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  1. Session Start (CD_SupTG:#eternalwar): Sat Jul 07 20:26:14 2012 -0400
  2. [20:26] *** Ignore_Me has joined #eternalwar
  3. [20:28] *** Bennie is now known as Ezekiah
  4. [20:29] <Staffen> Cold mist runs at your feet, stirred by the recent bursts of frantic movement from the fight. The spaces between cogitator stacks in the archive hall die silent after the murder-machine expires. A faint blue glow shines through the mist, emanating from the floor-lights.
  5. [20:29] * Varian calls out straining to keep his voice down, "Everyone alright?"
  6. [20:31] * Petrus reloads his pistol "I'm alright, but what is this thing?"
  7. [20:31] <@Ezekiah> "I am unharmed, Brother Varian! The sinful machinations of our enemy was nothing before my righteous blade!" He holds up his eviscerator with one hand and cycles the blade!
  8. [20:32] <@Ezekiah> "And the Emperor smiles upon us friend! For another one arrives to fall upon this holy blade!"
  9. [20:32] <@Ezekiah> *friends
  10. [20:33] * Varian curses under his breath at the news.
  11. [20:33] <Staffen> Another of the killer mechanisms tears its way through the floor, screeching, trying to strike at Petrus. Its aim is short, however, and it is now fully exposed to you.
  12. [20:36] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'G, Ezekiah, Varian, Petrus'
  13. [20:42] <Staffen> The machine screeches, flailing at Petrus once more, tearing into his chest. The power field burns flesh and cloth alike.
  14. [20:45] <@Ezekiah> "HAHAH! ANOTHER TO FALL AGAINST MY BLADE!" And he would proceed to wail on it with his holy blade. WHIFF! WHIFF! WHIFF!
  15. [20:46] <Staffen> The murder-machine twists backwards, away from Ezekiah's attack, and cartwheels away along the aisle.
  16. [20:47] <@Ezekiah> "Get back here so I may destroy you, sinful apparatus!"
  17. [20:49] <Petrus> "Hell, I should have brought my rifle!"
  18. [20:50] * Varian lines up the mechanical killing machine as it sways back and forth in his sights before firing three quick shots down between a set of cogitators with his compact hellgun.
  19. [20:52] <Staffen> The machine writhes from the damage, visibly twitching as white smoke trails from the las-burn mark in its kneecap.
  20. [20:53] <Staffen> A slit opens up in the machine's chest, but nothing occurs. The assailant turns its spiked head down to examine the slit as though surprised nothing has occurred.
  21. [20:55] * @Ezekiah tries to attack again. To no avail! "The heathen tech-gods on this planet are twisting my aim! CURSES!"
  22. [20:55] * Petrus gasps for air "Can you two keep that thing busy while I find a security terminal, we wont last much longer if any more of those things come."
  23. [20:58] <@Ezekiah> "Have faith, Brother Petrus! The Emperor gave us foes to conquer! SO CONQUER WE SHALL!"
  24. [21:01] * Varian eyes widen as the monster tries to deploy a weapon upon him, dropping his small hellgun and smoothly drawing his trusty heavy autopistol from the oiled leather shoulder rig, holding down the trigger and pumping out a spray of heavy rounds at the machine-beast.
  25. [21:03] <Staffen> The killer automaton bends backwards in an extraordinary feat of anatomical incorrectness, and falls on its back in an attempt to avoid Varian's gunfire.
  26. [21:04] <Staffen> You notice Petrus slinking off down an cogitator aisle as though he's seen something.
  27. [21:11] <Staffen> The machine's arms bend backwards and it raises itself up off the ground on the points of its power blades. It begins to hastily flee like this.
  28. [21:14] <@Ezekiah> "You cannot run from the flames of faith!" And he points his sword at the man-machine and a gout of FLAME leaps from the weapon!
  29. [21:18] * Petrus can be heard grumbling
  30. [21:18] <Staffen> The thick cloth that wrapped the creature's legs catches flame as it crawls away.
  31. [21:19] <Staffen> An alarm starts to blare throughout the data hall, and a red light starts flashing overhead.
  32. [21:21] <@Ezekiah> "An alarm? What foul sin is this!?"
  33. [21:21] <Staffen> "Warning, security requested on Floor 279. Warning, security requested on Floor 279..."
