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  1.  ☾ NEVERLAND | 청소년 ☽
  2. ✮  ✮
  4. username: opt1mus
  6. name: min sanghee
  8. slot ( +backup ): zoinks + jinkies
  10. age: october 31, 1994
  12. gender: female
  14. physical description + faceclaim ( select a backup ): sanghee has very pale and delicate skin. she sunburns easily and bruises even more so. she has long, flaming red hair that is usually kept loose in soft waves that tumble down to her lower shoulder blades. her wardrobe is spontaneously colourful, which is ironic because it’s a stark contrast from her personality. She likes to experiment with different types of clothing, making funky fashion statements. there is also a small, faded scar on the right corner of her upper lip. krystal jung or (+irene bae)
  16. birthplace: buk-gu, busan, south korea
  18. hometown: buk-gu, busan, south korea
  20. ethnicity: korean
  22. nationality: korean
  24. ✮  ✮
  26. personality : sanghee is like the girl version of modern day sherlock, minus the high-functioning sociopath symptoms and is replaced with tactless cynicism. at first glance, you may think that she’s a bright and colourful young lady, but behind all the glitz and glam, she is one of the most dangerous person you’ll meet: she knows you better than you know yourself. she’s observant, sharp, and is what others deem as strange. she has spent her life being in the role of the observer (or an infallible bullshit-detector) and as such has learned to pick up on some of the more subtle nuances of body language, mull over the words of others—weighing them, analyzing the intentions and meanings behind them, contemplating how truthful they are, etc. sanghee proves to be a startlingly skeptical individual and rarely takes things at face value.  
  28. sanghee also has the unnerving habit of analyzing the people she meets, scrutinizing them from head to toe and for a good minute she is able deduce what kind of person she’s dealing with. and what makes it even worse is that she has no filter, meaning she will say what comes to her head especially when you get caught up in a heated argument with her. “...a divorced supermarket cashier working a
  29. s a night-time bartender with three kids at home. has a mild alcoholic problem. oh have you started to wear your ring again because the suitors list has been blowing up lately?” is just an example of how absolutely blunt this girl is, who almost received a strike to the face until the woman’s colleague held her back from doing so.
  31. on the bright side, sanghee also gives really good advice...if she isn’t so insensitive. Take when her friend’s dog passed away as an example. she won’t give her a hug or tell her what she wants to hear, min sanghee will delve into a lesson of that everything is meant to come to an end and that life’s purpose is ultimately death. yes, she offers the best counseling.
  33. not only she’s a “ball of sunshine”, sanghee is also very eccentric. she’s always up to mischief and will surprise people with what she does in her free time. at first glance, she already seems the type to engage in outlandish activities.
  37. background ( min. 3 sentences, a good paragraph): sanghee grew up at an orphanage as long as she could remember, until a psychology professor adopted her and brought her into his home. there, sanghee had no problem adjusting to her new life because what attracted her attention was a massive library with mounds of books for her to read from. at the orphanage, there was only a limited selection of books and even then, she had to fight with other children for it. her new ‘father’ had become a mentor for her, always teaching her to be more observant and using the five senses to her advantage while doing so. being homeschooled may seem appealing at first but when loneliness hits, it’s hard to cope with. with her father’s constant absence from home due to work, had left her to befriend the housekeeper, madam lee, her favourite ginger cat, doobi, and even her tutor that she didn’t really like at first. after a few years of staying cooped up in her home, sanghee is then told to attend high school where she can finally act like a normal teenager and make friends, wear uniforms, and such. school was a totally new experience for her and she took some time to adjust. her teachers knew of her situation and helped her along the way, which she is grateful of. sanghee always raised her hand up in class, always did her homework diligently, and scored the highest on every test. but what didn’t occur to her was how judgemental and stigmatic society was. sanghee wasn’t familiar with interacting with people her age, having been isolated in her home for many years, which made her fall victim to her classmates’ bullying. they treated her like garbage and made her feel like she was worthless because of the way she talked, of how she’s a teacher’s pet, and that she’s a homeschooled freak. in short, they were jealous of her. jealous of how she knew the answer to every answer, of how she’s always lauded by the teachers. over the course of the years, sanghee grew numb to their tauntings because she got used to it and she learned that in order for them to stop teasing her, she needed a stronger mentality and to stop crying over little things. sanghee hated what society had done to her and she stopped caring about social norms because if she did, then she’s vulnerable again. and that’s when they’re going to get to her.
  39. family & friends : professor jung junho, 46, 8/10. sanghee and junho had developed a close kinship, almost like real father-daughter relationship. junho is her therapist and if she needs to rant to anyone, it’s him be it through phone and even to the extent of purchasing a ticket back to korea even if she’s on vacation in canada. he’s the only one that she trusts, aside from herself.
  41. madam lee, 53, 9/10. being with her since childhood, sanghee treated madam lee like her own mother. she’s caring, gentle, and very forgiving—characteristics that sanghee lacked and would like to improve on. she’s a role model to her, aside from her father, and she’s one of the two people she deeply cares about.
