MGSurvive Personnel

Mar 7th, 2018
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  1. Compilation of info on base personnel. Updated March 21
  3. If you have any additional info regarding anything below, please post it in the tread with the word "personnel".
  6. Stick your new recruit into any job. After a while their tooltip will change from "Evaluating..." to proper one. Once this happens, put them into each team and take a note of what the tooltip says on their input, disregarding the morale part. You don't have to wait for next cycle, tooltip updates instantly. Their previous occupation is a vague clue as to what they might be good at, but it's too random to be of real use.
  8. Skill levels are as follows:
  9. E - "poor"
  10. D - "not well"
  11. C - "modest"
  12. B - "some positive"
  13. A - "adequate"
  15. Wheter S is a thing is unconfirmed.
  17. For your convenience, rename your recruit to something like this - EEEEDD Kikongo. This particular shitter is "poor" in everything but defence and exploration, where he's "not well".
  19. Here are the stats for story characters:
  20. Dan - BEECDD
  21. Nicolas - DBEDCC
  22. Miranda - EDBDEE
  23. Reeve - DEEDBC
  24. Persistent Chameleon (non renameable Charon corps member your rescue during subclass quest) - DDDDDD
  26. Bug warning! Sometimes names might bork up and one of your characters (including non-renamable ones) can "adopt" a name of one of your other recruits. This is why it's worth it to add some random name after their rank, so you know when it happens. It fixes itself after reloading the game.
  29. Morale seems to not play any role in actual skill, as in it won't make someone jump from E to D. However, it certainly does affect overall team rank, so keeping it up is important. You have to make sure you have enough beds for everyone and enough shared supply generation to keep in positive. Even a little negative on food, water or meds will steadily drop morale for pretty much everyone. Topping off shared supplies manually doesn't counter this. In fact, mutualization facilities seem mostly useless, as they only bring up your max shared supply count and don't affect the generation itself. You can skip them, apart from maybe medical.
  31. Morale will also drop quickly for anyone who's injured. Heal them up in last tab of personell management menu when that happens. Injuries on team members affect shared resource production, even when team rank itself isn't changing. It doesn't matter what team they are in, unless they are out on exploration mission. It also seems to be affected by any perks a recruit might have, like a "Shy" guy getting all depressed because he is surrounded by girls. However, with steady long-term positive shared resources income and quick healing of ill/injured, morale will climb for everyone, including free spirits, which are notorous for their extremely low morale if they stay on one job for prolonged periods of time.
  33. Broadcast facility and shrubbery are rumored to improve morale. This is up for testing.
  35. Anyone dying during exploration will drop morale for everyone else.
  39. Base with all the farms and all the animal cages full (but no hydroponics) will produce enough supplies for 25 people, assuming C ranks in both Food team and Base Development team (which are rather easy to get). 26th person will drive food into -8, which will fuck up the morale. However, with Food team bumped to B, you can accomodate said 26th person. Anyone on active exploration mission will not use up tent space nor shared supplies.
  41. If everyone you have is at least C (with B story characters), you can achieve B-rank in all teams as long as you skip Exploration team completly:
  43. This is currently the most optimal end-game base build without using mass loads of manuals.
  47. Development: Certain ranks are required for upgrading gear. Reduction of repair costs is unclear, most probably only kuban and not mats. Keep at rank you require.
  48. Food: They improve efficiency of other squads and make them consume less food and water. High Priority.
  49. Medical: Reduction of injuries, medical supply consumption. Low priority, Miranda will probably do fine herself, Food team at B can bump her solo team to C. Same goes for solo Reeve in defense team.
  50. Base Development: Gets your shared resource production up. High Priority.
  51. Base Defence: Depends on wheter you want to defend personally or leave it to them. Be warned, they are shit either way and will probably get your rare animals fucked over. It's better to handle defense personally, so low priority.
  52. Exploration: At this point they seem to not be worth it at all. The resource return vs. investment is really bad compared to running teleporter outpost roundtrips. However, this is the only way to get rid of shitters. Stick your useless personnel on exploration mission without any supplies and keep running missions untill they die. Hopefully we will get a more humane way of getting rid of them soon.
  55. If you don't have any distress calls, either finish off some side ops and then talk to personell in base (FOB gets people when you are over about 20), or sleep for a day or two.
  57. For now, we don't have a lot of data to go on, but after compiling information from various people, here's how it looks.
  59. Survivor skills seem to be affected by your level, but even being 69 doesn't bar you from D rankers.
  60. Survivor skills don't seem to be affected by location of distress call or continent.
  61. Survivor skills don't seem to be affected by finding them during or after campaign.
  63. So far it doesn't seem anyone found any distress call survivor higher than C in anything. Keep an eye out, report if you do.
  65. However, if their looks are important to you, here's a tip. If you find them and don't like how they look, don't pick them up, ESC>Reload Last Save. You will start back before your teleported and distress will be there. The recruit's gender and looks will be different.
  68. You can upgrade their skills by using manuals rewarded during base digs.
  69. Each manual can only upgrade a single person once in a given team skill.
  70. A survivor can take as many as 20 manuals in each of the categories.
  71. A test was performed by one of the anons on an E ranked survivor with this result:
  72. At +1 booster he went from E to D.
  73. At +7 booster he went from D to C
  74. At +19 booster he went from C to A
  75. At +20 which is the max you can give he remained at B rank.
  77. It seems that previous occupaction either provides survivor with a hefty bonus on top of the rank you found them with or a bonus to skill gained from feeding them manuals. This was tested by feeding 6 survivors with medical occupation 2 manuals to get them from C to B, while survivors without previous medical experience took anywhere around 5-12 manuals to get from C to B.
  79. The manual boosting is currently in testing by various anons.
  81. Prioritize your story characters for respective team manuals, they are already B in their respective fields.
  82. Hopefully we'll encounter natural B/A survivors in the future, either through regular means or rumoured rescue missions. You might want to save manuals for those.
  85. All of the information is based on observations of anons and new data pops up now and then. I'll try to update this pasta if we find out anything else.
  87. BONUS
  88. Here's a spreadsheet with food buffs, so you can decide where to best use your meat:
  92. March 8: guide written
  93. March 9:
  94. Survivor skills seem to be affected by your level.
  95. Injuries on team members seem to affect shared resource production, even when team rank itself isn't changing.
  96. Added personnel name bug.
  97. March 11:
  98. Added 26 personnel info and Food team B rank info.
  99. March 12:
  100. Changed skill level letters according to latest info.
  101. Added more info on manual boosting.
  102. March 15:
  103. Added information on most efficient current base build.
  104. March 21:
  105. Added food buff spreadsheet bonus
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