. "This was just what the docto--"
  209. >"Will you guys quit fucking around?! You're going to make me fucking fall goddammit!"
  210. >Your head nearly hit the ceiling as a voice came from RIGHT outside of your window
  212. >WHO WAS THERE?!
  214. >Without a second thought, you looked through the window
  215. >It was dark out
  216. >Off in the distance, you could see the eerie yellowish glow of the streetlights
  217. >For a few seconds, you couldn't see a thing
  218. >But then there was movement
  219. >A lot of it
  220. >"Anon! We shouldn't be doing this, we're going to get in TROUBLE!"
  222. >"No we're not, you big baby."
  223. >"But what if they SEE us?!"
  224. >They're not going to see YOU, dummy. You're holding the ladder."
  225. >"You know what I MEAN!"
  226. >"Trust me, I'll be fine. I'll take a few pictures, come back down, and we can all go back and relax and I can get even more plastered off these girly drinks."
  227. >"But why do you even want pictures of HER? She's just some gross old lady!"
  228. >"HEY! You shut the fuck up! She's a majestic swan with a rocking pair of tits and an ass you could get lost in!"
  229. >"Aren't you dating?"
  230. >"What? Can't I jack off by myself every once in awhile?"
  231. >”Well, what about your shirt? What the heck happened to that?!”
  232. >”...What about “even more plastered” didn’t you understand?”
  233. >You could see one of your students not five feet from your window
  234. >It was... Anonymous?
  235. >Narrowing your eyes, you saw that it, in fact, was him
  236. >The young man was perched precariously on top of a ladder
  237. >He was wearing a pair of slim-fit blue pajama bottoms with no shirt
  238. >In one of his hands was a pitcher of some red beverage with a long silly straw coming out of it
  239. >...
  240. >Wat?
  241. "Wat?”
  242. >You must have been louder than you thought, because not a second after you spoke, Anon perked up
  243. >Eyes wide, his head snapped toward the window, looking right at you
  244. >"...Oh fuck me," you heard him mutter.
  245. >He then smiled the biggest, fakest smile that you had seen all day
  246. >And that was saying something
  247. >"Hiya, Ms. Celestia, fancy seeing you here. Nice night out tonight, huh? Please don't call the co--HEY!"
  248. >You gasped as the ladder that he was standing on top of began to sway dangerously
  249. >Ohshithe'sgoingtofall!
  250. "Anonymous!"
  252. >"Fucking SHIT!"
  253. >There was a series of yells from the ground before the ladder gave way
  254. >Anon, with a yelp, was forced to leap toward the window
  255. >For a horrible, stomach-turning second, he disappeared from your field of vision
  256. >You nearly broke your neck leaning up and over your window
  257. >Not able to see anything, you pushed up your window’s screen and poked your head outside
  258. "Anonymous? Anonymous! Are you alright?!"
  259. >Looking down, you saw a hand
  260. >Leaning over a bit more, you saw Anon, his eyes wide, hanging from the edge of your window frame
  261. >In your panic, you noticed that he was still holding his pitcher in a hand
  262. >"Big Mac! Caramel! Thunderlane! You motherfuckers! You putzy pieces of shit! HOW COULDN’T YOU HOLD A LADDER FOR FIVE SECONDS?!"
  263. >He looked down at the ground before letting out a groan
  264. >"Goddammit! I'm going to die from my need to take pictures of naked women! The fucking gypsy was right!"
  265. >You poked your head back into the shower, heart racing
  266. >He was going to fall!
  267. >Hurt himself!
  268. >You had to do something!
  269. >Mind racing, you reached out a hand
  270. "Anonymous! Drop the pitcher and grab my hand! I'll pull you in!"
  271. >Though you didn't see it, Anonymous looked back up at the window
  272. >"...Oh, Ms. Celestia. You're still there!" he said with a high-pitched squeak. "That's nice. Sorry about all of this. Once again, please don't call the cops."
  273. "I'm not going to call anyone! Now drop that pitcher and grab my hand right this second, mister!"
  274. >"...But muh slushie wine cooler."
  275. "DROP. IT."
  276. >Anon did not, in fact, drop it
  277. >Somehow, the young man managed to place the pitcher's handle in between his teeth before grabbing your hand
  278. >Using your foot to turn off your shower you, dripping wet and as naked as a jaybird, helped him through the window into your bathroom
  280. >It took some work, and it didn't help any that your body was shaking from the adrenaline, but even so you had him halfway through that little window in record time
  281. >You hadn't the foggiest idea what the HELL he had been doing
  282. >At this point you didn't even care
  283. >You just wanted to get him in here where it was safe
  284. >THEN you could start asking questions
  285. >And possibly call the police
  286. >...Though, now that you thought about it, it may not be a very good idea to call the cops when you're about to have a half-naked high school boy in your house...
  287. >No
  288. >Don't think about that now
  289. >You have a teenager to save
  290. "Come on, Anonymous," you said as you yanked on his arm. "You're almost--"
  291. >Since he was a BIT heavier than he looked, you miscalculated your last tug and accidently sent him face-first into your shower
  292. >You were about to yell, about to bend down and see if he was alright, but before you could so much as open your mouth he was on his feet
  293. >He was soaking wet and dazed and he looked a little drunk, but he was on his feet
  294. >"I'm alright, I'm alright," he quickly said, looking around the bathroom. "My face took most of the fall, and I’m drunk so I can’t really feel pain all that much."
