Golden Opportunities III

Dec 13th, 2016
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  1. >"Well... some of you may have figured out we're not home yet, we're only half way there. Mother's interrupted the course of our journey. She's programmed to do that should certain conditions arise. They have. It seems that she has... intercepted a transmission of unknown origin. She got us up to check it out..."
  2. >Sunset had a pretty nice living room
  3. >It was a little small, but it was that comfortable kind of small
  4. >Everything was just a few steps away, and there wasn't so much stuff in the room that you felt cramped or trapped
  5. >You also thought that it was pretty neat that she had a fireplace
  6. >...
  7. >It might not have been a good idea to put her big flat screen TV above the thing though...
  8. >Outside it was starting to get dark out
  9. >When you had checked your phone you had also seen that it was getting a LOT colder too
  10. >You, Sunset, and Twi were sitting on Sunset's big ass couch
  11. >Half-eaten bowls of chips and pretzels sat on the table in front of you, along with a trio of empty cups
  12. >It had been about two hours--give or take--since you had come into Sunset's home
  13. >Not once had you seen anyone other than Sunset or Twi sneaking around
  14. >No big, burly men, no murderers; nobody
  15. >...For now
  16. >In those two hours, after the three of you had gotten yourselves somewhat comfortable, Sunset had fulfilled her promise of getting to know you
  17. >Oh sweet lordy lou had she...
  18. >At first you had been a little... hesitant--to be honest you still WERE--but the bacon-haired girl would not be denied
  19. >At first she had been subtle
  20. >She asked you question after question
  21. >She talked about herself, her friends, the weather, that neato helmet that she had hanging next to a framed picture of her with six other girls
  22. >When you had been lulled into a false sense of security, just sitting there listening to her talk, that was when she struck
  23. >Question after question she asked you
  25. >She warmed you up a bit, a question here, a question there, but before you knew it, she was barraging you with questions
  26. >There had been no defense against such an attack, and so you found yourself answering everything that she asked
  27. >You didn't know this about Sunset--because you didn’t talk to her since girls didn’t talk to you until today-- but she was really good at putting people at ease around her
  28. >She could make you comfortable, have you smiling and laughing and talking along with her like the two of you had been friends for years, as easy as you might blink
  29. >And you had NO idea how she did it...
  30. >One second you were sitting in between the girls, a paper towel stuck up your nose, ready to make a run for the window the second that someone coughed and the next... you weren't
  31. >Yes, you were still a little bit sweaty, and you kept your eyes glued to the TV whenever you could, but that was a billion times better than what you had been doing not that long ago...
  32. >You were sitting between two beautiful women...
  33. >You were talking to them...
  34. >They were ON EITHER SIDE of you...
  35. >And you were mostly fine
  36. >Mostly
  37. >...
  38. >People had always wondered how the hell Sunset had become the Queen of the School so fast when she first arrived at Canterlot High, but you could see how she did it
  39. >The girl was charismatic
  40. >She knew how to talk and enjoyed doing it
  41. >She also had a knack of getting inside a person's head
  42. >All of that, along with her good looks--GREAT looks-- made her a DANGEROUS woman
  43. >The kind of woman that became a CEO or something like that...
  44. >Fortunately for you, Sunset didn't use her powers for evil anymore...
  45. >...You think
  46. >...
  47. >All she wanted to do was get to know you
  48. >Exactly WHY she wanted to get to know you was a mystery, but she wanted to know
  49. >And, bit by bit, she had started learning stuff about you
  50. >Your likes, dislikes, hobbies, what kind of wood that you liked to work with, what you liked to read, what projects you were working on
  52. >She even asked to come to your house to see the chair that you were making
  53. >She asked you that and she ACTUALLY sounded like she was genuinely interested in seeing it
  54. >Twilight, meanwhile, was pretty much in the same boat as you
  55. >More than once she blurted out something silly before blushing and looking down into her lap
  56. >"Did you know that certain woods change color under ultraviolet light?"
  57. >"Did you know that Quebracho is the hardest wood?"
  58. >"I really like your s-socks!"
  59. >"Your eyes look really pretty in this light!"
  60. >Each little outburst-- which was immediately followed by a quiet "eep!" and then silence-- was the most adorable thing that you had ever heard
  61. >And you meant that in the best way possible
  62. >Really
  63. >It was nice to see that you weren't the only one nervous
  64. >It was also cute as hell seeing her get red every single time she opened her mouth
  65. >In between these little outbursts--with help from Sunset, of course--Twi told you a little about herself
  66. >Just like you, she liked to read
  67. >She was from a very far away place that you've probably never heard of
  68. >She had a brother and a sister-in-law, both of which recently had a kid
  69. >She even told you a little about her friends
  70. >Snapplejack, Sparity, Rombo Dosh, Floundershy, and Pako Pee
  71. >And it was... nice...
