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  1. First of all, something i should've done a long time ago:
  4. Now let's get into the thing:
  6. I first want to explain who is Gregory "PlaystationHax" Rasputin for those who don't know who is.
  7. Gregory Rasputin is the administrator of PlaystationHax that likes to go from drama to drama from scene to scene cause his dead website doesn't get enough visits with standard articles.
  8. When there's no drama, he starts one on his own so that he can keep feeding it to get some views for his website.
  9. I didn't know who he was before HackInformer decided to send me some SD2Vita for free for my contributions into Vita scene.
  10. As a result, a few hours later, i find a very nice article on PlaystationHax defining me a "piece of shit", "sold bastard", etc...
  11. Instant reaction: i block said individual from Twitter and what followed is a threatening via PM on from himself:
  13. You know what was the "next level"?
  14. Ok, did i say Gregory Rasputin is the administrator of VitaDev Wiki? Well, he fulled a page of VitaDev Wiki related to me with insults and shits about me and my works.
  15. Isn't this something that every website administrator does?
  16. You're still not convinced of how immature this individual is? Ok, let's move forward.
  17. After realizing he shat out of the toilet with the SD2Vita thing, he "kind of" apologized and so i unblocked him in good faith just to get insulted again few months after when i stated that
  18. i would've removed from VitaDB homebrews breaking opensource licenses such as Vitacheat and oneLua derivated homebrews.
  19. Now, let's bring another funny fact, did you know that GitHub (as well as every other big website related to opensource software) actually can perform a takedown on request if who requested such
  20. action proves that said software is breaking an opensource license? (basically what i actually do on VitaDB for which Gregory Rasputin insulted me?) I even managed to get Vitacheat took down from GitHub
  21. due to GPLv3 infringment just as an example.
  22. Oh, and did i mention the fact that Gregory Rasputin more recently started taking discord chat snippets properly edited to make people he hates look like evil?
  23. Did i also mention that, when a moderator of a well known website pointed out the shit he did, he went threatening the website admin to make said moderator apologize?
  24. Ok, last one. Look at this:
  25. Does this look like an appropriate vocabulary for an article on a website? No? Oh, what a surprise...
  26. Also, i would like to point out this: "regardless if i like the developer or think he or she is a piece of shit, i won't stop it being posted about, nor will i refuse to post about it".
  27. Given this statement, can you guys link me to an article related to one of my recent game ports? No? Oh, what a surprise... Doesn't this mean that he's actually refusing to post about it? It does? :D
  28. Isn't he such a cool person? :D
  29. I would like to get an answer from @CustomProtocol, @PSX-Place and @Wololo regarding this but i know i'm not going to receive any answer cause you guys don't want to express yourselves on the matter but:
  30. Why you guys still deal with this worm? Do you really thing you're going to gain anything from being in good relationship with him? Are you scared he can shittalk about you on his website? And if so,
  31. why you guys care since no one gives a shit about his website?
  33. Now that we know who Gregory Rasputin is, let's look at the Tweet that made me rage yesterday:
  34. First of, i would like to point out how magistraly this screenshot had been edited to exclude the context in which those phrases got said.
  35. Look at it, there's not even a reference to Gregory Rasputin but, well, we were talking about him.
  36. The discussion was about his podcasts. In one of those he literally read the article i linked you before regarding the "unbiased" database and my answer to that was the one you see here.
  37. That means my disregard was directed to Gregory Rasputin and not to the people i named after.
  38. In the names i mentioned after there's also caghandemir himself that of course did understand my statement was an overexaggeration to point out the bullshits Gregory Rasputin spread with his "work".
  39. The name mentioned also are those one specifically cause in the podcasts Mr. Gregory Rasputin pretty much talks only about oneLua derivated releases and Silica wannabe teamsquad releases.
  40. It's not even remotely related to the fact that i do hate said persons. I personally dislike the attitude of oneLua devs regarding the fact of not properly honoring opensource licenses and
  41. i stated SEVERAL times in SEVERAL occasions that, whenever oneLua sourcecode would've been released, i would've been more than glad to re-integrate all oneLua derivates into VitaDB.
  42. As for theheroGAC, despite what people could think, i really like his work and if it wasn't for the fact all his homebrews run on oneLua, i would be more than happy to advertise his works on VitaDB.
  43. I'm the first one that defended him when people attacked his works on Henkaku Discord (eg: , ).
  44. So, to sum it up, don't know what idea you got of me @theheroGAC given the fact that you know only oneLua/Gregory Rasputin side of the medal but i don't have anything against you and,
  45. as i've stated on Discord several times, i would be more than glad to advertise your works if that wouldn't indirectly break opensource licenses since i retain your homebrews are helpful
  46. for people not used to deal with PSVita specific stuffs (eg: tai config managing). Nothing personal if i don't publish your stuffs, i hope one day oneLua devs decide to opensource their interpreter
  47. thus honoring GPL license so that i will be able to properly advertise your work.
  49. As for my takedown of VitaDB, that happened cause, who knows me IRL or from a long date already knows, i'm a very emotional person. I do really appreciate all the nice comments i get when i
  50. release something but, at the same time, when someone attacks me i take it seriously even when i shouldn't. I usually don't care for random guys attacking me or from people that i know hate me
  51. (eg. Gregory Rasputin) but this time said attack came from someone i do respect and the source for said attack came from editing a snippet of Discord to make me look intentionally as the bad guy.
  52. This made me tilt and i reacted emotionally by taking everything down. (Fyi: I've not even slept today for this event due to how nervous i was after reading the Tweet at 2:00 AM more or less).
  54. I've restored VitaDB but i've decided to take a break from Vita related stuffs. Dunno how long it will be, maybe few days, maybe a week, dunno but i want to take a break from all this shit since
  55. lately all those Discord snippets attacks are becaming popular and having to weight words even on a #off-topic channel on a server cause malevolous idiotic people wants intentionally to feed
  56. dramas became stressfull.
  58. I hope @rsn8887 could maintain VitaDB during my absence, if not, i'll update everything once back.
  60. And since i'm here writing this very long "wanna-be" letter, i want to take some time to thanks everyone who supported me during this long time and to everyone who have endured me on Discord
  61. especially when i was in a bad mood.
  63. P.S. I know this thing will arrive to Gregory Rasputin too, i don't give a fucking fuck about what you have to say about this. Keep telling your bullshits as much as you want.
  64. Call me coward, call me motherfucker, call me bastard, call me whatever way you already called me.
  65. The only piece of shit here it's you and whoever is not biased from your bullshits knows about it.
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