Autumn Harvest

Jan 26th, 2014
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  1. ~Autumn Harvest
  2. Tags: Yuri, Monstergirl - Dullahan
  4. Small rural towns, autumn celebrations, bored teenagers, sugar addicts and appalled cynics… some could call it way of life, provided those involved were convinced they actually had lives to speak of. ‘Cauldrons of fun’ and other bad jokes from out of touch fathers and other similarly humour impaired individuals tended to make it even drearier.
  6. Leaning back on her chair, self-styled hermit and purveyor of common sense, Kelly, was watching the window intently. Brick in the left hand and blunderbuss in the right, the next ‘little shit’ to try and break into the house will, in her words, fucking die in his smug fucking face!
  8. The past three autumn festivals had seen the tiny bastard children of everyone she’d ever hated (i.e. everyone) make a game of harassing her in the wee hours of the morning. Their thanks for all the good deeds and other assorted favours she’s done for them in the past. The near fatality last year when the dumbest kid on the block managed to mangle himself on a rake did nothing to dissuade him. Kelly wished the rake did the job though, stepping on it was one thing, repeatedly falling on the spokes was another entirely.
  10. The window cracked open as a little face emerged, then immediately pulled away in frightened screaming when Kelly lifted the gun to her shoulder. The window cracked open again to reveal a teenage face. The boy mocked, “my dad’s the mayor, what are you gonna do about that!?”
  12. Kelly’s retort was presented in the form of hurled brick, addressed directly to ‘shithead’s face’. Smashing her own window was a small price to pay for such satisfaction. For the first time in a long time, she was grateful of her tiny frame. Short enough to often be mistaken for a teenager herself and light enough to fall over in a wayward breeze, the boy in question would be publicly mocked if he tattled on her. Still, the tiny frame was also a source of despairing self image, washboard chest and boyish hips meant that she was hardly the curvaceous buxom beauty everyone seems to idolise.
  14. To her eternal relief, the kids scattered at the falling fragments of glass pane caused a few near misses. Kelly wondered sometimes why she allowed herself to be stuck in such a place. She stepped towards the window to check that the kids had truly left, knocking the broken window completely off its hinges with the butt of her gun.
  16. She poked her head through the newly made hole, pausing to untangle her long brown hair from one of the rusted, shattered hinges. She surveyed the area, blue eyes darting from landmark to landmark. Carved pumpkins adorned most doorsteps, the guts of most of them used in other decorations or just as ammunition for the kids to fling at each other. Kelly shook her head, and people wonder why the food always runs out before schedule. There was a massive cauldron in the city centre filled to the brim with pumpkin soup, most of which won’t be consumed, and a few tents with fairground styled activities and beer, lots of beer.
  18. Something did catch her eye though, a hooded figure in the shadows, beyond a couple of the distant houses looking for too intently on the festival. Kelly tried craned her neck to try and keep the figure in view when someone started trying to hitch a pinata in the way of her line of sight. When the incompetent townsman finally dropped the pinata before he could hitch it up, the figure was gone. Strangers weren’t unheard of, but in the middle of the night during autumn?
  20. Kelly clutched her gun. For a tiny, bespectacled librarian, she did have a militant stripe. She vaulted the window, falling a single floor and landing in a roll. She quickly dusted herself off, ensuring no glass clung to her heavy canvass dress. Immediately, she slung her gun over her shoulder and started running, herself keeping to the shadows of houses and trying to stay clear of the rest of the townsfolk, an easy feat as most houses were unoccupied and almost everyone was in the town square. Kelly didn’t hold much love for the townsfolk, but if she encountered a thief, she intended to fill them with buckshot.
  22. She darted over to the place where she had seen the figure, a small space nestled between two houses, the cheese-maker’s and the hatter’s. Cobblestone with a couple of quaint little steel chairs and a picnic table, as opposed to the dirt muck and grit of everyone else. Kelly skulked around for a bit, searching for anything to go off, tracks, clues, etc. But it were as if a ghost passed through, nothing and no one seemed to have been there.