  34. [21:21] <Petrus> "AND MEDICAL STAFF!"
  35. [21:21] <@Ezekiah> "What floor are we on?" He's... surprisingly calm.
  36. [21:22] <Petrus> "279 it seems"
  37. [21:23] <Petrus> "Uh did we get a security tag when we entered the building?"
  38. [21:23] <@Ezekiah> "... so more sinners come to die upon my blade?"
  39. [21:26] * Varian snatches up his hellgun, hiding it under his flak cloak once more before holstering his autopistol. He holds up a key card, "We have clearance."
  40. [21:26] <Petrus> "Get over here now and show it"
  41. [21:29] <Petrus> "It's shooting things now!"
  42. [21:30] <Staffen> You hear a high whistle, and the sound of metal scraping against metal. There is now a small circular disk embedded in one of the ceiling's struts.
  43. [21:34] * Varian heads towards Petrus, wary of the construct
  44. [21:35] <Staffen> As Varian comes around the corner to Petrus he sees the machine on its side.
  45. [21:35] * Varian asks "Is it dead?"
  46. [21:35] <Staffen> It is still fully in motion.
  47. [21:36] <Petrus> "Nope but it should be soon!"
  48. [21:37] *** Staffen has quit IRC: Connection reset by peer
  49. [21:38] *** Staffen has joined #eternalwar
  50. [21:46] <Staffen> The machine tumbles towards you to evade Petrus's fire. It rolls forwards a meter, then launches itself off the ground, its limbs spinning in a screaming electric flurry.
  51. [21:46] * Petrus dodges the machine's attack
  52. [21:50] * @Ezekiah charges the device. "HAHAHAHA! DIIIIIIIIE!"
  53. [21:54] * Varian sprays the last of his magazine at the evil machine while the sirens blare around him.
  54. [21:59] * Petrus fires a shot through the machine's head killing it
  55. [22:00] * Petrus reloads his pistol
  56. [22:01] <Petrus> "Can we see about getting me a medic now?"
  57. [22:02] <@Ezekiah> "If it doesn't hurt, Brother Petrus... it doesn't count!"
  58. [22:02] * Varian exchanges a fresh magazine into his pistol while moving to Petrus, "What about the Sirens? I have the pass card the front office gave me." he holds the card out as he holsters the autopistol.
  59. [22:03] <Petrus> "Show it to the terminal"
  60. [22:04] <Staffen> The security terminal flashes the words "PLEASE ENTER SECURITY TAG" across its screen, and an arrow points to a card-slot beside the panel.
  61. [22:08] * Varian patches Petrus up after he hand the card to the Sniper, "I would rather not be thrown in a jail cell if that is at all possible."
  62. [22:08] * Petrus motions to Zeke "Grab that thing to show to security when they arrive"
  63. [22:10] <Staffen> You hear the lift doors open. "Corp-sec!" a voice calls. "What the hell's the problem down here?"
  64. [22:10] <Petrus> "We were attacked!"
  65. [22:10] <Petrus> "Do you have a medic with you?"
  66. [22:11] <Staffen> "Is it safe?"
  67. [22:11] <@Ezekiah> "... I believe so!"
  68. [22:11] <Petrus> "Yes no thanks to you"
  69. [22:11] <Staffen> "Alright, we don't have a-" he pauses for a moment. "Hang on a sec."
  70. [22:15] <Petrus> ++Uh, oh++
  71. [22:15] <@Ezekiah> "A third one?"
  72. [22:15] <Staffen> "Alright, just stay calm, we're coming to help you out!"
  73. [22:15] <Petrus> ++No, I don't think these gentlemen are here to help us++
  74. [22:17] <@Ezekiah> "HAHA!"
  75. [22:18] * Varian whispers into his microbead ++Some woman just ordered the guards to kill us. They do not sound like they wholey agree with it but they are coming.++
  76. [22:18] <@Ezekiah> "I think we have our target."
  77. [22:18] <Petrus> ++Do you still have any grenades left from the kidnapping with you?++
  78. [22:19] * Petrus pulls out his gas mask
  79. [22:19] * Varian asks "do we have any grenades?"
