Interigating the Archibishop Mar.25.2019

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  1. EzekielHarbinger: He wasn't entirely sure how many days had past since Anon's attack at the coven hall, he had used every ounce of energy he had that night and it took a lot for him to recover as it seemed, the entire time he was recovering Kali had never once left his side, Ray felt like she knew something as to what happened, but wouldn't speak of it, at least not yet. Even after he had finally woken from the torpor like state she insisted on staying with him until he was fully recovered, but after everything that happened, he couldn't shake the blood thirsty thoughts that flowed through his mind, at least one good thing came from such an energy drain, he was no longer mentaly connected to Raven, in turn no longer connected to Kali or Raven's mate for that matter, allowing him to stew on the anger without effecting others. He couldn't sit still another night, even the hunts he had been on didn't help it seemed, but he was certain he knew something that would, he'd pull on his boots and tightened the laces just enough to keep them on his feet before making his way down the steps from his bedroom into the living room space of his appartment, the icy blue hues scanning the room for the mage as he crossed the floor towards the door.
  2. DeviousMiskreent: Indeed, Kali hadn't left Ray's side for days, and as such, neither had her infant daughter, Endrea. They had effectively 'moved in' as Kali watched over Ray, to make sure he didnt die from the strange blast of energy that he had used against Anon. She was actually sitting on the couch, feeding the babe with a bottle as Ray got up and started moving around. She had planned for this though, knowing that neither Raven nor Ray ever stayed down for long, unless they wanted to, and the child's nurse was standing in the corner not too far away. Seeing him gearing up, Kali would look up from her daughter and in his direction. "And where do you think your going?" she asked him, her voice soft but holding concern, which was unusual for her. Before they had vanished, Kali was cold to the world and everyone in it, almost emotionless like the demons she summoned. But with the loss of the contracts, much of her own personality was showing through now, and to Ray it would be like she was a different person alltogether. --d--
  3. EzekielHarbinger: His steps frozen once he heard Kali's voice, the oddity of it was she actually sounded concerned for him, he'd turn and look to her and the infant in her arms, it was very strange for him to watch Kali care so tenderly for an infant, even struggled to allow his mind to wrap around the very idea that the infant was hers, she was the cold one between her and Raven, but since their return a great deal has changed in both of them. "Would you accept me calling it unfinished business, or are you going to insist I give you more detail than that?" he was more than aware of Kali and her child moving into his appartment, and it didn't bother him in the least, in fact he was greatful they were able to make a home for themselves in his place dispite the idea of the numerous amounts of weaponary he had stored here, he had received his fair share of dirty looks from the nurse mind you, like she truly didn't approve of the idea of Kali and her child living in such environment.
  4. DeviousMiskreent: Kali was actually  making small cooing noises at her daughter as she tried to take the bottle from the girl, who just made grabby hands for it and pulled it back to her mouth, her bright green eyes flashing up at her mother. The infant was unnaturally quiet, and rarely if ever cried or even fussed. Kali looked back up at Ray with a sardonic look on her own face. "I insist you tell me more, and if your not going out to feed, which I doubt you are because your just like Raven in that sense, then I will also insist on accompanying you" told him and waved the nurse over as she rose to her feet. "I need a break anyways, as much as I love Endrea, it's . . .different" she said as she kissed her daughters forhead and handed her over to the nurse. "Not a role . . I ever thought I'd have" she said softly, more to herself than to Ray in particular. "So . . where are we going?" she asked him as she pulled on her own shoes. --d--
  5. EzekielHarbinger: He'd grin and shake his head, he should have known she wouldn't accept such vague details, but he wasn't entirely sure where her mind set was any more. "Can't say I ever saw you allowing any one to touch you long enough to get pregnant in the first place." he'd spoke bluntly to her comment. His icy blue gaze watching as she pulled on her shoes and waited for him to respond, "To be honest, I wasn't entirely lying when I said it was unfinished business, but if any one would understand it, it would be you." He made his way to the door of the appartment and held the door open for her as, "The archbishop is still burried, and we still have a great many questions left unanswered, and I need to vent some rage before I'm completely devoured by my own blood lust." he'd smile at her coy like as though he said nothing wrong.