  24. She sighed and was about tot take a seat on of the steel chairs when she saw the figure again in the distance, striding away from the town square. Kelly immediately set off in pursuit, sprinting as fast as her legs would carry her. She closed the distance rapidly, keeping the figure in her sights. The figure seemed to know it was being pursued without having to look as it started running as well.
  26. Kelly’s blood quickened, the chase was on!
  28. She belted down upon it, taking more risks as they put more distance between them and the town square. She rounded into the open to cut the figure off on the other side of a house, managing to close the extra detour distance in short order. The figure changed direction, sprinting straight for the outer ring of the town, where the farms were.
  30. Kelly wasn’t about to give up the chase just because they were going out bush and pushed onward as the figure made a b-line for the vineyard. Kelly tried her tactic of rounding the outside again, this time gun drawn. When she got there however, the figure was savvy to the ploy and Kelly found herself with the butt of a sword square in her face.
  32. ***
  34. She woke up, gut sore from being carried unceremoniously over someone’s shoulder.
  36. “That was a good chase!” a rather sombre woman’s voice seemed to echo inside her head rather than be heard, “not many mortals can bail me up like that.”
  38. “Mortals?” Kelly asked groggily. She looked around, directly below were the coat tails of a travelling cloak, while ahead of her (and behind the figure) she could make out the vineyard in the distance. Her sense of direction called back to her and she quickly realised that she was nearly on her own doorstep.
  40. “Mortals… it should be rather obvious…” the voice again echoed.
  42. “I don’t… why did you hit me?” Kelly realised two key things: she was at someone else’s mercy and that someone took the effort to sling the gun back over her shoulder before picking her up.
  44. “I don’t like being shot,” the figure shrugged. The distinct cracking of broken glass was heard underfoot, “I saw you in this sill, is this your abode?”
  46. “If I said yes?”
  48. “Good…”
  50. The sharp pain in Kelly’s gut told her that the figure jumped, the down-draft told her that she jumped very high. Before Kelly even realised it, she was staring at her own windowsill.
  52. The figure put her down onto her feet, Kelly realising that it was probably a mistake to even think she could match her physically.
  54. She was alien, whatever she was. Blue hair that seemed to billow in a breeze that didn’t exist and matching sapphire eyes that seemed to pierce Kelly’s soul. She was also massive, six and a half feet tall with plate armour covering every inch of her body aside from her head. Skulls and roses adorned her armour and her travelling cape was embroidered in tombs and thorns in the same colour as the cape itself as to only reveal its pattern in tricks of light and fleeting glimpses. She was also heavily armed, gigantic two-handed sword on the hip, segmented whip that resembled a human spine wrapped around the waste and a scythe slung over the back. Somehow, Kelly assumed the chalice on the other hip was yet another weapon. Despite all this, in her hand was a bottle of port, which made the whole thing seem less imposing.
  56. “Did… did you take that from the winery?”
  58. Even though she opened her mouth, her voice came from inside Kelly’s head, “This? I did the winemaker a favour, death-touched wine that got there from his own vices. He let three workers drop dead of exhaustion to get such a fine drop. It’s why he came to this town in fact. In fact, while you were out I let him know of my generosity… and my ultimatum. I spelled a message in blood, that message is contract upon my signage.”
  60. Kelly blinked, “slow down, what are you talking about?”
  62. “If he sacrifices another life for his own back pocket, I will have his head. It’s not signed though, I need a witness to enforce the contract and only mortals can do that.”
  64. Kelly folded her arms, “You’re making a lot of assumptions that I even know what you’re on about.”
  66. The bigger woman cocked her head, “oh, right, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Adessina, I’ve been called Addy or Dessy before, either will suffice.”
  68. “Kelly… I’m a librarian around here…” she straightened her glasses.
  70. “Lorekeeper? Damnation and a day, I could have just asked you to look over the contract as an intellectual.”
  72. Kelly blinked, unable to follow.
  74. “Oh, I’m sorry…” Adessina seemed to catch on that Kelly was confused, “I’m a dullahan.”
