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Feb 3rd, 2017
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  1. Okay, need to explain a few things since the events of the last few days are probably confusing to those who haven't been following. Though the clip at the end of radio graffiti is me, the context must be considered for any of it to make sense. On Saturday, I joined the inner circle discord shortly before Ghost left. At that time, he was discussing how there’s a global scientific conspiracy that wants the public ignorant to the “truth.” Shortly after making my presence known, he asked me to explain why the sky is blue during the day and black at night. In response, I clumsily explained that blue light is scattered by the atmosphere, causing it to change colour depending on the angle of the sun and the time of day. In response, Ghost compared me to Sheldon Cooper before going on to ask why he can’t make rainbows indoors and getting scared at moonlight bouncing of different layers of cloud, go figure.
  3. After he left, I expressed my opinion that not only was Ghost wrong about a lot of what he believes when it comes to physics (a few experiments from a children’s book can disprove him on a lot of it) and stating that I believed Ghost is a contrarian who actively seeks incorrect information, purely because he rejects everything from those he opposes. I also advised a lot of members not to fall into the groupthink mentality, as it does not support any free thought and is counterproductive in every way imaginable. If you’re going to make claims about the world that were proven incorrect by the very same people who’ve improved and extended your lives, the free-thinking man expects evidence to back it up, not a twenty-minute ramble about how everything we’ve discovered about light and refraction is all wrong because you say so.
  5. As it turns out, someone recorded the clip and only played a part of it Ghost during radio graffiti, cutting out the introduction and any meaning behind what was said. Also, keep in mind that I wasn’t alone in this convocation, a lot of mature and outspoken members backed up what I said and agreed that groupthink is the last thing we should allow in the group.
  7. I tried to join the group this morning and was immediately told that I was getting banned with no explanation, until it was later explained why by several other members who were all sympathetic towards me. Now it goes without saying that I really don’t mind if I’m banned or not from the group, it was going to happen one way or another. But the fact that I was banned for stating that groupthink is dangerous and people should openly express their opposing opinions without the fear of punishment just goes to prove that everything I said was right. Apparently, this is a heinous crime that must be driven from the group, as whatever Ghost says is the truth, and the billions of experiments conducted throughout history can’t disprove anything he states. You know, fair and open discussion has never brought anything good to the world.
  9. In a strange twist of irony and hypocrisy, the same attitude towards discussion that they criticize the left for (groupthink, the one mined, one directional US VS THEM mentality) is the same thing encouraged by Ghost. Since in almost every way, the group only seems to exist half the time as a second platform for Ghost and a way for his fans to fawn over him directly; nothing is questioned, everything is accepted. In a way, a group who payed 45-100 dollars to simply be closer to a man can be expected to reject anyone who questions his opinions, and as someone who witnessed this first hand in the paltalk days, it didn’t end well then, and it won’t end well for the inner circle.
  10. Within a month of the discord going up, doxing has already become mundane and openly accepted, things have become mob rule, and the mob decided to cut me out because I could see how it would destroy itself as it had before. In a way, the only reason I was in there in the first place was to monitor it, to see if my original conclusions for the future of the inner circle were correct. Being banned for stating my opinion has only gone to prove my original hypothesis true, I was right all along, and I’m glad I didn’t need to pay any money to find out.
  12. So if you payed money to join the inner circle, ask yourself if you want to be closedminded, letting one mind dictate your own, or will you actually analyse and deliver your opinions based on a collection of minds and theories?
  14. Since I can only presume Ghost is reading this, do you really think the inner circle will last at this rate? You’re already banning members for free-thought, how long until it starts to fall apart as it did in the paltalk days? There must’ve been a reason why you let me in the room without paying, but did you not expect someone who remembers the past to be cautious of the future?
  16. So no, I won’t be paying for access again, the chances me of returning to the room even if offered an apology is given are slim. You proved me right in every way, you’re a contrarian, you can’t handle someone having a voice that questions your own. But even if you decide to dox me, even if you send inner circle members after me, even if you take down this channel, what will you gain? Now, the actions of you and the inner circle members who denounced me has only gone to prove everything I said true, all of my warnings valid.
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