  6. DeviousMiskreent: Kali laughed darkly and shook her head "you are not wrong Ray . . " she sighed softly "I never was interested in any such lasting relationships, but there was a man in our kingdom that won my heart . . and then betrayed both Raven and I" she said, her eyes turning dark as she stepped out into the hall of the apartments. She listened to him explain their destination, a small shiver running down her spine. "Yes . . that man has quite a lot to answer for" she replied, shaking her head. She had little to no reaction to Ray speaking of taking his anger out on the archbishop. In fact, she would likely enjoy it herself. "Mmmm . . . just remember to leave a little something for Raven" she chuckled as they exited to the street. --d--
  7. EzekielHarbinger: Stepping out into the streets he had heard every word she said, but still couldn't quite wrap his head around the thought of Kali being with any one long enough to have a child. He had seen the slight shiver that crept over her frame when he spoke of the archbishop, though he wasn't sure if it was the enjoyment of the idea of what he was about to do, or the thought of the man still being alive, "As far as I'm concerned the Archbishop is mine, I will get every last piece of information from him before he meets true death, it's the process in getting that information that I know Raven has no stomach for." As ruthless as Raven came across to so many on the battle field, she truly had no stomach for anything remotely torture, that's where he came in, he not only had the stomach for it, but the know how on how to inflict the most pain and still keep the person alive for a rather long time. At the same time, Kali wasn't entirely off either, Raven would want something to answer her own questions, though after the night at the coven hall, he wasn't sure if she would be up to taking all the man's memories, not after seeing the disapointment she held when her mate gave her that look. "Raven's head isn't quite in the right place, she has a great deal to figure out before she can even begin to focus on something like this." he'd reference to her this 'pack'.
  8. DeviousMiskreent: Kali would nod when Ray laid claim to the archbishop. "fair enough, I can't even imagine the suffering you and the rest of the coven endured the last ten years Ray, and I would not deprive you of your revenge" she said, her eyes flashing with understanding and hatred. She had been held captive, suppressed by one of the demon lords, and she knew exactly what it was to take her revenge for such a thing. "And no, Raven has no stomach for carving of flesh, theres a difference there Ray. It wasnt the torture that freaked her out the other night, it was the method. But your right, her head is not in the right place. And it probably wont be for some time. Which is why Im the one vampire-sitting" she said and gave him a playful, teasing smirk. --d--
  9. EzekielHarbinger: "And here all this time I thought maybe you would have some answers for me as to what happened." he'd chuckle lightly back at her as they made their way through the city, heading in the direction where he had burried the Archbishop, and his more 'secluded' space. "I can't help but think you aren't the only one who had softened over the ten years you two were gone." His icy gaze was watching all around them as they moved through the city, catching a glimpse every now and than of one member or another of the street team he lead, "This pack of hers seems to have given her a sense of hope I haven't seen in her for centuries." even though his words softened, the tone that carried still held a sort of resentment almost, the thought that New York wasn't enough for Raven playing in his mind.
  10. DeviousMiskreent: She watched him as they spoke, but her senses were as open as they could be as she too caught more the familar 'sense' of the supernaturals around her. "Answers as to what happened? A lot has happened Ray, youll have to be far more specific. If you mean the difference in me" she turned and pulled her hair away from her face, showing him the left side with her tattoos. It would appear that almost 90percent of them were gone. "Ive lost a lot of . . contracts, powers as it were, . . . and what your seeing is me being more me than I have been in many centuries. The contracts, they cloud my own personality, mute it in a way. So before . . . I was more demon than human, now with them mostly gone, well .. Im that much weaker, but Im that much more myself" she explained. She would sigh softly and shake her head. "As for Raven and this . . pack. I wasn't around to see if form, or know how she came to be with them. We were separated for most of this last year. But it's nothing I haven't seen in her before Ray, and you have too. It's her desire to have a family, a real family. I used my magic on her again while we were . . .away. Allowed her to be mortal and to be pregnant with our lover's child. But  . . . her son was lost when we were attacked by these . . creatures. Demons of a sort, made of darkness and souls. I'm assuming that feeling that loss, she bonded with this pack of hers much more than she should have. " --d--
  11. EzekielHarbinger: He listened intently to Kali's words, and even furrowed his brows when he had seen most of the tattoos along her frame were in fact gone, the contracts she held for so long, the contracts that made her as powerful as she was during most of his existence, it was beginning to make more sense on her part, but the idea of Raven's loss didn't quite add up. "Raven had always desired a true family, I won't deny that, but some how it almost feels like she's been blinded to what she felt strongly about for so long, like she had forgotten about New York entirely, or what she was trying to accomplish here." He did rather enjoy his conversations with Kali, on serveral occasions through the centuries they had often gone out for a stroll or hunt and just talked about everything, their concerns for Raven or the city, one matter or another, though their relationship never went further than deep friendship, he always felt Kali was both the angel and demon on his shoulders, justifying the thoughts and actions he often carried. "But I was thinking more along the more recent events. That night at the coven hall, Raven's demonic side, it's never effected me like that before, and I don't know how to process it."
