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  3. * Battle the demonic scorpions and dretches
  4. * Talk to Gideon
  5. * Sermon on the justice of Zariel / He’s a devout follower
  6. * Tells of humans going into the chapel ossuary
  7. * Let’s the party go down / tells them if they come back with/as demons he’ll kill them
  8. * Leaves a Mezzoloth to guard the stairs
  9. * Louie runs back up and checks the funeral side of the chapel - says a quick prayer to torm and is given magical version of his sword
  10. * Party descends
  13. * Find room with Helm of Torm’s sight missing
  14. * Finds ossuary and symbol of the gods — all corrupted by demons
  15. * Louie holy water set them off
  16. * Party Takes a break and ponders in the meditation room
  17. * Bad thoughts and reflection on gideon’s words about Zariel
  18. * Find Duke R
  19. * Try and remove crown
  20. * Duke R muttering celestial and abyssal
  21. * Demon portal and water
  24. * Minotaurs of Baphomet break through and charge
  25. * 1/2 party feels the madness of Baphomet
  26. * Anamarites blast lightning
  27. * Parcival and Virkuriel go down
  28. * Mera on back of Anamarite
  29. * Mael rages against Minotaurs
  30. * Louie cuts one in half (he’s really mad)
  31. * Kairon blows up another
  32. * Demons exploding ichor
  33. * Mera’s ears grow wings
  34. * Parvicals face and skin gets scaly
  35. * Virkuriel leg get gangly and longer
  36. * Duke R covered also
  37. * Spells start looking different
  38. * Portal unable to be closed
  39. * Pull Duke away - unresponsive still
  40. * Questioned on stairs by Gideon
  43. * Brought back to High hall
  44. * Ritual of Returning
  45. * Louie is able to grab the sword
  46. * Mael holds sword during ritual
  47. * Parvival read ritual
  48. * Minor demonic spirits attack
  49. * Duke R returns / exercised
  52. * Somehow conduit to Torm was corrupted and the demons used it to open the portal - no one is quite sure how
  53. * Duke R relays the story of the spirit journey he undertook while wearing the Helm of Torm’s Sight
  54.     * In his spirit journey, Ravengard saw a bloodied woman in armor — a soldier wearing the colors and crest of Elturel — grasping a longsword fit for an angel. Fresh blood streamed from a nasty cut on the woman’s cheek.
  55.     * Flying next to the woman was a small, golden elephant with rapidly fluttering wings.
  56.     * As an enormous, loping demon threatened to devour the woman, she plunged the sword into the ground while the winged elephant made a trumpet sound with its trunk. The demon was hurled back as an alabaster palace rose up around the sword. The winged elephant fled and took to the red sky of Avernus, where it watched as a bloody scab grew up from the ground to engulf the palace and the enormous demon.
  57.     * The winged elephant fled and wandered in a delirium before coming upon two odd, birdlike humanoids dressed in patchwork armor and standing next to a strange infernal vehicle. The bird creatures were equipped with odd weapons and tools.
  58.     * As Ravengard recounts the vision, Lulu remembers helping one of the Hellriders plant Zariel’s sword in the ground and raise an impenetrable fortress around it.
  59.     * Lulu remembers
  60.     * “Zariel’s most loyal Hellrider, Yael, took the sword and plunged it into a rock. I called on every ounce of goodness in my heart to raise a shield around it — a fortress against evil.”
  61. * Both Ravengard and Lulu are convinced that the Sword of Zariel is the key to saving Elturel
  62. * Lulu flaps her wings in excitement at the final part of his story as she remembers meeting a pair of “bird folk” named Chukka and Clonk.
  63. * Lulu remembers that the birds took her to a junkyard called Fort Knucklebone, where they built and repaired infernal vehicles designed to move quickly across the blasted wastelands of Avernus. Lulu doesn’t remember who ran the fort or what other creatures she met there.
  66. * Lulu flies up and spots fort 10 miles from Elturel
  67. * Duke R and Reya will stay and try and keep Elturel safe as long as possible with
  68. * How to get off the floating city safely
  69. * Louie scours city for materials
  70. * You with everyone’s help build rough hot air balloon out of old ship sails — takes the day / build goes well but hard to say how long it will late
  71. * Kairon uses remove curse to remove the demon ichor effects
  72. * Mael using his fire ability to heat the air and make it float
  73. * Lulu pushes from behind
  74. * Float out over the side of the city and start to descend
  75. * See the blood war below
  76. * One of the main generals — a Pit fiend —  looks up and see you floating away and meteors streak across the sky
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