  80. [22:19] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'G, Ezekiah, Varian, Petrus, badguards'
  81. [22:19] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Ezekiah, Varian, Petrus, badguards'
  82. [22:21] * Varian tries to hide behind a nearby cogitator stack.
  83. [22:22] * @Ezekiah will VANISH into the Shadows.
  84. [22:22] * Petrus lets his stealth armor do the work
  85. [22:24] *** Jericus has joined #eternalwar
  86. [22:25] <Petrus> wait I think I have some gas grenades
  87. [22:28] <Staffen> You can hear the guards approaching... slowly, and rather loudly. They aren't very subtle.
  88. [22:28] * Petrus readies his pistol
  89. [22:28] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Ezekiah, Varian, Jericus, Petrus, badguards'
  90. [22:32] * Jericus makes sure his hell-gun is primed.
  91. [22:39] <Staffen> A guard in a typical blue-collar uniform and peaked cap slowly comes around the corner from behind a cogitator, a shotgun raised to fire. He does not appear to see any of you.
  92. [22:39] <Staffen> Another guard follows close behind him.
  93. [22:39] <Petrus> ++I'll take the one in the front++
  94. [22:39] <Staffen> A third can be heard clomping around the cogitator stacks.
  95. [22:40] <@Ezekiah> ++Do you need me to take the third?++ He's... actually quiet...
  96. [22:40] <Petrus> ++Yes++
  97. [22:40] <Jericus> ++Confirm, I'll take the next guy, if I can get a shot off.++
  98. [22:41] <Varian> ++I'll stay right here and keep the medkit safe++
  99. [22:43] <Jericus> ++I would really like that, Varian, my chest itches.++
  100. [22:44] <Staffen> Ezekiah comes upon the third guard, who spots him approaching. "Oh shit!" he shouts.
  101. [22:45] <@Ezekiah> "SINNER!" And he would strike at the guard with a flurry of blows from his Eviscerator!
  102. [22:46] <Staffen> "Shit!" one of the two hisses.
  103. [22:46] <@Ezekiah> "Rejoice, Sinners! For I bring REDEMPTION!"
  104. [22:47] <Staffen> The third guard cries out in terror and agony as his body is completely shredded in two. Hot blood and gore rains down on the others, launched over the cogitators from the vicious kill.
  105. [22:49] *** Disconnected.
  106. [22:50] *** Ignore_Me_ has joined #eternalwar
  107. [22:50] *** Topic on #eternalwar is: Ezekiah, Varian, Jericus, Petrus, badguards
  108. [22:50] *** Topic set by Staffen (22 minutes ago at 10:27 PM)
  109. [22:50] *** Jericus_ has joined #eternalwar
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  113. [22:52] *** Petrus_ is now known as Petrus
  114. [22:52] *** Jericus_ is now known as Jericus
  115. [22:54] * Jericus ducks out of cover long enough to send two lasbolts at the second guard.
  116. [22:57] <Staffen> The guard drops with a yelp.
  117. [22:57] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Ezekiah, Varian, Jericus, Petrus, badguard'
  118. [22:57] * Jericus ducks back into cover with a smile. "Eat that, you fecking bastards."
  119. [22:58] *** Ignore_Me_ is now known as Ignore_Me
  120. [22:59] * Petrus fires a shot up into the first guard's head making it explode
  121. [23:00] * Varian pokes his head out, "You get them all?"
  122. [23:02] <Jericus> "I believe so."
  123. [23:03] <@Ezekiah> "Haha! T'is a poor quality sinner that is manufactured on this tech-heathen world."
  124. [23:04] * Varian gets up, straightening his flak cloak, "Well then, anyone hurt?"
  125. [23:04] <@Ezekiah> "I am unharmed!" Despite wacking himself with his sword twice.
  126. [23:05] <Petrus> "Those little bastards got me good"
  127. [23:06] <Jericus> "I'm still fecked up, from that machine-man, whatever you wanna call it."
  128. [23:06] * Varian heads to Jericus with Medkit in hand, "Petrus, new wounds or do I need to check your dressings?"
  129. [23:07] <Petrus> "Nothing new I should be alright for now let's just get out of here"
  130. [23:08] * Varian finishes patching Jericus before packing up his kit and surveying the destruction around them.
  131. [23:09] <Jericus> "Thanks, Varian. I feel better, but feck, does it still itch."
