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  1. Update v1.5.0:
  2. adds the new Roundtrip DLC.
  4. Update v1.4.5:
  5. Added: Two new movement programs for the "Bounce Machine"
  6. Improved: Visitors and staff should now be less stuttering
  7. Improved: The brake of the "Bounce Machine" should now grip better
  8. Fixed: The selection of the last colors did not work correctly with the logo
  9. Fixed: When certain steering wheels or joysticks are connected, the screen turns black.
  10. Fixed: Program selection at the "Bounce Machine" didn't work correctly with keyboard
  11. Fixed: The "Navmesh" of the "Bounce Machine" was too high in some places (visitors a bit in the air)
  12. Fixed: Occasionally visitors went into the driving area of the "Bounce Machine
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