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  1. Update v1.6.0:
  2. MP3 streaming
  3. We know you waited quite some time for this. You can now throw in MP3 files in your custom jingle and music folder. We hope this makes customizing the game a bit easier for you.
  5. Two more virtual reality rides
  6. We implemented the "Discus" and "Danger Zone" rides as virtual reality rides.
  8. New ride: Salsa
  9. We added the "Salsa" ride on the latest fairground tile. It is part of the "Salsa" DLC.
  11. Here's another tip: You'll get a good additional discount if you buy the Ultimate Edition.
  14. Other changes
  15. Improved: Model of backwall of "Rising Sun" ride
  16. Improved: Improved positioning of orbit cameras on "Roundtrip" ride.
  17. Fixed: Parking on the "Roundtrip" now also moves floor plates.
  18. Fixed: "Rising Sun" had no light in the control booth
  19. Fixed: People walking in very small steps when going to pizza or sausage booth
  20. Fixed: People didn't properly dequeue at the cashbox of roundtrip rides
  21. Fixed: On some rides it was not possible to use flags anymore
  23. Update v1.5.0:
  24. adds the new Roundtrip DLC.
  26. Update v1.4.5:
  27. Added: Two new movement programs for the "Bounce Machine"
  28. Improved: Visitors and staff should now be less stuttering
  29. Improved: The brake of the "Bounce Machine" should now grip better
  30. Fixed: The selection of the last colors did not work correctly with the logo
  31. Fixed: When certain steering wheels or joysticks are connected, the screen turns black.
  32. Fixed: Program selection at the "Bounce Machine" didn't work correctly with keyboard
  33. Fixed: The "Navmesh" of the "Bounce Machine" was too high in some places (visitors a bit in the air)
  34. Fixed: Occasionally visitors went into the driving area of the "Bounce Machine
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