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  1. sudo apktool d -f -o payload /root/greenefy.apk
  2. Apktool v1.5.2 - a tool for reengineering Android apk files
  3. Copyright 2010 Ryszard Wiśniewski <>
  4. with smali v1.4.1, and baksmali v1.4.1
  5. Updated by @iBotPeaches <>
  6. Apache License 2.0 (
  8. Usage: apktool [-q|--quiet OR -v|--verbose] COMMAND [...]
  10. COMMANDs are:
  12.     d[ecode] [OPTS] <file.apk> [<dir>]
  13.         Decode <file.apk> to <dir>.
  15.         OPTS:
  17.         -s, --no-src
  18.             Do not decode sources.
  19.         -r, --no-res
  20.             Do not decode resources.
  21.         -d, --debug
  22.             Decode in debug mode. Check project page for more info.
  23.         -b, --no-debug-info
  24.             Baksmali -- don't write out debug info (.local, .param, .line, etc.)
  25.         -f, --force
  26.             Force delete destination directory.
  27.         -t <tag>, --frame-tag <tag>
  28.             Try to use framework files tagged by <tag>.
  29.         --frame-path <dir>
  30.             Use the specified directory for framework files
  31.         --keep-broken-res
  32.             Use if there was an error and some resources were dropped, e.g.:
  33.             "Invalid config flags detected. Dropping resources", but you
  34.             want to decode them anyway, even with errors. You will have to
  35.             fix them manually before building.
  37.     b[uild] [OPTS] [<app_path>] [<out_file>]
  38.         Build an apk from already decoded application located in <app_path>.
  40.         It will automatically detect, whether files was changed and perform
  41.         needed steps only.
  43.         If you omit <app_path> then current directory will be used.
  44.         If you omit <out_file> then <app_path>/dist/<name_of_original.apk>
  45.         will be used.
  47.         OPTS:
  49.         -f, --force-all
  50.             Skip changes detection and build all files.
  51.         -d, --debug
  52.             Build in debug mode. Check project page for more info.
  53.         -a, --aapt
  54.             Loads aapt from specified location.
  56.     if|install-framework <framework.apk> [<tag>] --frame-path [<location>]
  57.         Install framework file to your system.
  59. For additional info, see:
  60. For smali/baksmali info, see:
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