  12. DeviousMiskreent: Kali would let him speak his peace as it were, listening to his every word and worry as she had done often in the past. Her head dipping low as her eyes darkened. Her heart even skipping a beat as the guilt washed over her. "It's not that she forgot Ray. It's that I gave up. For you, for this city, its been ten years. For Raven its been a hundred, for me, even longer." she sighed softly, tilting her head back and looking up at the sky for a moment, her eyes slowly closed. "Something went wrong, too many spells and abilities were being used. Somehow my teleportation spell was interfeared with by shadowstep portals, and I can only guess a fae's Dream weave. Raven and I were sent through to a whole other reality, dimension, whatever. There was no way to recreate what opened that particular portal. Believe me I tried Ray. I tried for decades, but no combination of magic, portals, or spell components worked. Oh sure, I made it to other places, but never here" she said, a single crystaline tear slipping from her eyes. "After about seventy years of trying . .. I gave up Ray. I failed, completely. I even made it to Hell, but couldn't get back here from there, only back to where I had come from. It wasn't until we were attacked by those creatures, the Kinn they called themselves, that I found a way to transport Raven here. Somehow . . in the transition I think, she lost her son. It's my fault. And when I made it through, after fighting those damn things, and was still safely with child . . . I didn't want her to know, I didn't want her to have to face that pain, so I blocked off our connection and went into hiding. Thats how Anon found me. Broken and weak in the mountains." she shook her head and turned her face away from him. "I encouraged her to give up on ever getting back here, and she never did Ray, she always pushed me to keep trying, but then when I did send her back . . .and only half of her made it . . . I cant imagine what that did to her mind." --d--
  13. EzekielHarbinger: He'd sigh and shook his head lightly at her words, porccessing everything he could about what Kali and Raven both had gone through, the fact it was only ten years for him and a hundred or more for them, the idea of a whole other dimension, everything all weighed on his mind. "I have no doubts you tried, I always believed that you both did everything you could, but she still forgot, as did you. I can't truly say I can hold it against either of you, I can't imagine what you two had been through, I just know the battle has never ended for this city, not since she left. Instead of returning here, she was off with her 'family' of odd ball kindred, for what ever the reason may have been, leaving us here to deal with everything." his words only grew colder at that point, the pain he felt from the entire situation would never be justified in his mind, it couldn't, not without answers. They rounded the corner to enter the abandoned park space, still empty as the cool nights lingered as the seasons changed, "Anon will answer for everything he has done to both you and Raven, I've sworn this a thousand times over and I swear to it a thousand times more if I have to, for now how ever I shall just have to sufice with one of his pawns in this bloody mind game." He'd reached a bare hand over to Kali, a few small tattoos on either hand from his days as kine, and titanium rings on his fingers, waiting for her grasp. Once she took his hand he would enact the earth meld discipline and allow the earth beneath their feet to swallow them whole, taking them into the depths of the earth before leaving them standing in a dirt room, bracing all around the edges and boards across the ceiling, a circular seal and enchantments one both the floor at one end of the space, chains hanging down from two concrete pillars that were burried both into the ceiling and the floor, further enchantments around each shackle to ensure who ever it was they held, were not going anywhere. It was he had used the dirt to burry the Archibishop, placing him within the shackles just before the attack at the coven hall, his icy blue gaze lifting to examine the man before him, "Kali, allow me to introduce you to the former Archbishop of New York city."
