Breath of the Wild: Amiibo and DLC, Filters and Tabs

dannyb21892 Mar 31st, 2017 (edited) 119 Never
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  1. This pastebin was written to talk about Breath of the Wild speedrunning as it relates to If you don't care about and just wanna do your own thing, then reading this will be useless.
  3. I will often speak about All Dungeons in the paste. I'm just using it as an example and I intend for these arguments to apply to all categories.
  5. Filters: Leaderboard modifiers which you can turn on and off to hide or show runs on that leaderboard which fit the filter criteria. By default, all runs are shown on a leaderboard that can use filters. A user must select the filters themselves in order to see a specific subset of the runs.
  7. Tabs: Divides the leaderboards of a category into two or more sub-boards that you can switch between via clickable panels. Runs submitted under a particular tab are by default shown only in that tab, keeping them separate from a run in a different tab.
  9. These two things are what we have to work with. has these tools in place for category subdivision, so we have to make do with what we have. Using them effectively is important, since the only other option is literally making tens of fully separate categories based on variants of just a few base runs.
  11. DLC is coming. We KNOW we are getting a new dungeon, we will likely get another main quest among other things. It will inevitably be argued that this new content should be included in runs such as All Dungeons, or All Main Quests, or the eventual 100%. Obviously, though, running with DLC would not be mandatory. So it will be compulsory for us to split the leaderboards for something like All Dungeons into two subcategories: DLC and no DLC. These runs have fundamentally different goals. One requires you to complete more game content than the other. A run of one should never be compared with a run of the other because they're not trying to accomplish the same thing. Here is the prime use for tabs. Both runs are All Dungeons and they should have some relation but they should also absolutely be separated. So in the future we can be sure that some categories like All Dungeons will make use of tabs to keep "DLC" and "No DLC" runs separated.
  13. We should only talk about how to handle amiibos with this inevitable future in mind. Some people think tabs are a good solution for amiibo as well. But runs of All Dungeons for example with and without amiibo (as different as the routes may be) both seek to accomplish the exact same goal. Complete the game while completing each dungeon. As such runs with and without amiibo are fundamentally FAR more related to each other than runs with and without DLC. Therefore it is more important for runs with and without DLC to be directly separated than it is for runs with and without amiibo to be directly separated. So I propose that the solution which makes the most possible sense is to give tab separation to DLC and to give filters to amiibos. Keep the runs which are accomplishing different goals (DLC) as separate as possible (tabs), and give the runs which accomplish the same goals in a different way (amiibo) the option to separate if the user wants to (filter).
  15. Some don't want amiibos to be a filter option because the routes are too different. Faster and slower routes of the same category coexist on pretty much every single leaderboard on New things are found which obsolete old routes, and the leaderboards reflect it. Amiibo and no amiibo runs are two ways to complete the same exact category and one of them is faster. They should coexist and those who want their time to appear at the top of the combined boards will learn the faster one. And if you want to compare to only the route you are running, then filters solve your problem. The only reason to have further separation is to get someone's name to the top of a separate board when it is only in the middle of the current combined one. And everyone understands that, but it's probably not enough of a reason to split.
  17. TL;DR
  18. DLC is by far a better candidate for tab separation than amiibos. If we commit amiibos to tabs now, then we will inevitably have 4 tabs in order to accomodate DLC later. So, the best way to organize leaderboards will be the following:
  19.                                                     Main Category
  20.                                                   /     (tabs)    \
  21.                                                DLC                 NO DLC
  22.                                              /     \  (filters)   /       \
  23.                                         Amiibo     No Amiibo    Amiibo    No Amiibo
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