  72. >All of this talking….
  73. >All of this getting to know each other…
  74. >You didn’t usually get to talk to people, so the change of pace was really nice, pretty women or not
  75. >The three of you started to relax the more and more you talked
  76. >You began to get more comfortable around each other
  77. >When your hand brushed up against theirs whenever you were trying to get some chips or something you didn't start freaking out
  78. >You were able to keep yourself calm whenever they nudged you or their sides brushed up against yours
  79. >Even though you were... you, everything was fine
  80. >Better than fine actually
  81. >Everything was going along great, swimmingly, amazingly
  83. >Would-be murders or not, you were starting to really like these girls
  84. >Which was good
  85. >What was even better was the fact that you were pretty sure that they were starting to like you too
  86. >...
  87. >Hopefully...
  88. >They might still be planning your demise for all you knew…
  89. >...
  90. >Please don’t be a death cult…
  91. >Please?
  92. >...
  93. >Hey…
  94. > Maybe, if you played your cards right, you'd finally have some female friends!
  95. >THAT’D show dad that you weren’t gay!
  96. >Because you weren't!
  97. >You liked girls!
  99. >At that moment, the three of you were watching the Alien's movie, all wrapped up in blankets to keep away the chill in the room
  100. >Why you were watching one of the scariest movies ever made was beyond you
  101. >Sunset had said something about never seeing it before, but why would you?
  102. >There wasn't anything FUN about being scared
  103. >Being scared was scary, and you didn't like it one little bit, which is why you usually stayed away from this kind of stuff
  104. >You preferred dumb action movies
  105. >Or foreign movies with really, REALLY bad english dubbing
  106. >But... if Sunset wanted to watch it you'd watch it...
  107. >It wasn't like you were going to MAKE her change the movie anyways...
  108. >This was her house--a house which she was nice enough to invite you to
  109. >If she wanted to watch a scary movie then you all were going to watch a scary movie, whether you liked it or not
  110. >...
  111. >And besides...
  112. >How scary could it be anyway?
  113. >"Alien life form. Looks like it's been dead a long time. Fossilized. Looks like it's growing out of the chair."
  114. >You, Sunset, and Twi watched as Dallas made his way toward an absolutely fucked up chair
  115. >"Bones are bent outward, like he exploded from inside," the man continued, his weapon at the ready as he drew closer
  117. >You frowned, hugging your blanket a little tighter
  118. >It was a trap...
  119. >Run away Dallas...
  120. >The alien is gonna come!
  121. >He's gonna come and eat you!
  122. >From beside you, Twi shivered, her grip on her blanket tightening
  123. >On your other side Sunset shivered as well, hugging her legs to her chest
  124. >"Stupid heater," Sunset mumbled under her breath, so quietly that you had to strain to hear it. "It's freezing in here..."
  125. >Freezing?
  126. >It wasn't that bad in here, especially with the blankets and the fire going...
  127. >You've heard that girls DID get colder though...
  128. >"Need another b-blanket," Twi muttered, burying her face in her blanket
  129. >The girl must have been wearing five blankets but, now that you were looking at her, she looked like she was freezing her butt off
  130. >...
  131. >Hmm...
  132. >You looked down at your own blanket, quietly weighing your options
  133. >You COULD give them both your blanket to share...
  134. >It might have been a little cold in here, but you'd be able to tough it out
  135. >You were a big boy
  136. >You could take it
  137. >And besides, you just didn't want to sit here, warm and cozy, while the girls were shivering like this...
  138. >As Ripley talked to Captain Dallas about something or another, you pulled your blanket off
  139. >"Is everything alright there, Anon?" Sunset whispered
  140. >You nodded
  141. "Yeah, I’m fine. I was about to ask if you two wanted my blanket," you replied
  142. >Both of the girls perked up
  143. >They exchanged glances for a few moments before, to your surprise, they shook their heads
  144. >"N-No, we're fine, Anon," Twi said, her teeth chattering. "Keep your blanket."
  145. "But look at the two of you; you're freezing," you quietly protested. "Why don't the two of you sit together so that I can wrap my blanket around the two of you? That way you won't be as cold."
  146. >"But what about you?" Sunset asked
  148. "I'll be fine," you said dismissively. "I'm more worried about you."
  149. >"We'll be fine," Twi insisted. "N-Now put that back on before you get a cold."
  150. >"Yeah. It's only getting colder in this house, Anon. I don't want you waking up tomorrow sick," Sunset added
  151. >The sissy part of you wanted to say “yes ma’am” and sit back down, but manners won out
  152. "I'd rather get sick than have the two of you sitting here the whole night being cold," you stubbornly said
  153. >"We're n-not cold," Twi countered
  154. >You frowned
  155. "The heck you aren’t."
