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  5. "The Lion King: Full Circle", by Leon Sakau is a fan-tribute to "The Lion King"
  6. saga, created by Walt Disney Pictures. No monitary gain was made nor intended
  7. by its creator and its purpose is purely that of entertainment. Do not sell,
  8. rent or otherwise profit from this video.
  10. By watching it, you agree to own all three "The Lion King" movies on
  11. Video or DVD.
  15. Part 1:
  16. Part 2:
  17. Part 3:
  18. Part 4:
  19. Part 5:
  20. Part 6:
  21. Part 7:
  22. Part 8:
  23. Part 9:
  28. This is a full list of every edit I made to the movies. There are actually more than
  29. you might think. I won't go into details about certain 'tricks' used, but these are
  30. the major changes done.
  34. - Disclaimer.
  35. - A cool quote by William Blake.
  36. - Switched the Disney logo, added my name.
  37. - Changed title card, added swooshing sound.
  38. - After "The Morning Report" scene, I swtich to the first "Timon" bit, where
  39. I removed the original voice over, added "African Journey" by Dead Can Dance
  40. as background music.
  41. - Removed tumbleweed, removed more of Timon's voice over.
  42. - After, "Try to make this one work," I go back to Scar and Simba's scene.
  43. - After "I Just Can't Wait To Be King", back to Timon's story.
  44. - When the hyenas chase Uncle Max, I removed the Timon/Pumbaa 'cinema' bit.
  45. - After Timon leaves, go back to Simba and Nala, extended music for smoother
  46. transition.
  47. - After the "stars" scene, go back to Timon.
  48. - Edited out the Timon/Pumbaa 'cinema' joke, played around with video to make
  49. the transition smoother. Hard bit.
  50. - Removed the too slapstick "It's hard to think with all this music." joke.
  51. - Removed Timon/Pumbaa 'cinema' joke when they're screaming.
  52. - After they approach Pride Rock, back to "Be Prepared" scene.
  53. - Changed the stampede drastically. Added Timon and Pumbaa in the gorge, then
  54. added a shot of them running, them both of them flying off.
  55. - After the "A New Era" scene, back to Timon and Pumbaa waking up in the river.
  56. - Removed Timon/Pumbaa 'cinema' joke, made the transition with the moon and Pumbaa's
  57. eye.
  58. - Removed 'sing along' scene.
  59. - Made the transition from LK 1/2 to LK1 in the desert.
  60. - After "Slimy, yet satisfying", cut to Simba/Timon/Pumbaa in the jungle.
  61. - Played more of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" over the growing up montage.
  62. - After Simba goes back and Nala wakes Timon/Pumbaa up, I removed "Who's the monkey?"
  63. line, since it contradicts with previous bits.
  64. - After Nala explains, I go back to LK 1/2 where she re-explains to give way to
  65. the Timon and Pumbaa scene where Timon stays in the jungle.
  66. - After Timon is left alone, back to Simba running in the desert.
  67. - Then back to Timon/Rafiki.
  68. - After Timon decides to go back, cut to him finding Pumbaa in the desert (I'm aware
  69. of the continuity slip, it was impossible to avoid).
  70. - Removed Timon/Pumbaa 'cinema' joke in the desert.
  71. - Removed Timon's voice over, replaced it with the "Busa" music.
  72. - During the "Circle of Life" reprise, I removed a small bit of the close-up to Pride
  73. Rock, then removed the "Circle of Life" lyrics for the "He Lives In You (Reprise)"
  74. version from the musical to give way to the opening of LK2.
  75. - LK2's opening was severely trimmed.
  76. - Removed LK2's title card.
  77. - When Kiara is looking at the outlands, I removed one of the two identical close-ups
  78. before she goes "I wonder what's out there?"
  79. - Played around with the video to add Nuka's deleted final line, "Well, I finally got
  80. your attention, didn't I?"
  81. - For a completely arbitrary reason, the stupid thing decided to mess up one frame in
  82. renderig.
  83. - Added a Lazy Lion Music remix from previous tracks called "Scar's Shadow" over Nuka's
  84. death all the way to Simba's scene when Kiara finds him.
  85. - After Simba jumps down to help Kiara when the river dam breaks, I added the unreleased
  86. Hans Zimmer track "Hyenas".
  87. - Played around with the video to add Zira's deleted final lines to make her suicide a little
  88. bit more obvious.
  89. - Changed the music to Audio Machine's "Gone Forever (no vocal)".
  90. - Changed the SFX of Rafiki's cane shaking.
  91. - Added an intro to "King of Pride Rock".
  92. - Changed music to "Finale" from "The Festival of The Lion King".
  93. - Added a flashback bit to complete the whole 'circle' thematic.
  94. - Removed "We are one". I'd rather have the movie's final line be "Well done, my son."
  95. - Changed credits during "Busa" bit.
  96. - Added credits for all three movies with different tracks. The tracks, in order, are "Lala" from
  97. "Rhythm of the Pridelands", "We Are One (end)", "He Lives In You" by Tina Turner, "The
  98. Lion Sleeps Tonight" and, finally, "One By One" from the Musical.
  99. - Added a dedicatory.
  100. - Added acknowledgements.
  101. - Closing title.
  102. - End disclaimer.
  104. Please enjoy the movie. If you like, do help promote by rating and commenting.
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