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Feb 23rd, 2020
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  1. Here are the live radios I may listen to (French talk, Classical, Jazz, Varied; some links have just changed).
  2. Save the file as text; give it the .m3u extension; then open it with a program like VLC. Very useful in order to zap from one station to the next :)
  3. 320 indicates that the radio is broadcasted in mp3 320 (or aac 256), which is high audio quality compared to the other radios.
  4. * French talk:
  5. France Culture:
  6. France Inter:
  7. France Info:
  8. * Classical:
  9. France Musique:
  10. Radio Classique:
  11. Online Classic Radio 320:
  12. Audiophile Classical 320:;mp3/
  13. * Jazz:
  14. TSF Jazz:
  15. Digital Impulse Jazz 320:
  16. Radio Swiss Jazz:
  17. Audiophile Jazz 320:;mp3/
  18. * Varied:
  19. FIP:
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