  156. >"It's not t-that big of a d-deal..."
  157. “It is to me. Come on take the blanket please."
  158. >"I-I'm not getting a st- a GUY sick just because I-I'm cold!"
  159. >You and Twilight might have spent the whole night awkwardly--but stubbornly--arguing back and forth if not for Sunset, who suddenly smiled
  160. >"Hey, why don’t we just cuddle together?" she asked. “That way we’ll all be warm.”
  161. >You nodded
  162. "That's what I was saying. If you and Twi--"
  163. >"Not just us, Nonny," the bacon-haired girl interrupted, shaking her head. "Twi and I need more than a blanket. We need something warm to cuddle with..."
  164. >...
  165. >Wat?
  166. >It took a few seconds for you to understand what she was trying to get at, but when you did...
  167. >Whoo...
  168. >When you did...
  169. "W-What?" you shimmered
  170. >"We need something warm to cuddle with, Anon," Sunset repeated, her smile widening even more as you took a step away from the couch. "Twi here is freezing her tail off and so am I, but you're not..."
  171. "A-Are you sure?" you asked, whatever bravery you had managed to gather draining away. "You'd be s-surprised how much y-you'd probably w-warm each other up."
  173. >Sunset giggled that cute giggle of her's
  174. >"Don't you wanna keep us warm, Nonny?" she asked, fluttering her eyelashes at you
  175. >Your chest tightened
  176. >OF COURSE you wanted to!
  177. >Who in their right mind WOULDN'T want to have pretty girls pressed up against them while a fire crackled in the background?
  178. >That was in your top twenty things that you wanted to do before you kicked the bucket!
  179. >...
  180. >But...
  181. >Biting your lip anxiously, you hugged your blanket to your chest
  182. >"Come on, Anon," Sunset encouraged. "Don't you want--"
  183. >Twilight, who had been quietly shivering, finally piped up
  184. >"S-Sunset, will you s-stop trying to pressure h-him?" she snapped, glaring at her friend. "I-If he doesn't want to c-cuddle us then h-he doesn't h-have to! T-That's his decision!"
  185. >The purple girl curled in on herself, looking colder by the second
  186. >“W-We’ll just have to t-tough it out…”
  187. >She wiggled in place, rubbing her arms against her sides underneath her blanket
  188. >...
  189. >Shit…
  190. >You just could be a scaredy cat, could you?
  191. >You looked over at Sunset, who was staring at you with a raised eyebrow
  192. >The shadows from the fire behind you dances across her face
  193. >In this dim light, her eyes seemed to be almost glowing
  194. >...
  195. >You looked back over at Twilight
  196. >She looked a little pale
  197. >Her lips, which had been a healthy pink a few hours ago, were now a tinge of blue
  198. >Your chest tightened further
  199. >Double shit...
  200. "T-Twilight?"
  201. >Twi stopped glaring at Sunset to look up at you
  202. >You gripped your blanket a little tighter, shivering
  203. >Now that you were standing up and moving around the room DID feel a lot colder...
  205. >A LOT colder...
  206. "It's not that b-big of a deal if you guys need me to w-warm yourselves up," you forced yourself to say
  207. >The girls perked up once more
  208. >Sunset smiled, while Twi looked up at you with a mixture of hesitation and hopefulness
  209. >"Y-You don't n-need to, Anon," Twi said. "It's not--"
  210. >This time you didn’t think
  211. >You turned around and sat back down on the couch, placing your blanket in your lap
  212. "It's starting to get really, really cold in this room," you said, more to yourself than to anybody else. "The fire really isn't doing anything anymore."
  213. >Sunset was already scooching toward you
  214. >Twilight sat there, frozen, staring at you with those pretty purple eyes of hers
  215. >You gulped
  216. "So why don't you come over here, g-girls--"
  217. >Fucking stutter!
  218. "--So we can all s-stay warm. P-Please."
  219. >Before you had even finished your sentence, Sunset's side was pressed against yours and her head was on your shoulder
  220. >You stiffened and reddened slightly, but mostly managed to ignore her
  221. >You kept your eyes on Twilight
  222. >Somehow...
  223. >You patted the space next to you, smiling as best as you could
  224. "Come on, Twi. C-Come warm up."
  225. >Twi's eyes darted from you to Sunset
  226. >"A-Are you sure that it's okay?" she asked, biting her lip
  227. >Even though your heart was pounding in your chest, you almost laughed
  228. >In any other case, YOU'D be the one asking that...
  229. "Yes, Twi," you said, nodding your head. "It's alright."
  230. >The fire crackled again
  231. >Twilight, not taking her eyes off yours, slowly scooched over to you
  233. >You just sat there, patiently waiting
  234. >And not freaking out
  235. >Freaking out would be bad…
  236. >BAD
  237. >...