  14. DeviousMiskreent: Kali stood accross from him as they paused in the park, and lifted her green eyes up to meet his icey blues. "The one thing she never did was forget Ray. Not once, not a single day in all that time. I know because her memories are mine and mine are hers. But at the same time we both believed that the entire coven had been killed. Anon has done that before to her, killed off everyone she cared about, killed an entire coven. But she didn't forget. And when she got here Ray, she was infected with some sort of . . parasite, a remnant of the things that attacked us. Yet she fought through that, found kindred that could help her come back here, to help her take back a city for a people she thought were dead. Question her methods, question her ties to this new pack, but dont ever question her heart Ray." Kali told him in a firm and accusatory voice. "The one thing Ive learned in all my time being tied to her the way I am, is her compassion and fierce loyalty to those she calls family. If she didn't have any hope left, if she had forgotten or given up completely, she never would have come back here Ray. But she did. She got strong, and she came back"  she told him before taking his hand and descending into the ground with him. It always made her a bit quesy, and she hated small spaces, but as she gazed down upon the captive Archbishop, her demenor changed. The hate in her heart grew and her eyes darkened, her hair begining to glow slightly silver even in the darkened 'room'  "I need to feed Ray . . make him afraid . . make him fear" she said, her voice turning dark and cruel. --d--
  15. EzekielHarbinger: He'd glance back to Kali as her demenor darkenedthe moment she laid eyes on the changed male, "Now that I can do." he grinned darkly at her before moving to the other side of the space, behind the man was a crank system that held the ends of both chains wrapped into a spool, taking hold of the handle he would turn the crank to lift the man to his feet, the man groaning as the movement seemingly woke him from a sleep, "Awe, I'm sorry, did we wake you?" Ray asked sarcastically, walking back across the room he would smack the man upside the head as he passed, making his way over to a small table off to the side, a few 'tools' laid across the surface, all of which were lined with silver, even a jar of deadman's blood sat waiting to be used. He'd taken hold of one of the smaller knives and turned back to look at the man, "You have a great deal to answer for, and believe me when I say, if I don't get the answers, she will." he'd point the casually to Kali as he spoke before moving back to the man and using the blade to cut the fabric of the shirt to peel it from the man's frame, his icy blue hues dancing over the flesh taking note of the scars. "Lets start with the easy shit, tell us your name." The archbishop would simply watch both Ray and Kali, the blood thirsty gaze shifting back and forth between them even as Ray removed the shirt from his frame, and still the man refused to speak, "Alright, guess it's not so easy." Standing behind him Ray would press the blade to the flesh at the man's back, slowly putting more and more preasure on it, allowing the sliver the burn into the flesh as it would begin to sink into his back, the man trying his best to muffle the growls that vibrated through his chest, "Name.." Ray demanded again, "Morgan!" the man finally shouted and Ray drew the blade from his back. "Was that truly so hard?"
