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  1. before
  3.       notes : hi thanks for taking the time to read my form!
  4.       slot's theme song : g.o.a.t. - princess nokia
  6. basics
  8.        username : AESTYUKHEIC
  9.        password : spirited away
  10.        slot : blue
  11.        backup slot : black
  12.        face claim : yeeun - clc
  13.        back up face claim : eunwoo - pristin
  15. personal
  17.        name : yato koa
  18.        nickname(s) : koko - her mother and family since she was a hectic child
  19.        alias : none
  20.        age : 20
  21.        birthday : october 30th
  23.        ethnicity : japanese
  25. more about you
  27.        background : koa lived a relatively normal life in okinawa. she had a good life considering but she’s always been a handful. she broke things on purpose to cure her boredom. she was possessive over her family members. she often when to the beach when she was young which was when she realized she had to ability to control water. she didn’t tell anyone or show it to others for year and would often go to the cliff and play with the water. she becamed detached from her family as she got older she made her into the dark person she is now. her family became worried when she would find the antique swords and play with them when she was a pre-teen. she found them fun. not to mention when her family found out she had the ability to control water they freaked out. due to oddness of the child her parents sent her to live with relatives that were off the island and near tokyo. she was unsatisfied with the life she was living on the main land so she just ran away. she became a criminal since after dropping out of high school she didn’t know what else she could to do. it also entrain her and gave her what she wanted and needed in life which was excitement.
  28.        special conditions : allergic to strawberries
  30. appearance
  32.        height : 163cm
  33.        weight : 50kg
  34.        what does someone think when they
  35.        first meet your slot? : they are imitated by her since she always have that look that could kill. they think she’s mean which she can be but they also think she’s remarkably pretty.
  37. personality
  39.       personality : she’s incredibly possessive so when someone hurts someone she loves or steals them away she gets jealous. when she gets jealous she breaks out in rampages. she’s quiet but they always say the quiet ones are the most deadly. she’s observant so she notices when things are off. she also very stubborn and won’t give up on things like payback easily. she can very rude and mean to new people without even intending to do so. she incredibly manipulative so she can what she wants like flirting with the security guards to let her out. if that doesn’t work she’ll do it the hard way. she’s very short of temper and doesn’t have patience’s whatsoever. she can disappear without warning causing a fuss until people get use to it. she’s a strong girl that has a good head on her shoulders. she very good at controlling her powers too. she’s protective of the people she loves even if she hates admitting that she loves them.
  41. ›the color black
  42. ›astrology
  43. ›chokers
  44. ›legends
  45. ›the beach
  46. ›polaroids
  47. ›fighting others
  48. ›swords
  49. ›aesthetic
  50. ›studio ghibli
  51. ›sea otters
  52. ›seals
  53.       dislikes :
  54. ›rats
  55. ›spiders
  56. ›fire
  57. ›lava
  58. ›crying
  59. ›hot summer days
  60. ›the law
  61.       trivia :
  62. ›she rides a motorcycle
  63. ›she’s dyslexic
  64. ›she’s pansexual
  65. ›has a strange addiction to eating cereal
  66. ›she had a tattoo on her wrist of no-face
  67. ›obsession with harley quinn
  68.       habits : ›bouncing her leg up and down out of boredom
  69.       flaws : ›manipulative
  70. ›possessive
  71. ›stubborn
  72. ›rude/mean
  73. ›impulsive
  74. ›ill temper
  75.       strengths : ›observant
  76. ›protective
  77. ›good at combat
  78. ›strong
  79.       weaknesses : ›easily jealous
  80. ›not good with words
  81. ›gets mad easily
  82. ›gets bored easily
  84. powers
  86.       power : water
  87.       how does it work? : they can control water and the water in people’s blood but she uses water more often then not since controlling people by the water in their blood takes a lot more energy which she need.