  295. >He looked down at his pitcher, which had somehow managed to find its way into his hand
  296. >”Hey, will you look at that, I didn't spill any of my wine cooler! This is a nice bathroom you got here, Ms. Celestia. Are those tiled floors?"
  297. >He took a quick step away from you, looking down
  298. >"...Yep, those are tiled floors," he said, nodding his head. "Very nice. You know, I got the same--"
  299. >Seeing what he was trying to do, you frowned
  300. "Anonymous. Just WHAT do you think you were doing on that ladder?" you demanded. "In fact, what were you doing on my property?!"
  301. >Anonymous, frowning, looked down at his feet before looking back up at you
  303. >"I was next-door at a sleepover. We all saw you turn on the light, and one of the guys at the sleepover said that this was your house, so I decided to come over to see if I could take a few naked pictures of you or possibly of your sister. And maybe borrow a pair of your panties to do dirty things to"
  304. >Your frown deepened
  305. "Do you honestly expect me to believe such a pitiful ex--"
  306. >When his words finally registered, your mouth snapped shut
  307. "I, um... what did you say?" you asked, unsure if you had heard right
  308. >That was when Anonymous looked over at you, suddenly making you very aware that you were naked and were doing nothing to cover yourself
  309. >"Yep, I came over here to take naked pictures of you to jerk off with," he said bluntly, his voice slightly slurred, as his eyes roamed over your body
  310. >You opened your mouth
  311. >You then closed your mouth
  312. >You...
  313. >You honestly didn't know what to say to that…
  314. >What COULD you even say to that?
  315. >...
  316. >Were you angry?
  317. >Flattered?
  318. >Worried?
  319. >As you stood there, mouth agape, Anonymous's eyes traveled up and down your body shamelessly
  320. >You could see the hunger in his eyes, and his satisfaction at what he was seeing
  321. >...
  322. >Yep
  323. >There are a bit of flattery there in the midst of it all
  324. "I, um... why?" you lamely asked
  325. >Anonymous looked up from your groin and into your eyes
  326. >"Because you're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen," he said with that same bluntness, that same honesty
  327. >You could feel a part of your brain short circuit
  328. >But still, you could feel your chest puffing out just a bit
  329. "Well... You're still in a LOT of trouble... But thank you," you said with the smallest of smiles, covering your groin with a hand
  330. >The look on Anonymous's face as you did that almost made you want to lift it away
  331. >Almost
  332. >But he was still a teenager and you were a thirty-five year old woman
  333. >And momma wasn’t going to jail today
  334. >Still, the young man smiled
  335. >"Hey, you're very welcome," he said
  337. >He then looked past you
  338. >"Hey, what the heck is that?" he asked, lifting a hand up to point
  339. >You almost groaned
  340. >What now?!
  341. >You looked back, expecting to see someone ELSE poking his head through the window
  342. >You didn't see anything
  343. >But you did hear something that sounded like someone taking a picture
  344. >Whipping around, you saw that Anonymous was standing near your bathroom door
  345. >He was sipping on his manly drink
  346. >On top of his head were you panties
  347. >In his free hand was a phone
  348. >A phone pointed right at you
  349. >"Well, it's great seeing you, ma'am," he said, quickly backing up opening the door as your eyes widened. "Hope you have a good weekend. Sorry about interrupting your shower like that. Don't call the cops. Please."
  350. >Quickly snapping another picture, he quickly darted out of the bathroom and into the hall
  351. >"AlrightIgottagoseeyabye!" he yelled, his feet pounding against your wooden floor as he ran as fast as he could
  352. >He managed to take two steps before you heard a loud bang
  353. >”FUCK! Fucking stubbed my toe. Goddamn wall…”
  354. "Anonymous!" you shouted. "Anonymous! You get back here right now, young man!"
  355. >Of course, like you were expecting, no answer came
  356. >...Huh
  357. >A small smile came to your lips as you sighed
  358. >You then looked down at yourself, then at your reflection
  359. >Be Luna
  360. >A very tipsy Luna
  361. >A very angry, tipsy Luna that was rushing upstairs to see what all of the shouting was about
  362. >Half of the neighborhood was going to be knocking on your door if you didn’t stop whatever it was Celestia was doing
  364. >Honestly…
  365. >After the day that you had
  366. >What was she even--
  367. >”Oh, hello, Vice-Principal Luna. You’re looking wonderful today. Nice weather, huh? Don’t call the cops please.”
  368. >One of your students, as quick as a flash, bolted down your stairs
  369. >Your head whipped around--an act that nearly sent you falling down the stairs--just in time to see him race toward the door, throw it open, and dart out into the night
  370. >...
  371. >What the fuck?
  372. “...Celestia?” you called, racing up the stairs and into her room. “Celestia!”
  373. >Seeing that her bathroom door was wide open, you raced toward it
  374. “Celestia, I heard screaming and I just saw one of our STUDENTS run out the door! What the hell!”
  375. >You trailed off as you poked your head into the bathroom
  376. >There was your sister, buck-naked, smiling that smile
  377. >That smug, shitty grin that gave you a headache
  378. >...
  379. >Goddammit
  380. >You frowned as your sister’s grin grew
  381. >”Hey Luna~” she sing-songed. “Remember when a certain SOMEONE said that I would never get a man eating all the cake that I do? Remember when you got blown the fuck out that one time?”
  382. >Your sister rocked on her heels, sending her breasts bouncing
  383. >”Well, have I got a story for YOU.”
  384. >...
  385. >This was bullshit…
  386. >The MOST bullshit...
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