Male!Kanna+Shigure (Siblings) C-A

Jul 13th, 2015
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  1. I found a file named " カンナ男_シグレ_兄弟 " (KannaMale_Shigure_Sibling) in the text dump and went 'What IS THIS?!'.
  2. So I translated the Male!Kanna+Shigure sibling conversation for the lolz
  3. (Even though we have no way to actually make it happen in-game)
  6. Male!Kanna+Shigure (Siblings) C-support:
  7. M!Kanna: Ne, Shigure, do you wanna go on patrol together?
  8. Shigure: Kanna. Right now?
  9. M!Kanna: Un! I (uses Boku) wanna hurry up and get stronger so I can protect everyone. For that sake I have to first give it my all while patrolling. And isn't patrolling more useful faster/at the moment?
  10. Shigure: Then I'll go along with you. That's because even though we grew up in different places, I'm still your older brother.
  11. M!Kanna: Thanks! Then let's go!
  12. Shigure: Ah, okay. But isn't it dangerous with just us?
  13. M!Kanna: It'll be alright! Because I've been working hard and practicing every day!
  14. Shigure: But with just the two of us...
  15. M!Kanna: It'll be fine! If us two siblings combine our powers we can punish any bad people!
  16. Shigure: Sōdesu ne. If Kanna says so, then it'll certainly be okay.
  17. M!Kanna: Un! I want to try and patrol every day!
  18. Shigure: What? Every day?
  19. M!Kanna: Un! I patrol every day because if I don't practice every day it's useless to me.
  20. Shigure: I see... every day...
  21. M!Kanna: Shigure, what's wrong?
  22. Shigure: Wawa, I just thought it might be a little too much. Well, let's head off.
  23. M!Kanna: Un! Let's do our best!
  25. Male!Kanna+Shigure (Siblings) B-support:
  26. M!Kanna: Thank you for coming along with me on patrol today as well, Shigure!
  27. Shigure: Patrolling together with you has also become a bit fun. I'll be relying on you when we're together, Kanna
  28. M!Kanna: Really!? (Sore honto!?)
  29. Shigure: Yes. I've gotten used to patrolling, and recently I think we've gotten pretty efficient at it.
  30. M!Kanna: Really... eheheh, I'm glad! From now on, no matter the enemy we face, as long as I can become a dragon I feel like I can beat it! Oh yeah, what thing is Shigure good at?
  31. Shigure: What me? Let's see... battling high up on the sky.
  32. M!Kanna: Shigure is amazing! Well then, the two of us are invisible when we're together!
  33. Shigure: Eh, that is so. (sōdesune)
  34. M!Kanna: Yoooosh! I'm gonna do my best more and more! Come on, hurry. Let's go!
  35. Shigure: Wa! Wai-please wait, Kanna!
  37. Male!Kanna+Shigure (Siblings) A-support:
  38. M!Kanna: Shigure! Today let's go on patrol together again!
  39. Shigure: Ah, okay.
  40. M!Kanna: Ah, but before that... I have a favor to ask.
  41. Shigure: A favor?
  42. M!Kanna: Un. The thing Shigure is good at, I want you to tell me how to do it.
  43. Shigure: Do you mean fighting in the sky like i told you before?
  44. M!Kanna: Un. You know how out of everyone I'm the youngest child? The list of things I can't do is huge ... hurrying up and becoming an adult is difficult, increasing the things I can do as fast as possible! That is my dream. Shigure-ni...oni-chan teach me something. When we were separated I was always yearning/wondering what it felt like to spend time together as siblings.
  45. Shigure: Kanna...
  46. M!Kanna: That's why I want to talk a lot with Shigure, I want you to tell me a lot of things. Is that.... no good?
  47. Shigure: I wouldn't say it's no good/useless. You saying that makes me happy.
  48. M!Kanna: So will you tell me lots of things?
  49. Shigure: Of course. I'll do whatever I can to tell you what I can.
  50. M!Kanna: Thank you.
  51. Shigure: But I don't intend to loose to Kanna. Who can become stronger the fastest, let's have a competition between the two of us.
  52. M!Kanna: Un, I won't loose!
  53. Shigure: Well then, then see you tomorrow for patrolling.
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