  132. [23:09] <Petrus> "I don't think we should take any chances getting out of here."
  133. [23:10] * Varian searches the bodies of the fallen guards while the rest prepare to leave.
  134. [23:10] * Jericus has a look through one of the guard-corpses for anything of use.
  135. [23:13] <Jericus> "Well, well, I could always use a shotgun." He racks the slide.
  136. [23:16] * Varian pulls a card on a necklace, "Lets try this." he adds before heading over to the security termial and inserting it.
  137. [23:17] <Petrus> "What's that?"
  138. [23:17] <Staffen> The terminal goes blank for a minute, then strings text. "Security alert lifted. Please report to security desk as soon as possible, Officer: J. Kalik."
  139. [23:18] <Staffen> Additional runes appear on the screen: "bio-sign survey"; "security cameras"; and "initiate alert".
  140. [23:18] <Jericus> "Looks like our ticket out."
  141. [23:18] * Varian looks to Petrus, do you think we take the security footage?
  142. [23:19] <@Ezekiah> "More sinners to deal with. And here I was thinking that I wouldn't bring redemption to the vagrants of this tech-heathen's paradise!"
  143. [23:19] <Petrus> "We should"
  144. [23:21] * Varian presses the rune for 'security cameras'
  145. [23:21] * Jericus reloads the shotgun to capacity, through racking the slide until it's empty, and then loading it with the shells.
  146. [23:22] <Staffen> The terminal chimes. "Unusual activity detected: lander bay-31 passage."
  147. [23:22] <Staffen> Another rune appears: "Investigate?"
  148. [23:23] <@Ezekiah> "... something tells me we should."
  149. [23:24] * Varian presses the rune to know more.
  150. [23:24] <Petrus> "Indeed, but what about the gravcar?"
  151. [23:25] <Jericus> "Better question, how are we going to get through that lobby? They won't just let us stroll out, will they?"
  152. [23:25] <Staffen> The screen flashes to an pict-feed overlooking a hall. The camera tracks two figures going down the hall - a woman in a tight dress and a slim man in an administrator's attire.
  153. [23:25] <Staffen> "I don't understand," the man insists.
  154. [23:26] <Petrus> "We should grab those two, probably."
  155. [23:26] <Staffen> "The Inquisition is here," the woman tells you.
  156. [23:26] <@Ezekiah> "That sounds wise."
  157. [23:26] <Staffen> "The Inquisition? Oh hell," the man cries. "We need to leave."
  158. [23:26] * Varian curses under his breath, "Thats the woman who ordered our deaths, I recognise her voice."
  159. [23:27] <Petrus> "Let's not let them leave"
  160. [23:27] <Staffen> "They're looking for transactin records," the woman says. "Does anybody else in this facility know about the shipments?"
  161. [23:27] <Jericus> "Oh? Well, let's invite them to the party."
  162. [23:27] <@Ezekiah> "I don't think that man is going to last too long to be caught."
  163. [23:27] <Staffen> "Yes, my seneschal-savant, Darien. He's on floor 356."
  164. [23:27] <Staffen> "Floor 356?" the woman asks.
  165. [23:27] <Staffen> "Yes! We need to sa-"
  166. [23:28] <Staffen> The woman quickly pulls a pistol-sized weapon out. The camera flashes, overloaded by the shot.
  167. [23:28] <Staffen> When the screen returns, the man is on the floor - his head is completely missing.
  168. [23:28] <@Ezekiah> "... that... is a very powerful pistol."
  169. [23:28] <Staffen> The woman stows the weapon away and puts her hand to her ear. "I want a team on floor 356, kill everyone. Watch for a seneschal."
  170. [23:29] <Jericus> "The feck is a seneschal?"
  171. [23:29] <Staffen> The woman exits, followed by the pict-feed.
  172. [23:30] * Varian hisses, "I want that woman dead but she is getting away. Damnit! Alright lets get this Darien, he is our lead."
  173. [23:30] * Petrus reloads his pistol
  174. [23:31] * Varian looks for a way to copy the footage before they leave.
  175. [23:31] <Jericus> "You got it." Jericus stows his new shotgun, and the other loot in his pack, and primes his hell-gun.
  176. [23:32] <@Ezekiah> "A rescue mission. Excellent."
