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  2. Issue Date (pages)  Lead Story and others of interest
  4. 1994
  6. Feb. 28 (10)    Hogan virtually WCW-bound
  7. Superbrawl IV 2/20 card coverage
  8. UWFI runs one of the biggest grandstand angles in recent history
  9. Another bizarre turn in Lawler rape case
  10. Rambo vs. Love Machine suit covered in The Oregonian
  11. WCW stars make mainstream TV exposure
  12. Marty Jannetty fired by WWF
  14. March 7 (10)    Jerry Lawler court case settled
  15. Antonio Inoki & Satoru Sayama announce retirement
  16. Jim Ross’ contract not to be renewed by WWF
  17. UWFI grandstand offer draws response and controversy
  18. Line-up for UFC II released
  19. Lawler planning big “Memphis Memories” card
  20. Jim Crockett runs first TV taping for World Wrestling Network
  21. Ric Flair named head of the booking committee
  23. March 21 (20)** Rumor of $2 million offer to Tonya Harding by All Japan Women
  24. Double issue price  WrestleMania around the corner — news on this year’s event
  25. Japan TV situation is going through major negative change
  26. AAA 3/12 card coverage — largest gate in U.S. in 1994 so far
  27. USWA 3/7 Memphis Memories card coverage
  28. SMW 3/10 card coverage — WWF stars appear
  29. UFC II No Way Out 3/11 card coverage
  30. Ronnie Etchison & Eddie Creachman pass away
  32. March 28 (10)   WrestleMania X 3/20 card coverage — Bret Hart wins WWF title from Yokozuna
  33. Cactus Jack loses ear in match vs. Vader in Germany
  34. Vince McMahon drops lawsuit vs. Phil Mushnick
  35. Tonya Harding update
  36. AJPW TV situation gets worse
  37. Satoru Sayama to return to the ring
  38. Brian Pillman contract up in the air in WCW
  40. April 4 (10)    Vince McMahon steroid trial weeks away — viewpoint on the trial
  41. Hogan starts damage control on what may come out in McMahon trial
  42. All Japan women Wrestling Queendom II 3/27 card coverage
  43. Mitsuharu Misawa suffers neck injury — out of Champion Carnival
  44. Editorial on pro wrestling media
  45. Canek ties Flair’s record for most world title reigns
  46. Rick Rude regains WCW International title from Hiro Hase
  50. ~~~~
  53. March 11 (12)   Kevin Nash gives notice to WWF
  54. WrestleMania XII card finalized
  55. Sid Vicious announces he is retiring due to injuries
  56. Cactus Jack files suit vs. WCW over losing his ear in Germany
  57. UWFI & Pancrase both sell out recent shows — card results
  58. Lots of controversy this past week in Philadelphia with sports channel & ECW
  60. March 18 (12)   Johnny B. Badd quits WCW/Nasty Boys no-show/Steiners return
  61. Is ECW the next evolution in American wrestling?
  62. ECW 3/8 Queens, 3/9 Philadelphia card coverage
  63. AAA’s Pentagon clinically dead for 3 minutes due to drug and alcohol mixing
  64. Ric Flair arrested in DWI incident
  65. The Arizona Republic runs balanced front page story on UFC
  66. Brian Pillman shows up on WCW show
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