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Jul 25th, 2011
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  2. --- Log opened Wed Jun 22 00:24:50 2011
  3. 00:24 -!- Irssi: Starting query in anonops with Sabu
  4. 00:25 <Idiom> OK
  5. 00:25 <Sabu> hi
  6. 00:25 <Idiom> what did you want to chat about?
  7. 00:26 <Sabu> You hit me up ..
  8. 00:26 <Sabu> who are you mate?
  9. 00:26 <Idiom> well, you said it first... blackadder: you don't have
  10. to lurk... etc.
  11. 00:26 <Sabu> oh
  12. 00:26 <Sabu> haha
  13. 00:27 <Sabu> whats up mate?
  14. 00:27 <Sabu> good to finally talk to you
  15. 00:27 <Sabu> check out our latest track on youtube
  16. 00:27 <Sabu> its pretty good
  17. 00:28 <Idiom> i haven't checked it out, just skimmed the tweets,
  18. really
  19. 00:28 <Sabu> no doubt
  20. 00:29 <Sabu> well I just wanted to talk to you, see what you're
  21. about. whats your point etc
  22. 00:29 <Idiom> i see
  23. 00:29 <Sabu> and since you were in the channel I figure this is a
  24. good opportunity to talk
  25. 00:30 <Idiom> i had only noticed from grepping logs, really
  26. 00:31 <Idiom> too many throwaway nicks to maintain a hilight list
  27. 00:31 <Sabu> oh I see
  28. 00:33 <Idiom> in any case, i suppose i'll shuffle off this...
  29. glomming of data
  30. 00:33 <Idiom> i just thought i'd see what your invitation was about
  31. 00:33 <Idiom> i think my tweets explain well what i'm about
  32. 00:34 <Sabu> well I doubt theres anything interesting in the chat
  33. log. most of the good stuff happens privately
  34. 00:34 <Sabu> I understand from your posts that you don't like me
  35. for what im doing
  36. 00:34 <Sabu> and you feel it necessary to track me down / get me
  37. busted etc
  38. 00:34 <Idiom> put simply- lines were crossed.
  39. 00:34 <Sabu> but whats the motivation behind it? are you anti-
  40. crime? are you anti-anonymous? etc
  41. 00:35 <Sabu> I want a better understanding
  42. 00:35 <Sabu> ok which lines?
  43. 00:35 <Idiom> releasing email and password combinations for
  44. thousands of unsuspecting users rubbed a few people the wrong way,
  45. i think
  46. 00:35 <Idiom> before that, i was ambivilent
  47. 00:36 <Idiom> could've cared less, just spectated
  48. 00:37 <Sabu> yeah
  49. 00:38 <Sabu> I think that we could have done it a different way yes
  50. you are right
  51. 00:38 <Sabu> unfortunately let me give you my insight in the
  52. underground
  53. 00:38 <Sabu> did you that for the last year
  54. 00:38 <Sabu> hi5, stickam, baidu, and countless porn servers have
  55. been compromised root and database levle respectably
  56. 00:38 <Sabu> these databases are being sold and resold over and over
  57. 00:38 <Sabu> to spammers
  58. 00:38 <Sabu> thats millions of logins
  59. 00:39 <Sabu> if lulzsec had this breach, we would have exposed it
  60. 00:39 <Sabu> in the case of the spammers, they're blasting these
  61. peoples personal dox
  62. 00:39 <Sabu> selling and sharing it in the underground
  64. 00:39 <Sabu> You have .gov/.mil sites/databases/networks
  65. infiltrated logins being accessed. pentagon accounts being shared
  66. among foreign groups
  67. 00:40 <Sabu> in the case of lulzsec we expose it like the ballsy
  68. fucks that we are
  69. 00:40 <Sabu> in the case of lets say chinese government
  70. 00:40 <Sabu> they are using it to infiltrate our governements
  71. 00:40 <Sabu> I know you probably don't agree with my view point
  72. 00:40 <Idiom> i'm not an unreasonable person
  73. 00:40 <Sabu> but you gotta understand that we're doing exposure of
  74. these vulnerabilities
  75. 00:40 <Sabu> and the "lulz" part of it is more makign a spectacle
  76. of the entire situation
  77. 00:41 <Sabu> I think that if you and your friends would sit and
  78. talk to us
  79. 00:41 <Sabu> you'd see that in some cases we are as patriotic as
  80. you are in your fight against us
  81. 00:41 <Sabu> you're just not looking at it from an outside-the-box
  82. perspective
  83. 00:42 <Idiom> patriotism has dick to do with it in my case. this is
  84. a guarantee.
  85. 00:42 <Idiom> bringing to light underworld dealings, making a
  86. spectacle of it, makes lawmakers ringleaders in legislation we
  87. really don't need strangling us
  88. 00:42 <Sabu> point blannk: you rather these databases and holes be
  89. exposed publicly to get fixed
  90. 00:42 <Sabu> or get sold to the russian business network for sale
  91. and exploitation
  92. 00:42 <Sabu> but you can't have both
  93. 00:42 <Sabu> etc
  94. 00:42 <Sabu> now that you see what I'm about
  95. 00:42 <Sabu> do you understand a bit more?
  96. 00:42 <Idiom> i've read the pastebins
  97. 00:43 <Idiom> you've said as much prior
  98. 00:43 <Idiom> and i've understood your perspective
  99. 00:43 <Idiom> i'm just shocked you can have those feelings in light
  100. of things like ACTA, DMCA, Patriot Act, and all the other fun
  101. stranglehold legislation
  102. 00:44 <Idiom> should you ever get caught, you're going to be made
  103. an example, and we're all going to pay your price
  104. 00:45 <Idiom> i'm not trying to sit on a soapbox and speculate,
  105. this shit has already happened, and it can either stay the same or
  106. get worse
  107. 00:45 <Idiom> shaking things up... well, you get the idea.
  108. 00:46 <Sabu> well thats another issue entirely; our countries
  109. (us/uk) suffer from these unrealistic laws
  110. 00:46 <Sabu> and if we continue to support them idly we are going
  111. to prolong the issues at hand
  112. 00:46 <Sabu> we end up fucking ourselves deeper in the future
  113. 00:46 <Idiom> this is a definite
  114. 00:46 <Sabu> unfortunately its goign to get worse regardless thats
  115. what people need to understand
  116. 00:46 <Sabu> the #antisec movement is a way for the people to
  117. express that these laws are unrealistic
  118. 00:46 <Sabu> we either fight the issues now and try to fix it
  119. 00:46 <Sabu> or sit idly and let it get worse eventually
  120. 00:47 <Idiom> alright, i need to run
  121. 00:47 <Idiom> good luck
  122. --- Log closed Wed Jun 22 00:47:54 2011
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