Alone Amongst the Wolves 3

Aug 27th, 2017
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  1. >"Come on Anon! You're doing good! Pick up those feet! One-two, one-two!"
  2. >It was a very hot day out on Canterlot high's track
  3. >That hot humidity that made a guy want to just stay inside with the air conditioning on blast
  4. >People shouldn't be outside in this weather, but here you were, not only out here in the hot, horrible sun, but running
  6. >Mrs. Spitfire, your gym teacher, must have had a very bad morning because, for some reason or another, she had brought you and the rest of the class out here to do laps
  7. >A lot of laps
  8. >Too many fucking laps
  9. >Surprisingly however, most of the other kids didn't seem all that bothered by the heat or humidity
  10. >Sure, everyone was sweating like pigs, but pretty much everyone was at least jogging
  11. >You weren't jogging because you weren't used to this bullshit weather
  12. >All of your life you had lived in a place where it only got really hot once or twice in the whole year
  13. >You could barely breath as you trekked along the track
  14. >With each step you could feel the sun beating down on you
  15. >Sweat was pouring off you in buckets, and you could feel one hell of a headache coming on
  16. >Fucking bullshit...
  17. >"Come on, Anon," Caramel said, giving you a little nudge in the back. "You're doing great! Just a few more laps!"
  18. >"Yeah, you're doing fantastic, bud," Flash said as he smoothly jogged right beside you. "Just keep your head up and remember to breath."
  19. >"YEAH!" Bulk roared in front of you as he threw up his arms
  20. >Like usual, your buddies were crowded around you but, because they were increasingly paranoid about your safety around school's women, they, as a collective group, had decided to get a little more serious
  21. >Each one of them was wearing police-style riot gear, complete with batons and shields
  22. >You had no idea where they had gotten the stuff
  23. >When you had asked them about it all they did was change the subject
  24. >Still, the gear seemed to be working
  27. >Not a single beautiful, grabby girl had tried to make a pass at you for the last few days
  28. >No tits rubbing against your body, no groping, no pretty, bosomy girls trying to sit in your lap
  29. >...
  30. >Yeah...
  31. >You did your best to wipe the sweat out of your eyes as you shambled forward
  32. >You might have said something to your buddies--maybe a playful fuck you for how easily they seemed to be carrying that armor while you were dying in just a t-shirt and shorts--but if you would have done that you'd have probably passed out
  33. >Your lungs were on fire
  34. >No matter what you did you couldn't catch your breath
  35. >After this was all over you were pretty sure that you were going to be so sunburnt that you wouldn't get out of bed tomorrow morning
  36. >But still, despite all of this, you kept putting one foot in front of the other
  37. >You were NOT going to fucking pass out
  38. >You were a man dammit, not some asthma-riddled nerd!
  39. >You could do this!
  40. >Yeah you fucking could!
  41. >Just a couple more minutes and this hell would be all over!
  42. >Then you could take a shower, drink your body weight in water, and take the mother of all naps during your study hall next period!
  43. >You gritted your teeth and, against your better judgement, you increased your pace from a drunken shamble to what might have been considered a jog
  44. >"There you go! Show us your stuff boy!" Flash cheered
  45. >"Atta boy, Nonny!" Thunderlane added, giving your back a slap
  46. >You ignored the two of them, just keeping your eyes straight ahead
  47. >You also made sure to ignore the winged warrior maidens standing on either side of the track
  48. >And all of the big, burly viking men drinking and screaming at wooden tables
  49. >...
  50. >And that weird polka dotted chinese dragon
  51. >You had no time for that shit
  52. >Just keep your feet moving
  53. >If you kept your feet moving you'd be fine
  54. >Probably
  55. >Since you and your little group--though you were giving it your all-- were going about as slow as you could without walking, you had people passing by you
  57. >Every single one of them were girls
  58. >All of them were wearing sports bras and shorts so small and tight that they left nothing to the imagination
  59. >Usually, you'd have loved to just sit back and take in the sights, but those viking guys really looked like they wanted you to sit with them, and you REALLY didn't like how that weird dragon was looking at you
  60. >So you were focused on jogging and nothing else
  61. >In fact, you were so focused on the task at hand you didn't notice Rainbow jog past your little group
  62. >The rainbow-haired girl, as quick as a whip, darted behind Flash, breaking the little defensive circle around you
  63. >"HEY!" Flash yelled, looking over his shoulder at her. "What are you--?"