  238. >Yep...
  239. >You could feel Sunset grabbing your blanket and throwing it over the two of you
  240. >Since it was a big blanket, there would be more than enough to wrap around Twilight
  241. >You grabbed the free end of it and lifted it in preparation for her
  242. >Twi, seeing this, inched toward you just a little bit faster
  243. >Come on...
  244. >Almost there...
  245. >Almost...
  246. >At the last few inches Twi got impatient
  247. >With a very quiet--but eager-- whimper, she closed with distance with a little hop
  248. >Even though you had prepared yourself, you still flinched when her side touched yours
  249. >Twilight, seeing this, flinched as well
  250. >"I-I'm sorry!" she squeaked, leaning away. "I d-didn't hurt y-you or a-anything, did I?"
  251. >You were quick to grab her before she moved to the other end of the couch
  252. "N-No, you're fine," you quickly said. "I'm alright. A-Are you a-alright?"
  253. >"Y-Yeah, I'm alright."
  254. "A-Are you sure?"
  255. >"Yeah. A-Are you sure t-that you're alright? I didn’t hurt you by bumping into you or anything?"
  256. “I’m alright a-as long as you’re alright.”
  257. >One your other side, Sunset quietly laughed into your collarbone
  258. >You and Twi blushed, looking away from each other
  259. >...
  260. >The girl felt freezing...
  261. >Even through the blankets you could feel how cold she was as she sat there, shivering...
  262. >The gentlemen in you came roaring back to life
  263. >Gathering your courage, you threw your blanket around Twi
  264. >Then, mentally preparing yourself, you wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her against you
  265. >Pleasedon'tgetmad!
  267. >Pleasedon'tgetmad!
  268. >You tensed when a gasp escaped her lips
  269. >She’sgoingtobefuckingmad!
  270. >ShewasgoingtogetmadandthenSunsetwasgoingtogetmadandshewasgoingtogetyouout!
  271. >Whatthehellwaswrongwithyou?!
  272. >Twilight’s blush deepened, and she looked up at you
  273. >To your relief, she didn’t look mad
  274. >Instead, it looked like she was waiting for you to say something
  275. >...
  276. >...
  277. >...
  278. >Say something...
  279. >Say something
  281. "Y-Your hair looks n-nice," you mumbled
  282. >...
  283. >Wat?
  284. >The fire crackled, and the alien on the TV in front of you let out a screech
  285. >Sunset let out another chuckle
  286. >Twilight's blush deepened
  287. >You did your very best to resist the urge to get up and jump into the fireplace
  288. >Fucking
  289. >Good
  290. >With
  291. >Words
  293. >"Y-Your hair looks n-nice..."
  294. >You looked up at Anon
  295. >Both his blanket and his arm was wrapped around you tightly
  296. >You were pressed up against his beautiful, warm, handsome body
  297. >Breathing through your nose, you could smell the slightly musky, strong scent of a male...
  298. >A few moments ago, you had been cold
  299. >Very, very cold
  300. >You still weren't used to this body, and without your fur you couldn't regulate your body heat very well
  301. >So when the temperature had dropped you had grabbed every blanket that you could get a hold of and had wrapped yourself up
  302. >But it hadn’t worked
  303. >No matter how many blankets you had or what position you were in you just couldn’t get warm
  304. >But you didn't need to worry about that anymore
  305. >Whoo filly...
  306. >You didn't need to worry about that even a little bit...
  307. >Your entire body felt warm
  308. >Your face was on fire
  309. >There was a very good chance that you looked like Big Mac right about now
  310. >It felt like you were in the verge of a nosebleed
  311. >Your heart was pounding with such force that you half-expected it to burst out of your chest
  312. >And you honestly couldn't find yourself caring
  313. >It worked...
  314. >IT. WORKED!
  315. >You didn't think it was going to work but it DID!
  316. >A bucking colt was cuddling you!
  317. >A cute colt!
  318. >A colt was cuddling you because he wanted to!
  319. >...
  320. >Wait...
  321. >Didn't he say something?
  322. >You think you say his lips moving...
  323. >You had been too busy trying to keep yourself from throwing up to hear if he had said anything or not...
  324. >...
  325. >He did say something, didn't he?
  326. >...
  327. >You probably should say something back…
  328. "T-Thanks. You s-smell nice," you muttered
  329. >On the other side of Anon, you could hear Sunset quietly laughing
  330. >It took a few seconds, but when it hit you what you had just said you winced
  331. >...
  332. >Oh…
  333. >Oh curd…
  334. >...
  335. >Whatthebuckwaswrongwithyou?!
  336. >To your immeasurable relief, Anon let out a quiet chuckle
  337. >"T-Thanks," he said, his grip on you tightening
  339. >...
