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  1. a<- c(159,165,183,163,171,154,165,173,182,157,166,169,169,161,153,169,178,154,170,165,155,160,162,163,148,175,170,155,157,157,172,158,165,163,169)
  2. n<- length(a)
  3. assign("d",1:324632)
  4. x= 0
  5. for (i in 1:(n-4)) {for (j in (i+1):(n-3)) {for(k in(j+1):(n-2)) {for (l in (k+1):(n-1)){for (m in (l+1):n) {print(c(a[i],a[j],a[k],a[l],a[m]))}}}}}
  6. for (i in 1:(n-4)) {for (j in (i+1):(n-3)) {for(k in(j+1):(n-2)) {for (l in (k+1):(n-1)){for (m in (l+1):n) {if(3>2){x=x+1; d[x]<-c(mean(b<-c(a[i],a[j],a[k],a[l],a[m])))}}}}}}
  7. for (i in l:length(d)) {print(d[i])}
  8. summary(d*324632/324631)
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