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  1. Ted Frank ( wrote:
  3.     > The purpose of trolling is not to "deliberately start a flame
  4.     > war".  Deliberately starting a flame war is flame-baiting, and
  5.     > requires absolutely no intelligence to post something obscene
  6.     > that'll get people mad.
  7.     >
  8.     > Trolling is more subtle. It's a tactic to discourage flaming,
  9.     > by posting intelligently and cleverly crafted (but marked)
  10.     > inaccuracies; someone attempting to flame a posted troll finds
  11.     > that he has acted too rashly and has succeeded only in making
  12.     > a fool of himself. It's a device to teach people not to
  13.     > immediately hit "F" to demonstrate how superior they are to
  14.     > the great unwashed uninformed. It reinforces netiquette;
  15.     > compare flame-bait, which encourages the breakdown of
  16.     > netiquette.
  17.     >
  18.     > A good troll is an impressive thing.
  19.     >
  20.     > Anyone can start a flamewar. Go to group X and post "X
  21.     > SUCKS!!!!". Trolling is much more difficult.
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