  340. >Sunset was the best
  341. >The best of the best
  342. >Why were you even nervous about coming here?
  343. >The guys were great!
  344. >Anon was great!
  345. >No matter what you did or how STUPID the things that came out of your mouth were he didn't roll his eyes or make fun of you or ANYTHING like that!
  346. >This was the best...
  347. >The best decision that you've ever made...
  348. >If you still had your tail you'd be wagging it like a MOTHERBUCKER...
  349. >A sigh escaped your lips as you rested your head on Anon's shoulder, pressing your weight against him
  350. >You slowly pulled one of the blankets that you had wrapped around your body off of you, throwing it over all of your laps
  351. >Both Anon and Sunset said their thanks but you barely heard them, so comfy that you could hardly stand it
  352. >Anon was so warm...
  353. "Hmm..."
  354. >You yawned, nuzzling him
  355. >This was the first time that you had cuddled a stallion--no, cuddling your brother and dad when you were little didn’t count--and you had to say that you were liking it
  356. >Anon’s chest slowly rose and feel with each breath that he took
  357. >It you listened carefully, you could hear his heartbeat
  358. >You could feel his muscles tense and flex
  359. >And did you mention how nice he smelled?
  360. >Or how warm he was?
  361. >Because that was great...
  362. >Really, really great...
  363. >You covered your mouth with your hand as you yawned once again
  364. >The comfort you were feel quickly began to morph into something VERY unwanted
  365. >Exhaustion
  366. >The day's trials were finally starting to get to you...
  367. >It was becoming harder to keep your eyelids open...
  368. >You let out a low, frustrated whine
  369. >No!
  370. >You couldn't go to sleep now!
  371. >You might not ever get a chance like this again!
  372. >You had to stay awake!
  373. >You had to savor this!
  374. >You shook your head, tried to look up at the magic box to watch the little people running from the monster, you tried to wiggle and squirm and drum your fingers against your arms and then your legs
  376. >But it was no use...
  377. >The rise and fall of Anon's chest, his smell, the warmth coming off of his body, all of it was making you drift off to sleep
  378. >Minute by minute, you were slowly losing the battle
  379. >It was only a matter of time before you were fast asleep
  380. >...
  381. >But not yet!
  382. >First, you had to do something!
  383. >S-Something...
  384. >Rubbing your cheek against your c-cuddle buddy's shoulder, you looked up at Anon
  385. >He was staring straight ahead, looking at the magical box
  386. >Good...
  387. >Keeping your eyes glued to his face, you slipped an arm out of your blanket
  388. >Slowly, as not to catch his attention, you moved your hand toward his
  389. >Don't look please...
  390. >Please don't look...
  391. >Please don't look and PLEASE don't be mad...
  392. >The bottom of your palm slid past the bottom of his
  393. >You slipped your fingers in between the spaces of his fingers
  394. >Swallowing the heart in your throat, you gave your hand a little squeeze
  395. >Your hands were now intertwined...
  396. >You were now holding hands with a stallion...
  397. >...
  398. >Y-Yeah!
  399. >You had gotten t-to fifth base!
  400. >You tensed when you felt Anon shift against you
  401. >He was looking down at his hand
  402. >The hand that you were h-holding
  403. >His cheeks were a bit pink, you noticed, but he didn't look disgusted or outrage
  404. >Nope...
  405. >In fact, as the seconds ticked by, he started to smile
  406. >...
  408. >He looked happy...
  409. >...
  410. >Don't start crying...
  411. >D-Don't start crying p-please...
  412. "A-Anon?" you whispered, blinking away tears
  413. >Anon looked away from your hands and down at you
  414. >Sweet Celestia was he pretty...
  415. >"Yeah Twi?" he whispered back
  416. >You closed your eyes, giving his hand a squeeze
  417. > his hand squeezed back
  418. "T-Thank you," you murmured, closing your eyes. "Thank you..."
  421. >You stared down at Twilight as she closed her eyes and began to rub her cheek against your shoulder
  422. >She looked totally at ease around you
  423. >Content...
  424. >Happy...
  425. >With a smile on her face...
  426. >She sighed, leaning against you with a little more force
  427. >Her hand gave yours another squeeze, prompting you to look back down into your lap
  428. >A girl was holding your hand...
  429. >A girl was WILLING holding your hand...
  430. >Your chest puffed out slightly as a rush of joy filled you
  431. >YEAH!
  432. >You actually got to seventh base with a girl!
  433. >...Or something like that...
  434. >Handholding was one of those base thingies, right?
  435. >...
  436. >Yeah...
  437. >You were PRETTY sure that it was...
  438. >You released a sigh of your own, leaning back against the couch
  439. >This... this felt like a dream...
  441. >The kind of dream where you felt really, REALLY shitty when you woke up...