  76. Kelly edged back slightly, “You seem rather… unusual for a psychopomp.”
  78. “If you have doubts, allow me to illustrate!” Adessina grabbed her own hair and yanked it clean off her shoulders with a soft ‘pop’. Black smoke that was decorated in tiny blue lights emanated from the open cavity, which itself was featureless void. Kelly felt as though the smoke was watching her.
  80. “Umm… that’s perhaps the scariest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life…” Kelly edged back, slowly receding into her chair.
  82. “Oh, no need to fear…” Adessina put her head back on, “I mean you no harm after all… hell, I was kind of hoping you’d be my signatory. I was going to talk to a faerie-touched shaman three towns up but when you chased me down… well, that was impressive.”
  84. “And how do I become signatory?”
  86. The dullahan drew a blank piece of parchment from her cloak and handed it to Kally, “Prick a finger, put your mark there in blood. It’s a standard fey contract and as witness, you’re protected if he ever crosses you. Nifty if you ever need a hand.”
  88. Kelly looked at her finger for a moment as she took the parchment, “Umm I don’t…”
  90. Adessina immediately produced a sewing kit from her cloak and drew a needle from it, “I’d like just once to actually mend my cloak with this thing…”
  92. With a heavy sigh, Kelly took the needle. A dot of blood and a messy signature later, Adessina had her signature. Upon completion, the dullahan took back the needle as the parchment ignited, but without heat and leaving no ashes.
  94. Kelly jumped, “What the hell just happened!”
  96. “Well, all his wine will turn to blood and every label will bear my ultimatum and my signature. All of it, except this port here.”
  98. “You said it was death touched…”
  100. “Doesn’t mean anything anymore, only would have mattered if less… humane psychopomps came knocking. Now it’s just port.”
  102. Kelly sighed, still unable to truly comprehend what just happened, “so what now?”
  104. “Pour yourself a drink I suppose…”shrugged Adessina, “Nothing else left to do with it and I assume you sure as hell don’t want to be caught with his wine after all this blatant witchcraft.”
  106. “Drink myself into a stupor by order of a grim reaper… I don’t actually think I know of a crazier situation.”
  108. ***
  110. Night passed for some time as the weary heads of the townsfolk found themselves in their beds. Quickly, the town found itself deserted, an event witnessed by Adessina and Kelly, who had realised that glasses were a waste of time and were passing the bottle between them.
  112. “Oh c’mon, it’s still early!” Kelly blurted out, “What time is it? Midnight?”
  114. “Around about,” slurred Adessina as she took back the bottle, “hey watch this!”
  116. Adessina plucked her head off her shoulders once more and lifted it above her neck at full arm’s reach. She took a swig of the bottle and as the wine passed through her mouth and neck, she managed to catch it all in the open neck cavity.
  118. “Hell of a party trick…” observed Kelly as she took the bottle back for another mouthful, “say, what else is that good for?”
  120. “Scaring the crap out of people,” shrugged Adessina as she put her head back on, “dodging fatal blows in a fight… looking at thorns in my feet I suppose?”
  122. Kelly, suitably drunk to start asking such questions, pried deeper, “what, you never had ‘creative’ uses for it?”
  124. “I’m not good with subtlety. Bashing heads in? That I can do.”
  126. Kelly grunted in mock frustration, “So no ‘personal grooming’?”
  128. It was Adessina’s turn to be confused, “how is my face going to wash me?”
  130. “Do I need to lift my skirt for you to get the point?” she playfully punched the dullahan’s shoulder, quickly regretting it when her knuckles rebounded off the solid steel, “Ever eaten yourself out?”
  132. Adessina blinked, “Auto-cannibalism isn’t a good thing Kelly, and you’re mighty strange for bringing it up…”
  134. “I’m not talking about literal eating!” Kelly handed the bottle back to Adessina, “I’m talking about applying your tongue to nether regions…”
  136. “Why would I want to lick a devil-”
  138. Kelly giggled, “Nevermind then, you’re obviously not much of a ‘cunning linguist’.”
  140. “Not really, spend most of my time alone and killing things that need killing.”
  142. “Wasn’t a question,” smirked Kelly, “I was just curious was all. Personally, if I had a detachable head… I would be a very happy lady.”
  144. “I’m still missing your point.”
