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Jan 27th, 2014
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  1. There was a clatter from the throne room, Salazar Balthier ran in to find his king huddled on the ground, muttering to himself.
  3. “My liege! Are you alright?” The king’s guard hustled to the old man’s side. His tall frame needed to lower substantially to be by the king’s side. His dirty blonde hair was slicked back tightly on his head.
  5. “Back you fool!” Huffing and puffing, he rose to his feet. With a dagger in his hand the looked as though he was trying to stab himself, but some invisible hand was keeping him from doing so.
  7. “Sir, what are you doing?” Concern washed over Sal’s face, he feared for his king.
  9. “There’s a beast within me,” The king’s words held onto much anger and he seemed as though he were trying to force out each word. “A devil. I can’t let him be in charge of the kingdom. I’ve got to stop him.”
  11. Then it spoke.
  13. “You can’t kill me old man, your body belongs to me.” The devil spoke with the king’s voice.
  15. Sal pulled his sword from it’s sheath and held the large sword with two hands.
  17. “I’m sorry my king. I’ve a duty to the kingdom as well as to you.” Sal raised his sword high in the air. The king gave a nod against the devil’s wishes. The heavy blade sliced through the devil’s human host with ease, cleaving him in two.
  19. A frightened gasp seemed to echo through the chambers. Sal looked up and saw Princess Tohru. She held a hand to her mouth and tears flooded her eyes.
  21. Her blades sat on her back, Sal had been training her and she had planned for a lesson with him today, but upon seeing her father’s death she was filled with rage. She roared and drew her blades, no longer were they training blades. She ran at Sal, her teacher, her friend, her lover. She did not care what he was before, all she knew now was the he was her father’s murderer. A red rage filled her eyes and she swung her two blades deftly around Sal.
  23. Ducking and weaving around Tohru’s blades, Sal tried to explain, but no words seemed to get through to her. Tohru simply stared at Sal, her brown eyes never leaving his blue eyes. Within her laid a fierce, angry passion. He blocked or dodged all the swings he could, but in the end she got him. A wicked red gash formed, slicing Sal’s eye. He dropped his blade and backed up. Clutching his hand to his bleeding face.
  25. “Get out of my kingdom.” With a bloodied sword pointed at Sal, Tohru seemed to have a moment of weakness for her friend. “Should I see you again, I will kill you.”
  27. Wasting no time, Sal ran from the kingdom. He took no belongings except his blade. He slowly began to strip off his armor. All it seemed to do was remind him of his previous duties.
  29. Sal walked until his bones ached and his muscles burned, he walked until he couldn’t walk any longer and finally he passed out on the soft grass of the plains.
  31. Sal awoke to the sound of pleasant, husky laughter and the warm glow of a fire. Once he had gained his bearings he sat up and looked on in confusion.
  33. Surrounding the fire were many men, much more muscular than him, but about as tall. They wore furs and thick, strong jaws. They were human for the most part. One of them might have been a half-elf, but Sal could not tell for sure.
  35. “You are awake!” One of the burly men greeted Sal with a hefty slap to the back. “You were layin’ on the ground, out there for dead you were!”
  37. “I’ve had a rough day.” Sal said, he kept his emotions bottled up for the most part.
  39. “You are a warrior, yes?” The brute pointed to Sal’s sword.
  41. “I am,” with a shrug he added, “I was.”
  43. “Once a warrior, always a warrior.” The large man bellowed out a laugh. “I am Jor Tun, son of Jor Hon.” He was huge. He seemed to have muscles on his muscles. His dark red hair was braided and adorned with beads and trinkets.
  45. “I’m Sal, I never really knew my father.”
  47. “Not just a bad day, but a bad life, eh?” Jor Tun laughed once more, Sal didn’t think it was that funny. Tun pulled out a hollowed horn and a strip of cloth. “The cloth is for your eye. The horn is for the pain.”
  49. “Thanks.” Without even thinking Sal dipped the cloth into the horn and wrapped the wet cloth around his eye. It seemed to instantly dull the pain.
  51. “Now, drink with us, brother!” Jor Tun raised his horn and all the others did as well. They all gulped down their horns.
  53. The taste was bitter. Deep in Sal’s throat it burned and hurt. Then, he felt the hurt in his heart. The burning rage he felt for what he had done. He knew he had to kill his king, he knew it was for the greater good, but the man was like a father to him. And Tohru. How he had hurt her. He saw her rage. He understood her rage. He felt her rage.
  55. Sal roared to the sky as his anger built up. The other men around the fire joined him. They all seemed angry. Jor Tun turned to Sal, his green eyes flickering with the light of the fire. Sal could not help but act on his rage. He tossed a fist into Jor Tun’s face and Jor Tun repaid the favor. The two exchanged blows and soon they wrestled on the ground. Jor Tun pinned Sal to the floor and did what any barbarian would do to show his dominance to a new initiate.
  57. Sal barely noticed that his pants had been pulled from his bottom. He merely wanted to punch and kick Jor Tun more. He growled and screamed, he was unable to free himself from the barbarian’s grip. Then he felt Jor Tun’s large thick cock slip into his tight, virgin anus. He cried out in pain and Jor Tun gave a heavy thrust. The large head of his cock slammed roughly against Sal’s prostate resulting in a strange mix of pleasure and pain resulting in Sal’s member to grow. The anger that flowed through both of them seemed to make the feeling all the better. Jor Tun grunted and hollered like an animal as he pounded Sal’s ass. His cheeks were red from how hard the barbarian slammed into him. Sal still squirmed and tried to fight back, biting Jor Tun’s hand. Even as Sal’s teeth drew blood Jor Tun kept on forcing himself within him.
  59. It wasn’t long before Sal’s cock erupted with pleasure from his rough prostate massage. Thick white ropes of cum sprayed to the grass below him and he hollered out as it did. Jor Tun kept pounding away and it was much, much longer before he had come, but when he did, it was well worth the wait. Sal’s ass was filled with the brute’s warm fluids. The feeling of them pushing deep within him sent him over the edge and he felt his cock force out another few spurts of cum.
  61. The two collapsed to the ground and Jor Tun wrapped an arm around Sal, laughing as he did. The two of them were coming off of whatever rage filled liquid they ingested. Sal panted heavily as Jor Tun pulled some furs over the two of them.
  63. “Just what happened there?” Sal’s head pounded with the remnants of the rage.
  65. “That was your initiation. You’re one of us now.”
  67. Sal looked around the camp all the other men were either fighting, fucking or passed out.
  69. “You’re a hell of a fighter,” Jor Tun continued, “And you make great company. I’ll show you our ways and I’ll even enjoy it.”
  71. “You guys do this every night?” Sal was a little scared and a little more excited.
  73. “Aye, we do. And now, so do you.” Jor Tun smiled and fell the the ground, his arm still wrapped tightly around Sal.
  75. It was a strange situation, but Sal couldn’t help but love the camaraderie of these men. He looked forward to training with them and more importantly, the next night when they would rage once more.
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