  16. DeviousMiskreent: Morgan would spit and curse at Ray "Fuck you Ray" oh yes, this one knew Ray's name and his reputation. Kali leaned against the rail above them, her green eyes the color of late summer leaves in their darkened state. "I remember you . . you were sniffing around the Blood Clubs just before the attacks" she told him. Morrgan wouldn't be able to look at kali for long, her image shifting for his eyes only into first his most hated enemy, then his dearest loved one and back again. Kali was able to draw the information directly from his mind, her 'magic' giving shape to his fears. "We know you were taking orders from someone. And we will find out who. Ray there . . . he likes his toys, Me, me I like my magic" the mage told him in a voice that would creep down his spine. She would withdraw a handfull of her long silver hair, pulling it over her shoulder as she made her way down to where Ray was, and picked up one of his knives to slice a bit of her own hair and then a bit of Morrigan's hair as well. She held this all in one hand, and then used the knife to slice his cheek open, letting the blood drip down onto the hair in her hand. She smiled lovingly at him before retreating to a corner. What she was doing would take a few minutes, enough time for Ray to have some more fun. Morgan would scream and growl at her, trying to snap his fangs at her hand but missing entirely with the way Kali could move, it was almost like she were a ghost. --d--
  17. EzekielHarbinger: "Nah, I truly find no interest in men like you Morgan, you haven't the body for my tastes." as he spoke his gaze would shift over to Kali as she moved closer, grinning as he watched Kali play her magic out for Morgan, listening to her speak about their differences, it was true they had a different method to get what they desired from their victims, but they always got what they wanted, on a few occassions they even worked together as they did now, interigation was always much more fun when you had some one to join in. "You can always make it easier on yourself, we ask a question, you answer truthfully, and yes I will know when you're speaking the truth or lying through your teeth. Think you can manage that?"No matter what Morgan did he wasn't going to get free from the shackles that bound him in place, despite this knowledge he still tried to snap his fangs towards Kali as she took his hair and blood, Ray sighed lightly, "That's no way to act around a lady." He would slow push the silver blade into the flesh of Morgans back once again, the man screaming with the seering pain, "You will pay for anything you do to me you bastard, you and you're whore.", "Your attempts to piss me off are going to fail Morgan." he pulled the blade from his back and moved around to stand in front of him, "Want to know why?", "It doesn't matter, you won't get anything from me, you're only digging your own grave." Morgan snarled his words, "You can't piss me off any more than I already am, simply because my mind already filled with rage you couldn't even begin to understand." Ray's movements were so quick Morgan wouldn't even feel the seering silver blade slash into the front of his torso the 7 times it had, nothing deep enough to warrant severe blood loss, but the silver edge would prevent the wounds form healing, no all Morgan would have seen was Ray's frame moving ever so slightly before the pain would register in Morgans mind, and when it did Morgan's screams of agony would fill the space.
  18. ~~Mar.25.2019~~
  19. DeviousMiskreent: Kali grinned from her dark corner as Ray released a bit of his frustration on the ArchBishop and she worked to fashion the hair and blood into the sembalance of a doll. It was rough, but it didn't need to be perfect not when she had his hair and blood. Her own hair served as a magical conduit. She spoke a few words in a demonic language and grinned again as the tattoo just under her eye lit up, energizing the doll. Morgan squeeled as he felt the connection to the magic run down his spine, and Kali's silvery hair danced and twisted itself into what at first appeared to be long dreadlockes . . but in reality were demonic snakes. Her form taking on an aspect of the demonic magic she was using. "That . . THING might have been a woman once . . but it hasn't been in a very long time" Morgan spat in her direction. As Kali stepped forward, she would appear differently, her skin seemed scally, her eyes slitted like a serpents. "Awww . . is that fear I sssensse?" she asked him and took the doll by its arms, dancing it about a little. Morgan's form would twitch and pull, dancing along with the doll. His fear shooting up as he realized just WHO it was that stood before him now. "Now . . thats better . . resssspect and fear" she hissed at him. She took in a long, slow breath through her nose 'scenting' him, her eyes closing as she enjoyed the smell of his fear. "Not quite ready yet . . but we'll get there Im sssure" she told him. Ray would be used to the changes in her, as they had worked together before, how she took on aspects of whatever demon she was using, and would know too that she fed off of the fear of others. "I want to know Morgan . . .everything. How many bisssshops and knights remain in the sssssssity. Where they are hiding, their sssstrong holdsss" she told him, and wrenched the dolls arms backwards, making the backs of his hands touch behind his back with a painful POP in both his shoulders. Morgan would scream with the pain, struggling to get free and away from the demon shaman and her magic. "I . . .I wont say!" Kalis mouth flicked in an unhappy frown as she wrenched his arms back forward with another sickening pop. "Oh really? I can do this all night, and day, without gettting tired. How long will you lassst Morgan?" she sneered at him and went to lean against the wall, dancing the little doll as she did so so that Morgan was thrown this way and that against the silver chains. --d---