  43. relationship with other slots: she is probably the closest to jinkies out of all the girls because she somewhat reminds of of madam lee. as a matter of getting along with the crowd...well let’s say she makes their blood boil with her hastily blunt remarks and her ‘habitual analyzations’. however as her character slowly matures
  44. and actually get to know them not just by her freaky sherlock-scanning, she begins to open to them more and you know, becoming more tactful in the process.
  46. fears/weaknesses ( min. 5 ):
  47. — she’s afraid of losing those she love like her dad, madam lee, doobi, and the girls (eventually)
  48. — she has a lot of weaknesses, and one of them is trying to not offend others because her words, though unaware of it, cut like knives.
  49. — has a fear of elevators because she was trapped in one for five hours at a mall. she prefer to use the stairs or escalators, but she’s getting better at coping with it.
  50. — she’s talks A SHITTON and needs to be told to shut up.
  51. — she has this fear of people accusing her of thievery because she’s scared that when she’s picking locks to her own house, someone might mistaken her of being a robber.
  52. — she’s really negative even though she doesn’t seem like it and always seem to pick out all the bad things that contradicts the good.
  54. strengths ( max 4 ):
  55. — she’s very calm and collected even in dangerous situations like being trapped in an elevator, even though she’s scared shitless on the inside.
  56. — she speaks the truth when giving advice to others and ‘tries’ to be more sensitive with her words.
  59. likes ( min. 5 ):
  60. — honey butter chips is her comfort food
  61. — dark roast coffee with no additives
  62. — cooler weather
  63. — alone time : to think without distractions
  64. — online shopping
  67. dislikes ( min 5. ):
  68. — oh man. sanghee really dislikes overbearing physical contact. in general she generally dislikes being touched. it's not a trust or trauma induced thing - she just doesn't like people encroaching in on her space. She will tolerate it from those closest to her really and will not physically lash out in protest- but she will definitely not be one to initiate skinship
  69. — yoghurt. if asked she will cite being lactose intolerant, but she eats ice cream though…
  70. — hot weather
  71. — when people jump to conclusions
  72. — prawns: she’s allergic to them
  75. habits:
  76. — analyzing people and telling them about the information she’s gathered, consequently freaking them out in the process
  78. — she has a habit of wearing an oversized t-shirt that reaches to her knee and will not put on a pair of pants after she takes a shower in the house, unless there are guests over.
  80. — drawing happy faces on her bandages
  82. — when she is distressed or is homesick, she will start cleaning the dorm for a few hours and talk to her sigmund freud poster.
  84. — when she sleeps, sanghee curls up on her side and usually grabs onto whatever is closest to her. pillows, blankets, plushies, humans. whatever is closest.
  86.  — when irritated or angered, it is common for her to don a cheshire smile, complete with a distinct lack of warmth in her eyes.
  88.  — is prone to softly hum to herself while engaged in mundane activities like cleaning, cooking, or even just going about folding her laundry. she doesn't always realize she doing so either
  90. — when she’s playing video games, she likes to wrap a blue headband around around her head that says “ALL KILL”.
  92. — on her birthday, halloween, she goes all out with the decorations and costumes and will not hesitate to plant giant tarantulas around the dorm to freak the girls out
  94. hobbies:
  95. — for some odd reason, she likes to pick locks. others may find it strange that she likes to break into her own house, room, or wherever there’s a door, but she just finds it enjoyable.
  97. — likes to go to different places (streets, hospitals, schools..) and make blueprints, buy lego blocks in bulks and recreate the area with them. she really likes geography and architectural design.
  99. — people watching is a fun past time for sanghee. she can derive a good bit of amusement from it.
  101. — likes to go to salons to look through their magazines, not necessarily there to get a trim or anything
  103. — shopping for clothes to add to her monstrous-sized closet
  105. — solves sudoku puzzles in the washroom
  107. trivia:
  109. — she has a pretty good memory/almost eidetic and can remember places she’s been to (and recreates them with lego blocks)
  111. skills ( min 2. ): she can play the violin really well.
  113. hopes & dreams: she dreams of being an architect ever since she was a child. but now that she’s stepped into the music industry and is forced to be an idol and a detective, she wants to play her part well and find the murderer behind it all.
  115. ✮  ✮
  117. how did they learn to sing/dance/rap?: since sanghee is a fast learner who absorbs information well, she searched up tutorials on the internet and kind of drilled everything in her head about rapping. she also practiced with meddlin’ kid too since they’re in charge of rap in the group.
  119. did they have any type of musical background or are they just learning as they go?: sanghee learned how to play the violin ever since junho adopted her. she can play the piano also, but doesn’t really practice it well.
  121. what persona do they have as an idol?: real life min sanghee is a stark contrast to idol min sanghee. they are like two different people; one is really optimistic and cheerful while the other one is more negative and gloomy. however their fashion style doesn’t really change.