  442. >"Annnnnnoooon!" someone quietly whined
  443. >You looked away from Twi and turned toward Sunset
  444. >The bacon-haired girl had her head on your shoulder just like Twilight
  445. >She was looking up at you with those big, pretty blue eyes of hers
  446. >Her brow was furrowed slightly and her bottom lip was stick out
  447. >One of her hands was hovering near your free hand, eagerly opening and closing
  448. >...
  449. >What?
  450. >Sunset looked down at her hand, then back up at you
  451. >She then nudged her head toward it, looking at you expectantly
  452. >...
  453. >You still didn't get it...
  454. >Opening your mouth, you were just about to ask her what was wrong, when it finally came to you
  455. >She wanted to hold your hand too...
  456. >...
  457. >Ohhh yeah...
  458. >That made sense now that you thought about it...
  459. >Giving her a small smile, you reached over and grabbed her hand
  460. >Sunset's pout immediately turned into a smile as your fingers intertwined
  461. >"Thank you, Nonny," she cooed, rubbing her head against your neck, making a happy sound while she did so
  462. >You looked away from her, your smile widening even as a blush came to your face
  463. >Hold TWO girl's hands?
  464. >You were going to have to tell someone about this...
  465. >Your dad, your local preacher, the next person that you saw on the street...
  466. >SOMEONE
  467. "Y-You too," you whispered, immediately making a face
  468. >Sunset chuckled, giving your hand a squeeze
  469. >"What in harmony's name am I going to do with the two of you?"
  471. >"Twilight. Twilight."
  472. "..."
  473. >"Twilight. Twilight, wake up."
  474. "..."
  475. >"Come on, Twi. You need to get up. I need help."
  476. >You tried to ignore whoever the hay was trying to wake you up, burying your face into your warm, comfy pillow
  477. >Go away...
  478. >It's sleepytime...
  479. >"For Celestia's sake, Twilight!"
  480. >SLEEPY. TIME!
  481. >Your tormentor was quiet for a moment, leading you to believe that they had gone away to bother somepony else
  482. >Sadly, this theory was proved false when you felt a pinch on your arm
  483. >A hard, PAINFUL pinch
  484. >You violently twitched, your eyes snapping open
  485. "OW! you screeched. "Who the hay--thmp!"
  486. >A hand quickly clamped around your mouth, silencing you
  487. >You let out a yelp into the hand, your legs kicking
  488. >Stranger danger!
  489. >You were being attacked!
  490. >Quick, use your magic to...
  491. >SHIT!
  495. >"Shush! Shut it, Twi! And stop moving around like that! You're going to wake up Anon!"
  496. >At the mention of Anon, you froze
  497. >Blinking, you saw that Sunset was looming over you
  498. >It took a moment for everything to come crashing back
  499. >Anon, cuddles, handholding, falling asleep with your side pressed up against his
  501. >...
  502. >You looked over
  503. >There was Anon, fast asleep, his mouth partially opened as he quietly snored
  504. >...
  505. >YEAH!
  506. >It wasn't a bucking dream!
  507. >You instantly began squirming, a happy grin breaking out across your face
  508. >That thing you wanted to happen actually happened!
  509. >Aw yesh!
  510. >"Twilight?" Sunset whisper-yelled. "Twilight, you need to get up for a second!"
  511. >The smile on your face turned into a frown
  512. >But why...?
  513. >It was dark, and you had a qt stallion that you were snuggled up against
  514. "Mphfhp?"
  515. >Sunset's nose scrunched up
  516. >"Yes, you need to get up."
  517. "Mphphfhmf?"
  518. >"Because the power is out in the house and I need your help getting some firewood in the back."
  519. "...Mphfmhpmh?"
  520. >Frowning, Sunset reached her arm into your mass of blankets and grabbed you by the collar
  521. >"Just get up big baby! For Celestia's sake..."
  522. >Sunset tried to pull you to your feet, only for her to top halfway when she saw that you were still holding Anon's hand
  523. >...
  524. >Yesh...
  525. >Her frown deepened and a proud, sheepish smile came to your face
  526. >You let go of Anon's hand, being very careful not to wake him
  527. >Sunset then yanked you fully to your feet
  528. >"Let's get some of your blankets on Anon before we go to the kitchen," she said. "We don't want him getting cold while we're gone..."
  530. >You nodded, yawning
  531. "Alright..."
  532. >After the two of you had covered your bed buddy in blankets, Sunset dragged you to the kitchen
  533. >It was pitch dark in there and COLD
  534. >You shivered, hugging yourself
  535. "So what's going on?" you asked as Sunset made her way over to her closet. "Why did you wake me up? What's this about your power going out?"