  20. EzekielHarbinger: Ray had moved from Morgan to place the blade back on the surface of the table while Kali had her fun, grinning as he turned back around to watch the amusement as Morgan tried to resist the magic that was now bound to him through the blood and hair Kali had collected just moments ago. The sounds of the sickly popping of his limbs and joints were practically relished in Ray's mind, the sadist bastard that he was rarely played these days, having to hide as much as he did over the last ten years made it near impossible to play out such desires, but now that the city was theirs again, he was ready to start having fun once more. He'd chuckle and shook his head head softly as Kali made the Archbishop dance about in his chains with her 'doll', "Morgan, you're more of a fool than I took you for, you could avoid so much just by answering simple questions with the honest truth and yet you chose to be ....... stupid." as he spoke he had turned back around and took hold of the jar filled with deadman's blood, opening it up and dropping large nail like pins into it, the ends sticking out a good inch or so from the thick red liquid. "And furthered your current situation by insulting Lady Kali on top of it, so weather you want to say it or not, you will tell us what it is we wish to know." with the jar in hand Ray had turned back around and moved back over to Morgan, pulling one of the nails form the red liquid as he spoke, Morgan's eyes widening just a touch, but enough Ray would have seen it. "The blood isn't potent enough to cause you to slip into a coma or nothing, but it will hurt like hell never the less." Ray grinned darkly, the icy blue hues deepening before he stabbed the coated nail into the stomach of the man that hanged before him, Morgan screamed out in pain as the blood along the nail seeped into his system ever so slightly. "How many bishops and kights are left in the city?" Morgan just hung there wimpering like a child before Ray stabbed yet another nail into the other side of his stomach causing him to scream out yet again. "How many?!" he demanded in a dark tone, "Four..." Morgan wimpered as the effects slowly crept into his system, "There's three knights, one bishop..." Ray peered back to Kali with a raised brow, a light nod to her to let her know there were only 4 of them left in the city, that much they knew.
  21. DeviousMiskreent: Kali leaned against the wall, her eyes closed and fluttering in extasy as she took in another long, deep breath through her nose. "mmmm almost there" she murmered as Morgan's fear of the deadman's blood spiked through him. She gave a feral grin. "Where are they hiding Morgan? And what are their defenses?" She asked. He would snarl up at her "Screw you you kine bitch. Without your magic you'd be nothing! The Sabbat has ways of dealing with your kind!"  She looked down at him, her eyes lowering to his face without her head moving at all, giving him a dark look as she pushed off the wall and approached him slowly, her movements very sinous and reptillian. The longer she held an open contract, the more likely the demon that owned it could take her over, the more like that demon she became. She reached down and pulled his hair back, jercking his head back at an unnatural angle. "I've never been human, thats where you all are undersetimating me" she told him as a whisper in his ear. Up close he would see she had two snakelike fangs forming in her mouth, and her tonge had grown long and forked. She used it to lick along his neck and shoulder and if he could, he would have pissed himself. "Ahhhh theres the reaction I want" she moaned against his throat. "But were not done with you just yet" she cackled and stepped back, drawing her sharpened nail down the spine of the doll, tearing the hair and exposing the blood within. Morgan would scream as his shirt and flesh were laid open magically down his spine. She would then peel back small chunks of hair, essentially flaying him alive. Morgan screamed and screamed and begged Ray to make her stop as she pulled rope after rope of skin from his back, making him look like a kindred yarn ball. But for whatever reason, he didnt bleed out, muscle, sinue and veins were all mostly left in tackt. --d--
  22. EzekielHarbinger: He hadn't moved from his place before Morgan as Kali moved in, taking note of the way she moved and how she spoke, her demonic contracts were always interesting to watch, but over the time they had worked together he had also learned when it was time for her to break that connection to the demon she used, or risk loosing herself to it, for now she was alright, but he would keep an eye on her as he always did. "No matter what power you think you have, currently, your nothing more than a play thing for Kali and I, and we don't play lightly with our toys." The fear that began to flow freely from Morgan filled his senses causing him to close his eyes for the moment as he took a great deal of pleasure with the scent of it alone, add in the screams of agony and the begging that followed as Kali went to work on the man's flesh with her doll, one would think Ray stood in pure ecstasy. Opening his eyes once more he would step in close to Morgan, his fangs already found his mouth as they lengthened at his pleasure, "You want her to stop?" between the crying and screaming Morgan would nod his head, "Than answer the questions, where are they all hiding?" More screams and pleads for mercy, "What are their defenses?" with Morgan's refusal to answer he pulled three more nails from the jar and stabbed them between the ribs along his chest in one shot, the amounts of screaming, crying and pleading that flowed from the man's mouth was about all they would get from him at this point. Ray had turned to move to Kali's side, speaking softly for her ears only, "As much as I enjoy the pain you cause him, it's time you close your contract." though she would undoubtly try to argue with him on it she knew it to be true. "You have so many questions that remain unaswered, not all of your questions are for me, and yet I'm the one being tortured to answer the ones you already know the answers to. Whose the stupid one now?" Morgan would speak in riddles between the sobs and deep breaths as he attempted to regain his composure.
