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  1. privet vadim
  2. kupit mne awp porzholuyste
  3. day mne vodka blyat
  4. yest semechki
  5. krichat vodka blyat
  6. remove kebab
  7. bolshe vodka blyat
  8. ay blyat
  9. krichat "yob tvoiu mat" blyat
  10. idi nahui
  11. xaxaxa
  12. prodolzhat yest semechki
  13. rush b no stop
  15. every instruction must end with blyat, this is equivalent to ; in C
  16. "" is a string
  17. privet  <russian name> : declares function <russian name>, function vadim is executed automatically on start (because he was amerikanski szpion in gulag)
  18. rush b no stop : end of function
  19. alo? <russian name> : calls function <russian name>
  20. kupit mne <library> porzholuyste : imports <library>
  21. day mne <name> : declares variable <name>
  22. yest semechki : beginning of loop
  23. prodolzhat yest semechki : end of loop
  24. idi nahui : exits loop
  25. remove kebab : equivalent to try in C
  26. ay blyat : equivalent to catch in C
  27. xaxaxa : end of try catch block
  28. krichat <variable> or krichat string : prints <variable> or string
  29. bolshe <variable> : increases variable by 1
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