  64. >Grinning, Rainbow brushed past you, giving Bulk's ass a squeeze before slipping right past Caramel
  65. >Bulk, the mountain of a man that he was, let out a surprised shriek, jumping into the air while the other guys gasped in surprise
  66. >Before anyone could make a move toward her however, Rainbow was racing down the track
  67. >"Rainbow! You fatherfucker!" Thunderlane snapped, charging after her with his baton at the ready. "Get back here!"
  68. >Bulk, about as red as could be, raced after him
  69. >"Come on! Let's get that fucking pig!" Caramel shrieked, giving Flash a nudge before lowering his helmet and taking off too
  70. >Flash, at the very least, giving you a worried glance before dashing off to help chase after Rainbow
  71. >You, of course, continued moving at your slow but steady pace
  72. "Running... like a... slave... sweating... like a... sinner... but I'm... not no... motherfucking... quitter... Whoo..."
  73. >You didn't notice as bodies began to line up on either side of you
  74. >Someone ran right in front of you, as did someone make their way behind you, effectively surrounding you
  75. >If you would have been in the right state of mind to take a notice of your surroundings, you would have noticed that every single person around you was a girl
  76. >And not only that they were all grinning
  78. "Nobody... knows the... trouble I've... been through... nobody knows... my misery..."
  79. >The group veered off to the right
  80. >You, pinned on all sides, were forced to follow them
  81. "Run all... day... run till the... sun sets... run till... the runs.... holy... fucking shit..."
  82. >The girls picked up their pace a bit
  83. >You, seeing vikings at your heels trying to spill ale all over you, went as fast as you were able
  84. >Not to far away from you was a little shed
  85. >The girls' smiles widened at the sight of it
  86. >"Come on, we're almost there! Let's get this cutie tucked away before anyone sees!"
  87. >Hands pressed against your back, helping you move a little quicker
  88. >The girl in front of you raced forward
  89. >She grabbed the shed's door and threw it open, motioning you to go inside
  90. >And so you were half led, half pushed into a small shed with a group of girls
  91. >The blinding light of the sun suddenly became darkness
  92. >Your nose scrunched up and you blinked, thinking that the dragon had gotten you
  93. >Or maybe that weird floating duck with the water gun and sparklers...
  94. >However, as your eyes slowly became accustomed to the lack of light, you noticed that you were standing in a place filled with sports equipment
  95. >Poles, shot put balls and disks, javelins. those thingys that you jump over
  96. >In the corner of the room was a mesh bag filled with uniforms that you could smell from here
  97. >But none of that fucking mattered
  98. >None of it
  99. >Because, right next to a small window on the other side of the shed, was a big orange container
  100. >The very same container you knew they kept water and horse-person gatorade
  101. >As the girls closed the door behind them, a few of them began to chuckle
  102. >One of the, a grinning Cloudchaser, stepped in front of you
  103. >"Well, well, well, it looks like we finally have you all to our--"
  104. >You grabbed the girl by the shoulders
  105. >With a herculean effort, you picked her up in the air and moved her a few inches to the right
  107. >Then, licking your very, VERY dry lips, you marched over to the container
  108. >Come on baby...
  109. >Give daddy some good news...
  110. >You unscrewed the top of the container, tossing the top over your shoulder before poking your head inside
  111. >What you saw inside nearly brought tears to your eyes
  112. >It was water
  113. >You had no idea how long it had been sitting in here in this hot ass shed, but it was water
  114. >The nectar of life
  115. >The rejuvenator
  116. >The most holy of holies
  117. >You didn't hesitate
  118. >Grabbing the containers handles, you lifted the thing up and tilted it back
  119. >Water rushed out, soaking your entire body, but you didn't care
  120. >You drank as fast as you could, your eyes slowly slipping closed
  121. >You drank and drank and drank
  122. >Once or twice you dunked your head into the water, trying to clean the sweat from your face
  123. >Eventually, after far too little time, the stream of water dribbled out and the container emptied
  124. >Breathing hard, and with a belly full of water, you tossed the container away
  125. >You then pulled your soaking wet shirt off, a smile coming to your face, and sat down heavily
  126. "I... needed that...
