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  1. Usage: conkyEmail [options]
  2. Options:
  3.   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  4.   -m SERVERTYPE, --servertype=SERVERTYPE
  5.                         servertype to check [default: POP] The server type
  6.                         options are POP or IMAP
  7.   -s SERVERNAME, --servername=SERVERNAME
  8.                         server name to access [default:]
  9.                         The server name should be either a domain name or ip
  10.                         address
  11.   -o NUMBER, --port=NUMBER
  12.                         Define an alternative port number to use other than
  13.                         the default for the protocol/ssl
  14.   -f FOLDER, --folder=FOLDER
  15.                         [default: Inbox] IMAP folder to check, not applicable
  16.                         for POP mail checks
  17.   -e, --ssl             Use an SSL based connection.
  18.   -u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
  19.                         username to login with
  20.   -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
  21.                         Password to login with
  22.   -t FILE, --template=FILE
  23.                         define a template file to generate output in one call.
  24.                         A displayable item in the file is in the form
  25.                         [--servertype=IMAP --ssl
  26.                         --folder=Inbox --username=joebloggs
  27.                         --password=letmein, --connectiontimeout=10]. Note that
  28.                         the short forms of the options are not currently
  29.                         supported! None of these options are applicable at
  30.                         command line when used in templates.
  31.   -i NUMBER, --mailinfo=NUMBER
  32.                         [default: 0] The number of newest emails to output
  33.                         'from' and 'subject' information for. Not applicable
  34.                         at command line when using templates.
  35.   -w NUMBER, --maxwidth=NUMBER
  36.                         [default: 80] Define the number of characters to
  37.                         output per line
  38.   -l NUMBER, --linelimit=NUMBER
  39.                         [default: 0] If above zero this limits the number of
  40.                         lines output for mail info
  41.   -q CHAR, --quote=CHAR
  42.                         [default: "] The character to use for quotations
  43.                        around the subject line
  44.  -c NUMBER, --connectiontimeout=NUMBER
  45.                        [default: 10] Define the number of seconds before a
  46.                        connection timeout can occur. Not applicable at
  47.                        command line when using templates.
  48.  -v, --verbose         request verbose output, not a good idea when running
  49.                        through conky!
  50.  -V, --version         Displays the version of the script.
  51.  --errorlogfile=FILE   If a filepath is set, the script appends errors to the
  52.                        filepath.
  53.  --infologfile=FILE    If a filepath is set, the script appends info to the
  54.                        filepath.
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