  23. DeviousMiskreent: Kali leaned in as Ray brought forth the nails again, as Morgan's fear spiked once more she would breathe in deeply from the crook of the man's neck. Her eyes glowed a bright green as she fed off of his fear. Fear was what most of her demons fed on, and so she was capable of doing so as well, it made them strong, and they made her strong in return. She squeezed the doll in her hand as she fed, taking in all of his fear energies as he screamed one more time before passing out. "Pity" she moaned against his neck as Ray whispered to her that she needed to close the contract. Her skin hardened as the demon made its first pass at her, and she shivered. She wouldn't argue with him at this point, but focused on shutting down the contract. "A pound of fleessssssh" the demon hissed through Kali's throat. Her eyes opened and were a solid black, her hands shifting into clawed extensions as the demon took a single strip of flesh from Morgan's back and shoved it down Kali's mouth, chewing and swallowing with a sickening slurp. This was the 'cost' of her contracts, always a boon, and always a cost. Kali coughed and gagged as she came back to herself and looked a sickly shade of green. "Oh gods . . . I hate that bitch" she groaned and ran off to the corner where she was promptly very very ill. --d--
  24. EzekielHarbinger: He'd sigh lightly as he watched the demon take it's pound of flesh and force Kali to devour it, the cost of doing business with demons was about as much as he could sum it up to, though he truly hated to see Kali used in such a way, he understood the contracts well enough to know it was the cost. His gaze shifted back over to Morgan as the man had passed out after speaking his riddles, Ray's mind already a mile a minute as he thought over the words carefully, "What do you suppose he meant by that last statement?" he was sure he already knew but he wanted to be told otherwise to stop the doubt that grew. He moved back over to the table to set the jar back down on the surface, waiting for Kali to finish being overly ill from the flesh she had devoured due to the demon, pulling the nails from the jar and setting them down on the sruface on the table before closing the jar he couldn't help the thoughts that flooded his mind, his icy blue hues searching the space before him.
  25. DeviousMiskreent: Once she was finished, she would straighten up, a shiver running down her spine. She felt both stronger and weaker at the same time, and it always left her feeling a bit dizzy at first. Her hand braced against the wall to hold her in place for a moment until she felt the weakness pass. "I dont know Ray . . who else are you questioning?" she asked sarcastically, she knew full well he had doubts about Raven, but she also knew he knew EXACTLY what Morgan had alluded to. "Dont let him get into your head Ray" she told him and pushed off the wall before walking towards his table of tools. --d--
  26. EzekielHarbinger: "I don't think any one could possibly find space in my head any more, I often wonder if there is enough space for my own thoughts." he'd brace his hands against the table as he sighed lightly, trying to not let Morgan's words get to him, but with everything that had happened, recent or otherwise, it was hard not to. "He's not wrong though, Raven has been very vague on everything. Than Anon showing up, twice in a matter of days. Something ain't right."
  27. DeviousMiskreent: Kali's eyes flashed a bright green as she staed down at him, her skin and features slowly returning to normal. "She's always been vague. She does it to protect the people around her" she said, her voice rather cold. "But its her you want to question Ray, go find her. I didn't mean to knock Morgan out, but he'll be out for a few hours at least" she told him with a shrug. "Weak pain resistance for an ArchBishop" she commented off handedly. -d-
  28. EzekielHarbinger: He'd peer up at Kali as she spoke of questioning Raven, don't get him wrong the thought had crossed his mind a few thousand times over in the last few days alone, but the chance was always haulted when Raven's mate, Ceal, appeared out of no where. He'd turn to look to the Archbishop as she spoke of him being nocked out and shook his head lightly, "Most in such a position are there because they had others to do the dirty work for them, you should know that better than any one."He'd allow his thoughts to roam freely for a moment before holding a hand out to Kali, "Come on, I know you don't do well in such confined spaces, you could probably use some air by now." Once she would take his hand he would enact earth melding and bring them back tot he surface where they had started off in the park.