  88.       how does your character fight? : they are impulsive so they just go straight in
  89.       how does the slots power match their
  90.       personality? : she was raised by the ocean so she took advantage of it. she’s gotten good at control since she’s had to deal with it for fifteen years and wouldn’t ask for any other power because she loves the water. the water is cold and loose just like her and can do a lot more damage then expected.
  91.       weaknesses : ›fire
  92. ›lava
  93. ›anything that involves hot things
  94.       strengths : ›water
  95. ›blood
  96. ›hand to hand combat
  99. questions
  101.       how did your slot feel about becoming
  102.       a criminal at first? :
  103. she was very thrilled when she first became one. she never knew a professional could be so fun and bring so much joy. she was happy to find her calling.
  104.       how do they feel about it now? :
  105. she still finds it bringing joy to her. she could never hate it because it brings so much excitement and fun into her life. she still can’t get enough
  106.       would they trade their life for a   
  107.       'normal' one if they could? : not at all, she couldn’t live life without dying of boredom. she likes her life just the way it is.
  108.       which slot does your slot get along
  109.       with the most, and the least? : she gets along with purple the most because they both like fighting and are adrenaline junkies. she gets along with pink the least since the girl is too soft for her taste.
  111. love interest
  113.       love interest : jaehyun
  114.       back up : johnny
  115.       their power : water
  116.       background : he lived a normal life and he powers his whole life which he knew about. his parents didn’t know until one day the walk in on him controlling water like it was no big deal. it kind of explained why whenever they left him alone that the carpet was soaking wet. you best be believe they put him in a situation where he had to train these powers which how he became so good at it. his parents then put him in the middle of it all by making him a superhero which he signed up for but he had no say. the only reason he continued doing the whole superhero thing is because he was getting hoes and he still lowkey hates being a superhero because he’s responsible for people’s lives
  117.       personality : he’s tries his best. he means well doesn’t do well. he’s good at fighting and controlling his power. he’s clumsy so even in the process of saving the city he also helps destroy it a little bit. he can be too sensitive at times whenever he gets yelled at for break something. he’s  nice to people even if they are rude and obviously hate him. he is also is a flirt but for the reason to fluster others and entertain himself on the job. he also thinks if he is sweet on the opponent it will make it easier for him to win.
  119. ›sleeping
  120. ›pickup lines
  121. ›winning
  122. ›flirting in general
  123.       dislikes :
  124. ›losing
  125. ›being yelled at
  126. ›responsibilities
  127. ›having powers
  128.       trivia :
  129. ›he has a big ego
  130. ›he drinks after a long day of fighting to loosen up
  131. ›he can’t his priorities straight
  132. ›he got a date every week
  133. ›a bisexual king
  134. ›wants a normal life
  135. ›about ready to quit because he can’t take shit no more
  136.       habits :
  137. ›he bites his lips a lot
  139. together
  141.       your first impression : he was really cute but she couldn’t like a good guy. she kept getting distracted by him and couldn’t take it. her manipulative side came out and just controlled the water in his blood to get him away. she’s was really flustered by him and didn’t like the feeling
  142.       his first impression : he thought she was bitch and it was going to be hard to crack her with his flirting, in his eyes it was hard. he was really impressed with what she could do. he wanted to know how she could control him because he really hated the fact that he wasn’t winning between the two of them.
  143.       how does your slot feel about your love
  144.       interest? :
  145. really hates him in the beginning and then she realized that she was crushing on him toward the middle and her feelings just grew stronger in the end.
  146.       what's your relationship at the end? : at the end maybe they start dating.
  148. after
  150.      suggested scenes : ›the two teams fighting against each other
  151. ›jaehyun sneaking around headquarters to talk to her.
  153.      missing : -
  154.      my message to you : thank you for
  155.      participating in my apply fic ! i wish you
  156.      good luck in being accepted and i hope
  157.      you love this story nonetheless. thank
  158.      you !!!
  159.      your message to me : if you need me to change anything or if you don’t get something just let me know i can’t and/or explain. anyway good luck writing and getting forms! thank you. i thoroughly enjoyed the idea of this story.
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