  127. >Pressing your back against the wall, you let out a sigh
  128. >A few moments passed as you just sat there, recollecting your senses
  129. >It wasn't until after that did you notice where you were
  130. >You blinked, looking around at the open-mouthed and wide-eyes girls around you
  131. "Um... what? What the hell am I doing here?" you asked. "Where did the fellas go?"
  132. >That seemed to bring the girls out of their stupor
  133. >Cloudchaser cleared her throat, taking a few steps toward you
  134. >"You don't need to worry about them big guy. You're here with us now."
  135. >"Yeah, and we're gonna take REAL good care of you," Cloudy Skies added, licking her lips as she eyed your bare chest
  136. >"Real good care," Flitter said, walking over and placing a hand on your shoulder
  137. >As she gave it a squeeze, you looked her up and down
  138. >Long, toned legs greeted you, as well as a well muscled tummy
  140. >Her boobs were nothing to write home about--none of the girls surrounding you were higher than a b-cup--but their nice legs and cute little butts were more than enough to make you perk up
  141. "Oh, is this another one of those kidnapping sex things?" you asked, a small smile coming to your face
  142. >With a chuckle, Cloudchaser bent over and booped your nose
  143. >"That's right big guy. You're all ours now," she cooed. "And we're not leaving here until we've drained all of the cum from those cute little nuts of yours~"
  144. >Your smile widened just a little more
  145. >You got water, were out of that fucking sun, and had a bunch of pretty, glistening, barely clothed girls ready to molest you?
  146. >Fucking neat!
  147. >Cloudchaser put both hands on your shoulders
  148. >"Now why don't you be a good little boy and sit still while momma has her fun huh?" she asked. "I promise that I'll make you--"
  149. >"Hang on, Cloudy," one of the girls said. "Why the fuck do you get to go first?"
  150. >Cloudchaser froze, standing up and whipping around to look at the girl
  151. >"What are you talking about, Stream Line? I was always supposed to go first!"
  152. >"I don't remember that being part of the plan," another girl said, crossing her arms against her chest
  153. >Cloudchaser frowned
  154. >"Well tough shit. I'm the one that make the plan so I'm going first."
  155. >The girl tried to turn back to you, only for Flitter to stop her
  156. >"What the hell are you talking about, Cloudy? You didn't have anything to do with the fucking plan!"
  157. >Cloudchaser slapped her sister's hand away
  158. >"Are you kidding me? This whole thing was my idea!"
  159. >"No it wasn't, it was all of our plan!"
  160. >"Nah-uh! I'm the one that had the idea for Rainbow to--"
  161. >"Bullshit! That was my idea!"
  162. >"Oh fuck you Fleetfoot! You couldn't idea your way out of a paper bag!"
  163. >That was the straw that broke the camel's back
  164. >The other girls surged forward, frowns on their faces and their chests puffed out
  165. >They started arguing, shouting, there was even a shoving match or two
  167. >You frowned as well, looking all around
  168. "Um, ladies? Why don't you all just take turns? I'm sure I can get to each of you--"
  169. >Your voice was drowned out as the arguing escalated into full fledge screaming matches
  170. >"FUCK YOU, FLITTER!"
  172. >"OH FUCK YOU!
  173. >"FUCK YOU!"
  174. >You let out a groan, lightly smacking the back of your head against the wall
  175. >Goddammit...
  176. >From beside you, you saw the shed's window open
  177. >A second later, a very anxious Bulk poked his head inside
  178. >He looked around until he saw you
  179. >Eyes widening, he reached over and grabbed you by the arm
  180. >You gave no resistance as the giant of a man bodily lifted you up and pulled you out of the shed
  181. >You closed your eyes, letting out a sigh as the horrible sun was once again doing it's best to murder you
  182. >Hello darkness my old friend...
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