  536. >Sunset threw open her closet door
  537. >"Take a look outside," she said, reaching for a thick coat
  538. >You did as she asked, looking out through the window by the sink
  539. >What you saw made your stomach do a flip
  540. >A blizzard was going on outside
  541. >A bad one
  542. >In fact, you couldn't even clearly see what was going on outside because of how hard it was snowing
  543. >You shivered again as Sunset slipped on her coat and produced a hat
  544. "Snow?" you muttered. "Why the hay is there snow? I thought that you said that the weather team said that it was going to be clear for the whole week."
  545. >Sunset threw a scarf around her neck and grabbed a pair of boots
  546. >"The weather teams here are a whole lot different from the ones back home," she said, grunting as she pulled on her shoes. "They aren't actually the ones that control the weather. They just try to predict what it's going to be."
  547. >You were about to open your mouth to protest, but then you remember what your friend had told you some time ago
  548. >Humans didn't control the weather here
  549. >The weather controlled itself...
  550. >"I was looking on my phone," Sunset continued as you stood there shivering. "Apparently the entire town is out of power because of this freak snow storm.
  551. >Pulling on her shoes, she reached back into the closet and grabbed another coat
  552. >"Here," she said, offering it to you. "It might be a little big but it'll keep you warm. There's a hat in one of the pockets, put that on too so your ears don't get cold."
  554. >You grabbed the jacket and began to put it on
  555. "Is the power going to come back o-on?" you asked while Sunset grabbed you something to put on your feet
  556. >"I don't know," you friend admitted, placing a pair of shoes in front of you before zipping up her jacket. "But I do know that we'll freeze our tails off if we don't keep that fire in the living room lit."
  557. >You looked back out through the window
  558. >You shivered, and not because of the cold
  559. "Is... is it safe?" you asked, pulling out a small wool cap from your jacket's pocket and putting it on your head
  560. >"My firewood is right on the back porch. We'll be fine," Sunset said, bumping her rump with yours. "The problem is that we need to be careful. If Anon wakes up and sees we're going he'll probably freeze himself half to death trying to get the firewood himself."
  561. "...Why would he go out by himself?" you asked
  562. >"For the same reasons why we'd want to go out there instead of a stallion," Sunset replied. "Now get those shoes on. We need to haul as much firewood in here as we can.
  563. >You didn't like human weather, you quickly found you, as you and Sunset made your outside
  564. >Back in Equestria, the wind didn't whip around this much
  565. >It didn't hit you with enough force to make snowflakes hurt, and it most certainly didn't make the air so cold that you could feel it down to your bones
  566. >Weather in Equestria was controlled, neat, tidy
  567. >The wind only blew so hard for so long and the amount of snow that you got had been planned ahead of time
  568. >This wasn't that
  569. >This was chaotic, wilder
  570. >When you stepped outside it felt as though the elements themselves didn't want you there
  571. >And it was bucking SCARY
  573. >Really, really scary
  574. >You and Sunset were only outside for ten minutes or so, but by the time the both of you had enough firewood for the night you were colder than you had ever been in your life, your hair was sticking up because of the wind, and there was snow in crevices that you didn’t even know that you had
  575. >But you and Sunset were mares
  576. >Scary weather or not, you had gotten the job done without complaint
  577. >The firewood had been brought from the back porch and into the kitchen and sat near the table where it could keep dry
  578. >The two of you went around the house, locking windows and placing towels at the bottom of doors to help keep the heat in
  579. >After that you had gone around and gotten every pillow and blanket that you could find in the house and brought it into the living room
  580. >With the power out, and a storm going on outside, the rest of the house was far too cold to sleep anywhere else but by the fire
  581. >But there also wasn’t enough room on the couch for the three of you to sleep together
  582. >After talking a bit, you and Sunset decided that sleeping on the floor would be the best
  583. >You had also talked about the need for sharing body heat, fire or not
  584. >...
  585. >Soooooo…
  586. >That meant that you had to get Anon off the couch and onto the floor
  587. >NOT because you wanted to take advantage of a sleeping stallion
  588. >Oh sweet Celestia no!
  589. >These c-cuddles were to keep him from getting sick or, Luna forbid, frostbite
  591. >So, after you had stacked some logs a few feet from the fireplace and covered the floor with pillows and blankets, you and Sunset--who was shivering and slightly blue just like you-- stood before Anon
  592. >The stallion was just as you had left him
  593. >His eyes were closed and his mouth was partially opened
  594. >He looked peaceful as he sat there, bundled up in blankets
  595. >Peaceful and vulnerable…
  596. >...
  597. >N-Not that you’d do anything t-to him!
  598. >N-Never!
  599. >You were a good filly!
  600. >A good one!
  601. >“Alright!” Sunset muttered tiredly, blowing a bit of her hair out of her face. “Now let's get him off of the couch. Mama needs some shuteye.”
