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P&G job application letter

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Jun 21st, 2020
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  1. The office of Proctor & Gamble recently posted a help-wanted ad for CEO.
  3. "Help wanted: a new CEO to replace our retiring executive Winston Smith. Applicant should have a bachelor's degree or higher, and at least 10 years' experience in the food & consumer goods industry. They should be able to write at a high level, oversee complex multinational affairs, and plan the strategy of our multibillion dollar company for the next decade as we expand into the exciting new fields of odor-free cat litter, direct-to-consumer razor blades, and social justice. Compensation is at or above industry average. Please send a 1 page resume for further consideration."
  5. The first application letter they received said:
  7. "|Dear Sir,
  9. I feel that I am the ideal candidate for your job, as I have extensive experience in the food and consumer goods industry and 10 years' experience in planning strategy for multibillion dollar companies. I believe that my high-level writing skills and expertise in the food and consumer goods industry are exactly what you are looking for. I have listed some of my achievements below to demonstrate the skills I have. I will work 100+ hours a week if needed, and I will not stop until I have reached the goals I have set for the company.
  11. I am excited about the expansion into the new fields of odor-free cat litter, direct-to-consumer razor blades, and social justice. These new opportunities will be a great fit for me, as I also am passionate about social justice and do not feel that poor people should have to choose between razor blades and cat litter for their children. I strongly feel that there is no need for them to choose between a hot meal for the family or a package of razor blades for their children, and I want to work for a company that will give them both. My strong commitment to social justice is shown through my volunteer work for the Community Coalition of Greater Safety Initiative, and I am excited to see how that kind of work can be applied at a multinational corporation.
  13. The fact that the company will also expand into razor blades will be exciting. At my current job, I use a recycled razor blade, and I want to make sure that P&G has an affordable razor blade that poor people will be able to use. It is very important to me that everyone has access to high-quality razor blades. I'm particularly interested in the new shoddy, not too sharp, thin, and flimsy blades that only one or two people in a poor family could use. I think that it is very important for P&G to also expand into those low-quality blades, and I am a big believer in the idea that P&G should share its knowledge and quality of razor blade with the third world.
  15. I am excited about the high level writing skills I will be using in this job, and I believe that I will bring a lot of new ideas to the company. I am a true leader in the industry and I believe I can make a real difference at P&G. I look forward to hearing from you soon."
  17. Another candidate responded with this letter:
  19. "Dear Sir,
  21. I am writing to apply for the open position of CEO of P&G. My name is Tom Marley. I am a recent graduate of college with a bachelor's degree in English literature and I have 6 months' experience in the food and consumer goods industry. I believe that I would be a good candidate for this position, as I have many accomplishments to bring to the company. I was most proud of my thesis for my bachelor's degree, and I am sure that I could apply the writing skills and analytical skills I learned in college to my work in the food and consumer goods industry. For my thesis, I chose to write about the original book of Pinocchio. It's an Italian story with only five sentences. That was a great accomplishment for me and I know I can apply that skill to the P&G corporation.
  23. I also worked for a day as a cashier at a grocery store, and I think I can bring my success there into my work at P&G. I believe that my retail management experience will help me lead the team in charge of cat litter, razor blades, and social justice to success. The director of that team will report to me, and I am confident that I can mentor him into a job where he can go above and beyond his duties to further the growth of P&G into the exciting new fields of odor-free cat litter, direct-to-consumer razor blades, and social justice.
  25. I want to learn all that I can about the P&G brand and I will be an open book to you. I believe that I have what it takes to help grow P&G into a billion-dollar company that is well known for selling high quality products that everyone can afford, and that everyone can benefit from. Thank you for your consideration."
  27. After receiving these two letters, the personnel department told the CEO that P&G would probably make a decision about the new CEO by the end of the year.
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