  177. [23:34] <Petrus> "Indeed"
  178. [23:35] * Varian saves the footage to a dataslate and prepares to leave.
  179. [23:35] <@Ezekiah> "Then let us go! I am certain that what ever this... Darien knows, the lady inquisitors can make use out of."
  180. [23:36] * Varian heads for the elevator, taking the security card with him, "To floor 356 then"
  181. [23:37] * Jericus follows the noble in.
  182. [23:37] <Staffen> "Floor 356," the voice calls, "Administrative Offices, Level 6."
  183. [23:37] * @Ezekiah would join the rest of them, cycling his sword again to remove the gore.
  184. [23:38] * Petrus brings his pistol up at the ready
  185. [23:40] * Jericus shoulders his hell-gun, sweeping for any targets that may appear.
  186. [23:41] * Varian takes a stun grenade from his pocket and hides it behind his back just in case.
  187. [23:41] <Staffen> The lift shudders, and begins to move upwards.
  188. [23:44] <Staffen> The door opens a short while later to a white hallway.
  189. [23:45] <@Ezekiah> "So... a sinner walks into bar... and everyone is struck dead by the Will of the God-Emperor for being FAITHLESS DOGS THAT TURNED AWAY FROM HIS LIGHT!!!" ... Redemptionist humor is an acquired taste.
  190. [23:45] <Jericus> "We need to work on your comedy," Jericus comments.
  191. [23:46] <@Ezekiah> "Do we? That joke is hilarious."
  192. [23:46] <Staffen> A tall, bulky adept walks by, looking up at you with faint curiosity before contuing the other way down the hall.
  193. [23:46] <Jericus> "All right, now to find this Darien."
  194. [23:46] <@Ezekiah> "You think the adept would know?"
  195. [23:48] <Jericus> "Doesn't hurt to ask, any other suggestions, comrades?"
  196. [23:49] <Staffen> "Darien?" the adept says, stopping. "Oh, he's in office 24. Do any of you know about the security lockdown a couple minutes ago? It's the talk around the bloc."
  197. [23:50] <@Ezekiah> "... you didn't hear it from me, but if you have an excuse to be on floor 357 or 355, use it."
  198. [23:50] <Staffen> The adept grimaces. "Right..."
  199. [23:51] * Varian leans over, "Inspection incoming." and gives the man a knowing nod
  200. [23:52] * Jericus chuckles.
  201. [23:55] * Petrus smirks under his mask
  202. [23:56] <Staffen> A marker on the wall indicates "offices 20-30" and points out right, the opposite way the adept was heading.
  203. [23:56] *** Mir has joined #eternalwar
  204. [23:59] * Jericus takes point, towards office 24, keeping his hell-gun at a relaxed position, but still ready to shoulder it if any surprises should present themselves.
  205. [00:00] * Varian heads to the door but tries to keep in the middle of the group.
  206. [00:00] <Staffen> The hall is relatively quiet. You pass a couple of tall menials relaxing at a water-tank before you come to office 24.
  207. [00:00] <Varian> "I'm going in, cover me and cover the hall."
  208. [00:00] <Staffen> The door is closed and the tell-window looking in is tinted dark.
  209. [00:01] <Jericus> "You got it." He whispers.
  210. [00:02] * Varian tries to open the door.
  211. [00:02] <Staffen> The door opens without any trouble. There is a man sitting at a cogitator screen, cables linking his skull to the machine. "Yes?" he says without looking up.
  212. [00:03] * Varian throws a warm smile on his face, "Darien right?"
  213. [00:03] * Petrus watches the hallway ++Grab him quickly++
  214. [00:03] <Staffen> "Yes, what is it?" He looks up this time. "I don't recognize you. Who are you supposed to be?"
  215. [00:03] * @Ezekiah would be just outside the door. Looking scary and imposing.
  216. [00:04] <Staffen> The man's mouth opens and closes. "I get the feeling this isn't ordinary business."
  217. [00:05] <Varian> "No, I need you to come with me please, pressing business."
  218. [00:05] * Varian continues with his smile, "With your dataslates and papers if you don't mind."
  219. [00:05] <Staffen> "What is this? Are you the Master's men? You were sent by that woman, weren't you?"