  602. “So how are we going to do this?” you asked, carefully eying Anon. “I don’t want him freaking out if he wakes up and sees what we’re doing…”
  603. >And there wouldn’t be a reason for him to freak out because YOU WEREN’T DOING ANYTHING BAD!
  604. >YOU WEREN’T!
  605. >Sunset hummed, walking over to Anon and placing a hand against his cheek
  606. >”Hey, Anon, hey,” she said, giving his cheek a few light pats. “Anon, hey Anon, I’m completely naked right now. If you open your eyes right now you’ll be able to sneak a peek.”
  607. >...
  608. >No she wasn’t…
  609. >Reeling back her hand, Sunset slapped Anon’s cheek with a little more force
  610. >You nearly jumped out of your pajamas
  611. >Whatthebuckwasthatfillydoing?!
  613. >To your horror, Anon twitched
  614. >His eyes opened slightly, and a very uncoltlike snort escaped his throat
  615. >”Whatza?” he muttered. “I don’t have any Captain America gummies, Mr. Dinosaur…”
  616. >Smacking his lips together, he leaned back against the couch
  617. >His eyes once again slipped closed and his breathing became slow and steady
  618. >Sunset looked over her shoulder at you
  619. > “He’s not gonna get up,” she said, waving you over. “Come on over and grab his legs so we can pick him up.”
  620. >You looked Anon up and down, half expecting him to open his eyes any second as Sunset began to pull the blankets off of him
  621. >But he didn’t
  622. >He kept sleeping
  623. >...
  624. >Huh…
  625. >He must have been a heavy sleeper…
  626. >That was useful to--GET HIM OFF THE COUCH!
  628. >GOOD MARE!
  630. “O-Okay...
  631. >Dryly swallowing, you walked over toward the couch and grabbed Anon’s legs like Sunset asked
  632. >She, in turn, hook her arms underneath his armpits
  633. >”Alright. On the count of three we’ll pick him up and carry him to the middle of the pillow pile. Don’t drop him, and don’t trip over anything.”
  634. >You nodded
  635. “Alright, I’m ready,” you said, getting a good grip on his legs
  637. >”One… Two… Three!”
  638. >The two of you grunt as you picked Anon up and carried him to the middle of your sea of pillows
  639. > “Sweet Celestia… he’s heavier... than he looks…”
  640. “There’s nothing… wrong with a… stallion that has… a little meat on… his bones, Sunset.”
  641. >Being as careful as you could, the two of you laid him down
  642. >Other than a nonsensical mumbled, Anon didn’t stir
  643. >With your job done, both you and Sunset looked at each other
  644. >The fire crackled, shadows dancing across your exhausted faces
  645. > “So what do you want to be, Twi?” she asked, a grin coming to her face. “Big spoon or little spoon?”
  646. >...
  647. >You opened your mouth
  648. >You then closed your mouth
  649. >Oh…
  650. >You didn’t consider that when you had to sleep with Anon--in a total innocent way of course--that you ACTUALLY had to sleep with him
  651. >His body pressed against yours…
  652. >...
  653. >OhbuckingCelestia!
  654. “U-Um… why don’t you pick first?” you lamely suggested, placing your hands behind your back and looking down at your feet
  655. >Sunset chuckled, carefully stepped over Anon and wrapping her arms around your neck
  656. >You opened your mouth to ask her what the HAY she was doing, but before you could she kissed you on the nose
  657. >Then she did it again and again and again in rapid succession
  659. “S-Sunset?! What the h-heck are you d-doing?!”
  660. >You tried to pull away, but Sunset was too strong
  661. >She held you in place, kissing your nose, then your cheeks and jaw as you began to squirm in embarrassment
  662. > “Pick what you want to be, Twi,” she said in between kisses. “Pick or I’m going to keep kissing you until you do.”
  663. “S-Stop it!”
  664. > “If you’re going to keep being adorable then I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine.”
  665. “B-But this is gay. Our t-teats are t-touching...”
  666. >”Don’t care. Now pick.”
  667. >More kisses
  668. >”Pick.”
  669. >Even more kisses
  670. >”Pick.”
  671. >From another dimension away, you could feel your mother’s disappointment
  672. >”Pic--”
  673. “I-I wanna b-be the little spoon! I wanna b-be the l-little s-spoon!” you squeaked, finally managing to push your arms between you and Sunset so that you could cover your face. “N-Now stop it!”
  674. >With another giggle, Sunset pressed her lips against the back of your hand before stepping away from you
  675. >”Okie dokie,” she chirped, turning toward the couch.” Go ahead and lay down then. I’ll grab these blankets and toss a couple of logs into the fire, then I’ll join you
  676. >You stared hard at your friend, your nose scrunched up and your face redder than a tomato
  677. >D-Dyke...
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