Fluffy Sheep, Happy Sleep

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  1. >Late at Night.
  2. >Come home from nondescript job.
  3. >Second job of the day.
  4. >Crash through the door.
  5. >Ignore dinner, need to do fatherly duties.
  6. >Go upstairs.
  7. >Open the first room to the right.
  8. >First Daughteru. Preschooler. Playing with a dollhouse and dolls. Call out to her and tuck her in. Read bedtime story. Falls asleep midway through. Kiss forehead and close door behind you.
  9. >Open the next door.
  10. >Second and Third Daughterus. Middleschooler. Twins. Staying in front of the TV and watching The Mamono League. Ruffle hair and power off the television. Pick them up on your shoulders and lay 'em on the beds.  Again with the forehead kisses. Shut off the lights, and go out.
  11. Wait a minute. Hear tip-tapping on the floor. Hear the tv getting turned on.Reach above the doorframe. Press switch. Sound stops.
  12. >Open door, and tell them goodnight. Close door.
  13. >Go to last door on the right.
  14. >Open door. Fourth Daughteru. Highschooler. Legal. Everything is alright. Sleeping soundly. Good. Pull up covers. Grab newest boyfriend by the collar of his shirt. Pull him off your daughter. Drag him on the floor. Open Window. Take a deep breath of the cold night air.
  15. >Throw that fucker out into the rose bushes. He'll be fine.
  16. >She ain't having no punk staying overnight as long as you're alive and kicking. Especially ones you didn't even get to meet.
  17. >Oh well.
  18. >Pet daughteru head to calm down. Works like a charm.
  19. >Close door.
  20. >Go to the room on the left.
  21. >See Waifu. See Fifth Daughteru. See cradling. Heart Warms. This is what you work and live for.
  22. >Yawn, change and get in bed. You never got used to her effect, surprisingly. Feel warm lips on your own, and then on your forehead.
  23. >Feel Happy.
  24. >Fall Asleep.
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