  146. Kelly took back the bottle for another swig, “Sex! Is that a thing you do!”
  148. Adessina was taken back by the question, “Umm… no? I mean… I know how it works…?”
  150. “Virgin?”
  152. Adessina cowed, “Don’t hit me…”
  154. Kelly’s brow creased, “what?”
  156. Adessina straightened and cleared her throat, “Nothing...”
  158. Kelly handed back the bottle and started taking some of her clothes off, starting with her boots, “Well then, I did you a favour and I’ve been rather lonely myself for a very long time and your unique biology and complete naivety is piquing my interest something fierce. Care to repay the favour?”
  160. “Umm… what?”
  162. Kelly gave a sheepish glare, “You can finish that bottle,” she said as she fumbled about underneath her dress.
  164. Adessina complied and just as she put the bottle down, Kelly flung her knickers straight into her face.
  166. The dullahan was startled and threw them off by swatting herself in the face until they fell away.
  168. “You’re actually kind of cute in a weird way,” Kelly giggled, “come hither, lets take that there armour off…”
  170. “Umm…” Adessina didn’t even get a response in when Kelly grabbed her by the cloak and lead her away from the window, untying the cloak as she went.
  172. Before long, Kelly had lead Adessina into the next room, a bare room furnished by a bed and far too many books.
  174. Kelly threw the cloak off and immediately hit a proverbial wall.
  176. “I… don’t know where to start…”
  178. Adessina looked at her armour, “So… you want to see me… naked?”
  180. Kelly nodded, “Before I change my mind now…”
  182. “I think I can make this easy on us then…” Adessina stepped back a few paces, and then in a brilliant flash of light, teleported forward, stumbling into Kelly and landing right on top of her.
  184. Kelly coughed for a bit as she managed to get the air back into her lungs. She straightened up her glasses and looked at Adessina, who was blushing so hard her ears were starting to redden. Not only was she actually quite fit underneath all that armour, but she was also incredibly shapely and buxom.
  186. “My, my, aren’t you the beauty…”
  188. Adessina giggled nervously, but her face quickly went back to its previous worried state, “I have no idea what I’m doing…”
  190. Kelly didn’t say a word, she just craned her neck forward, kissing Adessina on the lips as she stroked her tenacious body. Adessina didn’t quite know what to do with herself, so she let Kelly take charge. She wasn’t sure how to react when she felt Kelly’s tongue in her mouth, but she knew it felt good. What took her by complete surprise though was when Kelly made her way with little kisses down to the back of her neck, giving her a quick nibble on the ear and onward into a set of tender, slow kisses down the neck. Kelly’s hands made their way up to Adessina’s breasts. She cupped them so that Adessina’s nipples were between her thumb and forefinger. At the same time as she massaged Adessina’s breasts, she also tweaked the nipples. The dullahan let out a series of shuddering breaths as she felt her whole body arch and writhe to the rhythm set by Kelly.
  192. When she was satisfied with the choked moans and confused whines of Adessina, Kelly pulled back and planted another kiss on her lips, “liking this so far.”
  194. Adessina nodded, not fully understanding what was happening.
  196. Kelly looked up to the bed, “Sit up there for me…”
  198. Adessina complied, sitting rather ladylike, surprised at herself for being so self-conscious.
  200. Kelly seemed to find this amusing as she wordlessly got undressed herself, pulling off her only remaining piece of clothing, her dress. Adessina thought her cute, finding herself analysing the dainty librarian from head to toe. When she realised what she was doing, she blushed again and looked away.
  202. “Come now, I don’t mind…” smirked Kelly as she knelt in front of the Dullahan and gently parted her legs, massaging Adessina’s inner thighs with a sultry lick of the lips. Her kisses started at the knee and worked their way along the inner thigh. The ploy to build some cheap anticipation worked and she heard Adessina gasp as she got nearer and nearer to her pussy.
