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House rules 2015

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Oct 1st, 2015
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  1. Official Housing Rules
  2. Last modified on May 25, 2015
  4. I. Owning multiple houses
  5. A. Players are not allowed to own more than two houses - if a player owns more than two houses, their houses will be auctioned off until they have only two. Players may be compensated by receiving some of the auctioned money. Management and/or Housing Admin has the full and final decision of the price compensation the players receive for the size of the house, no exceptions. - A house is defined as: Houses on the gmap (outside), sewer houses, offices, storages, condos, and apartments.
  7. II. Inactivity and subscription status
  8. A. House owners must be generally active and have a running classic/gold membership. If a house owner fails to login within 30 days, or is a trial for 14 days, the house will be taken from the player and will be auctioned off to the general public. The original owner of the house will receive none of the auctioned money and any items remaining in the house belonging to the original owner of the house will be stored and the original owner will be able to contact staff to re-obtain said items. If the player plans on being inactive for an extended time period, he or she MUST contact an Administrator, explaining their reason for inactivity. This will exempt them from the inactivity rule, in some cases.
  10. III. Remodeling personal house levels
  11. A. House owners are allowed to remake any interior levels in their house as long as he/she follow these guidelines:
  12. 1) No level can be greater than x3 of the houses exterior. This is for all levels including your garage.
  13. 2) No custom scripts of any kind are allowed. Only lighting effects are allowed in a level. The limit of lights in the level are dependent upon whichever admin is uploading the level.
  14. 3) All doors/links leading to another level must be made obvious with something such as a door.
  15. 4) No door/link can lead to an external level besides the front door of the house which may only lead to the outside of the house.
  16. 5) All levels must meet Era's standard of quality, no exceptions.
  17. 6) Extensive use of basements or floors to avoid Sub-Rule 1, section III is not allowed.
  18. 7) Uploading any malicious scripts inside of a house level, even if it is not approved to be uploaded, the player may be punished for server destruction.
  20. ---- When uploading any level for a house, you must pay a nominal fee. ----
  21. - Uploading a new level/room: $75,000
  22. - Uploading a new storage level/room (With secure areas and doors): $100,000
  23. - Remodeling/Editing a current room: $50,000
  25. B. No house may contain anything that gives any player any advantage or privilege over others. This includes, but is not limited to: extensive storage rooms, private spar rooms, and mines. Note: Rooms that already have rooms such as an extensive storage room, private spar, etc. will have an exception for this rule.IV. Other Information A. Remember the Housing Admin reserves the right to deny you help with your house. Housing work is a privilege not a right. B. In houses, using furniture or crates to block doors is not considered a means of security. If a player has access to your house and gets past these items into a storage area, your items will not be returned, and the player will not be punished.Note: Having house levels added/edited is a PRIVILEDGE, NOT a right, and staff CAN deny players this privilege under extreme circumstances.
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