  123. how much do they miss their "home"?: sanghee wanted nothing but to go back to junho, madam lee, and doobi. she misses them so much and would do anything to return to her ‘world’. now that her dad isn’t present, she puts up a poster of sigmund freud and talks to it.
  126. how do they cope/react to being a videogame character?: sanghee doesn’t go in a mental breakdown because she’s trying to process the information. she thinks she is deceived and starts asking many questions that would eventually prove that she was indeed a videogame character.
  128. how invested are they in solving the mystery/what lengths do they go to?: sanghee loves murder mysteries and she loves taking the role of the detective too. she will try to put herself as the role of the criminal and think from their perspective. she will be very invested into cracking the case, even if she dies because frankly she IS a videogame character. who knows, maybe if she died she’ll return ‘home’. but along the way after meeting taehyung and getting closer to him, she may actually find a purpose to live.
  133. love interest ( +backup ): taehyung (+ seokjin)
  135. love interest personality (short and sweet): he knows how to work people and in turn changes himself to fit exactly what whomever he’s speaking to would want, not only in hopes of being liked or pleasing the other person initially, but also with the intention of getting on their good side so that he may benefit from them in the immediate or perhaps distant future. taehyung only shows his genuine self to those who are close to him, like his fellow group members or family, but to mere strangers he’s sly like a fox. he may seem like an open-book of being quirky and friendly but in reality, he has more depth than that.
  137. how do they meet: they got off at quite the weirdest start. sanghee left something in the practice room late at night and grabbed the key to open it. except she didn’t really used it because she thought of doing something that’ll make her even happier: picking locks. taehyung, who was passing by after a late night walk to the convenient store, dropped his bag of snacks and almost wanted to pounce on the “intruder”. bear in mind that sanghee was wearing a black hoodie, obscuring who she was, and until taehyung flicked off her hoodie revealing her red hair, he realized it was her. taehyung didn’t question her and like the gullible guy he was, he seemingly ate up sanghee’s words of “i didn’t pick it open, look,” and showed him a key. obviously he knew she picked it open and it’s going to bother him for the rest of the night of how strange the whole situation was.
  139. interactions/trivia ( how they act around each other, first impressions, things they do together, etc. ):
  141. — they would be really awkward around each other and trying to figure each other out since they both know that one another are bit off.
  142. — first impressions: taehyung thinks sanghee’s a total oddball from her lock picking incident at the practice room. sanghee thinks he’s really gullible and stupid for believing her lies, little did she know that taehyung knows what she did. when she finds out that SHE’s the one that’s deceived, sanghee’s mood sours for a few days and worsens whenever she see taehyung.
  143. — taehyung and sanghee has the same strange taste for fashion
  144. — sanghee will order a shitton of leggos for her new prototype and the mailman will deliver a massive parcel to bighit. taehyung walks through the main entrance moments later, kind of confused who the delivery was for. he asks the mailman and the latter replied, “oh it’s a parcel for miss min sanghee.” now he’s really confused and thinks to himself, “what is this, a dead body from ebay?”
  145. — taehyung then confronts sanghee to ask her what the parcel is and she replies, “none of your damn business,” and walks away. annoyed at her answer, he asks her members instead and they replied, “uh lego blocks i think.” taehyung is speechless.
  147. how their relationship develops: they both got off at a strange misunderstanding and things get really awkward in the beginning. taehyung and sanghee both try to analyze each other and find out who they really are, but since both are really secretive and careful, they get frustrated at each other and grow really curious. the climax of their relationship is a total mess because since they don’t know things/intentions about each other, they become really really frustrated and a confrontation takes place. sanghee and taehyung will get into this heated argument and both will start blurting their assumptions about each other such as like why sanghee was picking locks or talking to her sigmund freud poster and sanghee would call taehyung a nosy prick and that he’s just like everyone else: too quick to judge and too ignorant to understand. the fight ends there and after a few days after the argument, they refuse to speak to each other. until taehyung took the initiative to try and talk to sanghee. they both have a heart-to-heart conversation and their perspectives of each other slowly changed.
  149. suggested scenes ( optional ): — taehyung walking in on sanghee talking to her sigmund freud poster.
  152.                                                     ✮  ✮
  154. are you okay with a "bad" ending and/or your character dying?: i’m prepared for the worst, and i’m chill with whatever ending you see fit with my character
  156. things you'd like to see from this applyfic: i like to see sanghee mature through her little phase and to grow as someone who will accept others in her life and not be so doubtful of them.
  158. other:
  160. music recs for the character ( optional ):
  162. fun stuff ( mbti type, hogwarts house, etc. ): her hogwarts house is slytherin, INTP
  164. message to the author: hey soph i love this concept!! i hope you enjoy reading my form and iM GONNA BE HYPED AF FOR THIS FICCCC also prepare for my comment spams the next time you update!! LOVE YOU
  166. password: wonder girls
  168. contact info ( optional ): pm or kkt
  170.                                                          ✮  ✮
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