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SCP-Facility Server 6

SCP-Facility Jul 22nd, 2019 2,132 Never
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  1. <color=#add8e6ff><size=40><b>SCP-Facility #6</b></size></color> <size=40><color=#ffff00ff>-</color> <color=#ffa500ff>Premium</color></size>
  3. <color=#add8e6ff><size=30>RULES</color><color=#ffff00ff>:</size></color>
  4. <size=25>You can find our rules on either our <color=#ffff00ff><link="https://discord.gg/eqjquTZ">Discord</link></color> or <color=#ffff00ff><link="https://scpfacility.uk">Website</link></color>, please read them, they are strict, but easy to follow and provides a smooth playing experience for the community. Not following or breaking these rules will result in temporary and / or permanent bans.</size>
  6. <color=#add8e6ff><size=30>SERVER #6'S FEATURES</color><color=#ffff00ff>:</color></size>
  7. <size=25><color=#ffff00ff>-</color> 914 Held Items (Allows you to upgrade items that you are holding in 914 without dropping them)</size>
  8. <size=25><color=#ffff00ff>-</color> You can change class in 914 by using the five settings it offers. For example: A class D can transform into a scientist by putting themselves on <u>very fine</u></size>
  9. <size=25><color=#ffff00ff>-</color> Auto Nuke after 25 Minutes
  11. <size=25><color=#add8e6ff>Have fun while on the server!</color></size>
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