  204. “This is what I meant earlier by the way…” said Kelly as she set to work. At first she played with the clit, gently stroking her tongue across the soft, pick flesh. She worked gently, almost reassuringly as she stroked upwards around the sides, being careful to avoid pushing against the front of it and causing Adessina pain over pleasure. As Adessina started rhythmically pushing against Kelly, she made a go of pushing slightly harder so that the tip of her tongue slipped underneath the hood. Adessina let out a stunned gasp that sounded like it barely managed to escape when Kelly focused on the underneath of the hood, gently wriggling her tongue against the engorging clit.
  206. Kelly managed to look up towards Adessina’s face, which was bright, almost luminescent red. Her chest heaved with each shuddering breath as Adessina tried with all her might not to make a sound. Kelly found the naivety cute and her body hot, her own pussy felt wetter the more she gazed upon the dullahan’s heaving body. She slipped her fingers into her own pussy and started stroking, making ‘come hither’ motions as she found herself a nice rhythm.
  208. “Don’t hold it in,” said Kelly, pulling away and opening Adessina’s pussy with her fingers, “if you have to moan, moan. That’s kind of the idea actually.”
  210. “I’m… I’m… sorry.”
  212. Kelly laughed, “don’t be sorry, just enjoy the show…” Kelly then dived into the dullahan’s pussy, tongue first, sticking it in so deep that she could feel the underside of her tongue scratching against her teeth. The first thing she noticed was the taste, Adessina tasted a good kind of bittersweet, the kind of sweet that you get from a well made pumpkin soup, the kind of bitter that you get from a well aged wine. Few sensations were so alluring, few tastes so palatable. Kelly let loose, giving a couple moans as she savoured such succulent juices. Simply tasting something so intoxicating made her shudder a little, made her pussy tighten around her own fingers. She played patterns and spelled sweet nothings with her tongue for the dullahan. Adessina started moaning herself when Kelly got half way through spelling out, ‘you’re so sexy’.
  214. Kelly then paused looking up at Adessina, who had taken to stroking her head.
  216. “How about we put that head of yours to good use, I’m close and I can feel that you are too…”
  218. “What… what do you mean?” asked Adessina.
  220. Kelly smirked, “reckon you could do what I’m doing?”
  222. “I… I guess…” Adessina plucked her head off her own shoulders one more time and reluctantly handed it to Kelly. The librarian giggled and brought Adessina’s head between her legs, parting her vulva with one hand and pressing Adessina’s lips against her with the other. Immediately Adessina stuck her tongue out, awkwardly and gently. She made a muffled sound, but her voice rang true in Kelly’s head, “like this?”
  224. “I’m not delicate, push a little harder… oh, like that!” Adessina wasn’t the greatest lover, hell, her sense of rhythm was shot and her tongue’s wild flailing didn’t do much for Kelly, but as soon as Kelly herself got back to work, Adessina settled into the rhythm she set almost as a natural matter of course. It was strange how the detachable head worked, she could feel Adessina’s pussy tighten and writhe on her tongue, which translated to a gentle vibration in the form of her moaning against her own pussy. Kelly found herself pushing the Dullahan’s head against herself harder as she was getting closer. Her own shuddering breaths making it harder to keep up with her own work.
  226. The dullahan had followed Kelly’s rhythm perfectly and when Adessina’s pussy seized in orgasm, so did Kelly’s. The librarian would have screamed if her mouth wasn’t fully of Adessina’s tender flesh and succulent juices, and judging by the noises she was making, the inverse was also true. For Adessina, Kelly tasted like the ripest strawberries and determined the shuck out as much of that rich flavour as she could. Their moans got louder as their bodies pushed against each other and their mouths pressed harder, determined to work through the tight vaginal walls straining for every little piece of sensation.
  228. Soon though, their bodies settled rest and Kelly finally pulled her mouth away from Adessina’s crotch. She brought the dullahan’s head to eye level, “so… how was that?”
  230. Adessina giggled, lacking any way of nodding, her body merely gave a thumbs up.
  232. Kelly smirked, “So have you ever done that to yourself?”
  234. “No…” admitted Adessina, “thought never occurred to me.”
  236. “Think you’ll start?”
  238. Adessina smiled, “Why not now?”
  240. Kelly passed the head back to Adessina who awkwardly placed it between her legs. Kelly laughed, “here… let me help…”
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