  29. DeviousMiskreent: Kali would nod as he spoke, and had actually managed much better in the small space than she would have before. She smiled wanly as she took his hand and they travelled back up through the ground. "no, I dont, and thank you" she told him, taking in a few gulps of the fresh, park air. She closed her eyes and took one last deep breath, grounding herself and sending out the extra magical energies she had gathered up so that she didnt overload. "I know you have questions for me too, about Raven's demon form that I didnt answer earlier. And to be honest, I dont have many answers. Whatever she did in New Orleans with that man she calls Death, freed her from the seal that kept that part of her heritage bound. That was the first time she's ever manifested such a form, or power. Other than that, I simply haven't had time to investigate it." she told him in all honesty. The one thing she had never done was lie to him. Not once in all the time she had known him. Which for Kali . . was unusual. But whatever he asked, she had always done her best to be open and honest with him. --d--
  30. EzekielHarbinger: He thought about Kali's words as she spoke of Raven's demon, something he had never truly been able to wrap his head around, "Her energy that night, the purity and raw essence of it, it was like it called to me, more commanded in a sense. I always knew that her demon blood was the same that flowed through me veins, she never with held that from me, but I had no idea it would effect me like that. The surge of such dark power, was overwhelming, even for me, I can't imagine what it does to her." his words were spoken with that intense truth, the cold truth as it were. For him power was never something that drove him, the call of the fight was the only call he had ever truly heard and answered on serveral occasions, but that night Raven took her demonic form in full, he couldn't ignore that energy let alone fight against it. He'd shift his gaze as it softened looking to Kali, a soft smile dancing across his lips, "Go on back home, rest up before your little one wakes, after that you need it."
  31. DeviousMiskreent: She nodded her head and tucked a strand of silver hair behind her ear. She looked much better now that she had fed, less pale, and her eyes and hair more vibrant. "Aye, and I doubt she expected it either Ray, I know I didn't. There's never been a hybrid like her before. And you and your . . siblings. . . are likely to share in a great deal of that power now that it's awakened in your line. I dont know how well you know your clan history, but Ennoia, the creator of the Gangrel line is rumored to be a daughter of Lilith, as well as the creator of the werewolves. That would make her Raven's true blooded half sister, and because of that Raven is descended from Lillith twice over. That makes her a powerful anything, and now that her lineage abilities are free and awakening . . theres no way to predict what she and you can or cannot do. theres no prescedent for this that Ive ever heard of." she explained lightly. "but you need to feed and yes, I need to get back to Endrea. Thank you for letting us stay with you by the way. I know its a bit of a nuisance but . . I wanted to make sure you were ok. Demonic energy like you channeled the other night can be rough, and hard to deal with. But you seem to be doing just fine. Endrea and I can be gone by the time you wake tomorrow night." she offered lightly. --d--
  32. EzekielHarbinger: "You needn't worry about moving out, it's about as safe a place as any in the city for you and the little ass kicker. To be honest it's been kind of nice to see you two as confortable as you are there, maybe not so much your nurse." he couldn't help the chuckle that followed, he truly found solace knowing Kali and her child were safe within his home, and the fact Endrea hardly ever fussed even in the slightest made it that much easier to live with the idea of them being there. "Take your time in finding a place Kali, there is no rush." He'd lean over and kiss her forehead softly, a gesture he was certain only he could truly ever get away with, well that and Raven. "Go home rest, I'll be back before sunrise." he'd smiled at her once more before turning and making his way through the darkened park.
  33. DeviousMiskreent: Kali smiled softly, and actually even blushed a bit as he kissed her forhead. It was strange, the nonsexual tenderness between the two of them. It was something she had never shared with anyone else, ever. Not even Raven and she shared that strangeness, it was odd, and . . . dare she admit it, nice. "thank you Ray. It . . means a lot" she said softly and leaned in to kiss his cheek. "be safe" she told him and turned back the way they had come to return to his apartment. -------end-------
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