  220. [00:06] * Varian shifts to a more forceful tone, "Quite the opposite, we are here to save you. We can't do that if you sit their gawking so please hurry."
  221. [00:07] <Staffen> The man shakes his head quickly, and then gets up. "Alright, just get me out. I'm too important to the company!"
  222. [00:08] * Varian smiles, helping him pick up and pertinent dataslates or papers he needs.
  223. [00:08] <Varian> any*
  224. [00:09] <Petrus> "Stairs, Jericus lob a few grenades down them and we've got someone above us."
  225. [00:10] <Jericus> "Finally, time to get to work." Heads towards the staircase, almost gleeful at the prospect of using his explosive expertise.
  226. [00:10] <@Ezekiah> "What floor is the grav-car on?"
  227. [00:10] <Petrus> "Zeke watch for the one above us he might come through the ceiling"
  228. [00:13] * Jericus shoulders his hell-gun as he rounds the turn to the staircase.
  229. [00:13] <@Ezekiah> "Will do."
  230. [00:17] <Jericus> ++"HOLY THRONE!"++
  231. [00:18] <Petrus> ++What is it?++
  232. [00:18] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Jericus, Petrus, Ezekiah, Varian, BM'
  233. [00:19] <Jericus> ++MANY ARMED, NO IDEA++
  234. [00:20] * Jericus ducks under its many arms and runs back towards Ezekiah and Petrus.
  235. [00:21] <Jericus> ++Feck, feck, feck.++
  236. [00:24] <Staffen> "Is something the matter?" Darien asks.
  237. [00:25] <Varian> "A slight spot of bother, nothing to worry yourself with."
  238. [00:25] <Jericus> ++Damn, could I use some tripwire!++
  239. [00:26] <@Ezekiah> ++What is it, Jericus?++
  240. [00:26] <Varian> ++Can we get to the elevator?++
  241. [00:26] <Jericus> ++I don't fecking know, it has a lot of arms. Damn thing tried to grab me.++
  242. [00:26] * Petrus fires a shot down the hallway hoping to hit one of them through the wall
  243. [00:29] <@Ezekiah> "I think we should make it to the elevator."
  244. [00:29] <Petrus> "They can always disable the elevator"
  245. [00:30] <Varian> "Make a choice Petrus, I can't see anything from in here."
  246. [00:30] <Petrus> "We should head for the stairs"
  247. [00:30] <Petrus> "It's a choke point for them but also for us."
  248. [00:31] * Varian holds Darien close, "Alright, lets go."
  249. [00:31] <Petrus> "but it's better than a steel coffin on a wire"
  250. [00:31] * Varian cocks back his arm ready to toss a stun grenade into the stairway.
  251. [00:32] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Jericus, Petrus, Ezekiah, Varian, badguards, BM'
  252. [00:32] <@Ezekiah> "Then let us make haste!"
  253. [00:35] <Staffen> In the ceiling of the hole is a vast gaping hole. Other than that it is empty.
  254. [00:35] <Petrus> "Zeke fire your flamer up that hole!"
  255. [00:35] <Jericus> The hole
  256. [00:36] * Jericus has a look up at the hole. "God-Emperor...where did it go?"
  257. [00:37] * Varian tosses a stun grenade at the stairwell.
  258. [00:38] <@Ezekiah> "Agreed!" He would bring his flamer around... and prepar to fire a vollege up the hole!
  259. [00:41] <Staffen> Darien rubs at his eyes. "Agh! Was that really necessary?"
  260. [00:41] <Varian> The grenade erupts with a mighty bang and flash, Varian claws at his eyes. "Awrgh, ZEK!"
  261. [00:42] * Jericus blinks a couple of time, before rubbing at an eye. "Feck, Varian, let me throw the grenades."
  262. [00:44] * Petrus groans as he's blinded
  263. [00:44] <Staffen> As Jericus passes into the stairwell, a head comes rolling down the steps - its face is purple as though suffocated.
  264. [00:45] <Jericus> "What the feck..." He immediately starts sweeping around the stairwell for a target.
  265. [00:46] * @Ezekiah would go back to his eviscerator. Something is not right.
  266. [00:52] * Jericus checks to make sure everyone is ok, as he does so he takes out his recently acquired pump-shottie, and let's the hell-gun rest on it's strap.
