Southern Point (Stalker) (TQ)

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  1. Name: Southern Point
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Race: Earth Pony
  4. Class: Stalker
  5. Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  6. Skills:
  7. -Tough/Strong (Racial)
  8. -Earth Pony Way: Trap (Bonus Racial)
  9. -Unseen Foe (Multiclass)
  10. -Camouflage (Upgrade Bonus)
  11. -Trap
  12. -Backstab
  13. CM: A knitted beer koozie
  14. -Talent: Any enemy wrangled by Trap becomes a Minion* instead of going Helpless. If all Minion slots are full, Trapped foes go Helpless as normal.
  15. H/W: 6/6
  16. Items:
  17. -Magic light wire coil w/ sewing needle (regenerates when severed) (Ranged) (Can be used to grab close things)
  18. -Antique glasses
  19. -Ye olde rolling dresser with key (fashionable clothes + sewing equipment)
  20. -Ye olde hoofbag (with iron base) (Great)
  21.     -50,000 Bits
  24. DRESS
  25. -Inure: Sunlight
  26. -1 extra Hit
  27. BANGLE
  28. -Inure: Bladed Weapons
  29. -Inure: Fire
  32. -Repel: Blast
  34. >Old Cloaking Device
  35. >Recharge 3, instant, on a success if you roll a critical failure, can negate the penalties by slipping away unseen for a few moments (though the action still fails).
  36. >New Cloaking Device
  37. >You carry one curious device that renders one thing invisible. You cannot make another, but then, you probably won’t lose the one you have either. Anything the device is placed on and activated disappears from sight as if it had Stealth. This can affect living beings as well as objects. Cloaked things can only be found by touching them, or otherwise knowing where they are (for instance, by remembering where you left them or by smelling them).
  39. Upgrades:
  40. Camouflage
  41. -Magician's sheet (Invisible on one side) ('Borrowed' from a customer that was too shy to pick it up after dropping it off)
  42. +2 to Trap; Trap blocks the attack which activates it, nullifying all effects. This also applies to ranged and magic attacks
  43. -Extra-large wire coil for more magic wire carrying
  45. Appearance: White coat, mane with a auburn base and orange, yellow, and beige stripes, auburn eyes
  46. Manestyle refs:
  47. Default is a combo of:
  50. Alternate:
  55. *Does not count as mind control
  57. Name: Copper Conduit
  58. Gender: Female
  59. Race: Diamond Dog (corgi)
  60. Class: Sapper
  61. Skills:
  62. -Burrowing (Racial)
  63. -Gem Hunter (Bonus Racial)
  64. -Cloaking Device (Multiclass)
  65. -Masterwork Equipment
  66. Talent: Masterwork Equipment can be used to create an ordinary weapon with the normal MW rules, OR a piece of equipment with only one of the following passive effects
  67. >Drain X (Absorbs Damage from X, where X is a specific type of attack; the Damage X would have done is restored as Hits to the user. Wounds are restored if Hits are full. Restores only 1 Wound unless Damage is at least twice that of the user's Max Hits.)
  68. >Repel X (Reflects Damage from X back to attacker)
  69. >Recycle X (Nullifies Damage from X, and applies X's roll bonus to user's next action)
  71. *6 hours are required to make one of these items
  72. HP: 16
  73. Items:
  74. -Cool shades
  75. -Scrappy brown poncho
  77. Appearance: Ruddy red coat with flecks of black in the coat, bat ears, grayed eyes. A little shorter than the average dog
  79. Character notes:
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