  267. [00:53] * Petrus readies his pistol
  268. [00:53] <Staffen> There is no noise from above.
  269. [00:54] * Varian shakes his head clear, "Ow, ok I will leave the heavy lifting to you guys from now on."
  270. [00:54] <Staffen> "Let's..." Darien gulps upon seeing the head. "Let's just get going."
  271. [00:55] * Jericus takes point, shotgun shouldered, as he starts the descent.
  272. [00:56] <@Ezekiah> "Agreed. We should hurry."
  273. [00:56] <Jericus> "Feels like home already."
  274. [00:57] * Varian moves for the stairs, following after the others
  275. [01:02] * Jericus hears something coming from above them. "What?"
  276. [01:04] <Staffen> The ceiling collapses above you, and a freakish, bronze-colored monstrosity falls from the ceiling, extending countless arms over all of you.
  277. [01:06] * Varian drops to the deck, slamming his face into the stairs as he tries to avoid the arms.
  278. [01:07] * Petrus is grabbed by the monstrosity
  279. [01:07] *** Staffen changed the channel topic to 'Jericus, Petrus, Ezekiah, Varian, badguards, BM, Darien'
  280. [01:07] * @Ezekiah manages to bat the tentacles away from him.
  281. [01:07] <Jericus> "GHRK" Jericus is currently being choked, he hates being choked.
  282. [01:12] <Staffen> The thing shakes the guardsman until it's content, and then tosses his limp body aside.
  283. [01:20] * Jericus is currently unconscious. For the sake of story, we'll say he's dreaming of women and explosives. Lots of explosives.
  284. [01:28] * Petrus fires a shot from his carnodon into the mechamonster's head
  285. [01:30] <Staffen> A hole now exists where the presumed head was, and the machine falls over.
  286. [01:32] * Varian picks his face up from the hard stair floor to see the disabled machine and Petrus holding a pistol, smoke coiling out from the barrel. Rubbing his own nose Varian states "Nice Shot." before seeing Jericus and heading over to check on him.
  287. [01:33] <Petrus> "Indeed, we should keep moving though."
  288. [01:34] * Varian looks over the man for a bit before stating, "he's hurt, but somehow he avoided the worst of it. He's going to be sore for a while, someone help me with him."
  289. [01:37] * Varian picks up Jericus and heads down to the visitor's center
  290. [01:38] <Staffen> The rest of your escape out the front goes without a hitch. It appears security has horribly miscalculated your position.
  291. [01:38] <Staffen> You are able to get to the grav-sedan without any further trouble.
  292. [01:39] * Petrus gets his nomad out and keeps it with him
  293. [01:39] * Varian closes the door and starts the engine, lifting off and buzzing the cleaning servitor as he flys off into the distance.
  294. [01:41] <Staffen> Hours later, you arrive back aboard the ship, Captain Anders and a group of tech-priests from the enginarium have gathered. They seem distraught.
  295. [01:41] <Petrus> "What's wrong?"
  296. [01:42] <Staffen> "There were issues," one of the enginseers speaks up. "Most dire matters. Your associate, designation 'Horace E'rassi' is dead."
  297. [01:42] <Petrus> "How did he die?"
  298. [01:43] <Staffen> "We were attacked by some sort of..." The Captain shrugs, unable to bring words to his mouth. "Code... monster... took control of half the damn ship and made the other half useless. Horace was a mess when we found him down in the enginarium."
  299. [01:44] <Staffen> "He died of blood-loss following critical severance of his lower torso," the enginseer explains. "The damage appears to have been inflicted by a load-bearing servitor. He had managed to purge the mal-code from our systems however. The Omnissiah blessed us with his presence."
  300. [01:45] <Petrus> "Horace had a hard life."
  301. [01:46] <Staffen> "It was a schismatical," beeps the other tech-priest. "Machine God preserve us, this foe is utilizing some of the darkest tech-abominations ever to exist."
  302. [01:48] *** Ignore_Me is now known as CelestialDoggie
  303. [01:49] <Staffen> "I recommend we leave immediately," Anders says. "Your enemy knows who we are. The ship's net-traffic is current shut off, but if we stay any longer we'll get hit again. I'll send word to the Inquisitors about our next destination."
  304. [01:51] *** Mir has left #eternalwar
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