Breakfast - The ice sun

Apr 28th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >It's one of the last hot days of the year, unfortunately.
  3. >You love the heat.
  4. >Cold is useless, why does the heat have to go away?
  5. >Stupid seasons. The world should always be in blistering heat.
  6. >That would be perfect.
  7. >Many moths are celebrating the heat by jamming as many Summer activities into the day as they can.
  8. >You've seen many moths running around with water balloons and other water-objects.
  9. >Losers.
  10. >Running around is for fillies and colts, not full-grown ponies.
  11. >"Ha! I got you!"
  12. >"Virgo, you were right next to me, how could you miss?"
  13. >The white one is harassing the bee after drenching him with a water balloon.
  14. >"... You didn't have to chuck it at me point-blank, dick."
  15. >Everyone's immature.
  16. >Fillies seem to be playing tag in the street.
  17. >The fat one isn't telling them to go somewhere else, so she must condone it.
  18. >Idiot.
  19. >Why is the world filled with idiots?
  20. >"Ha! I got you! Now you're it!"
  21. >"Aw, but Dandelion was doing so good..."
  22. >That should be "well", not "good".
  23. >It's good to know the education system is just as bad as the rest of the world.
  24. >"Why am I here, again?"
  25. >Oh, look, Dark-and-Edgy is here too.
  26. >The bat-moth is next to the fat one; he has an expression of boredom.
  27. >"I just need a little help keeping track of all of them, that's all..."
  28. >That isn't "all".
  29. >She's very obviously holding some information.
  30. >Fatty has a crush on Edgy, how vomit-worthy.
  31. >You continue on your way, trying both to block out the sound and to stop yourself from throwing this morning's breakfast all over the ground.
  32. >...
  33. >Many moths on the street around you have stopped moving to stare at something in the sky.
  36. >Their jaws are all open, dropped at whatever sight they're seeing.
  37. >You have more important things to do than look, however. You-
  38. >Actually, you believe the sight has put itself in your line of vision.
  39. >The stagnant brown one flies down from above. Though, it's not her they're looking at but what she's wearing.
  40. >A piece worn only for attempting to entrance any pony who sees it into loving the wearer.
  41. >She has to wear something like that just to get attention, pathetic.
  42. >The pony gently knocks on a door; only a few moments later, the yellow one opens to receive quite the sight.
  43. >"Hey there, Goldie, what do you think of this?"
  44. >The yellow one just stands there, dumbfounded.
  45. >"It's marvelous, ri-"
  46. >Before she can even finish her sentence, the yellow one grabs her and rushes her inside.
  47. >The door slams shut behind them.
  48. >... A moth whistles.
  49. >"Cut it out, Virgo."
  50. >"Aw, just because she doesn't do that for you, Pepper?"
  51. >"Virgo, I swear t-"
  52. >You hear a water balloon burst and the white one cackles in laughter.
  53. >He's running away at this point.
  54. >The overly-brown stallion he was is now infuriated and chasing after him.
  55. >Once again, everyone on this planet is immature.
  56. >...
  57. >Well, you almost made it home without encountering Hexferry...
  58. >Unfortunately, she looks like she wants to talk to you.
  59. >You both walk until you're only a meter away.
  60. >"Hey, um..."
  61. >Oh great, she's going to waste even more of your time than she usually does.
  62. >"Do you... have anything going on tomorrow?"
  63. >... Fantastic, this again.
  64. >You continue to stare at her.
  65. >"I know we haven't really spoken very much, but I'd like to hang out with you. I have all day free, so..."
  67. >Once again, she doesn't seem to be embarrassed.
  68. >She's so... natural around you.
  69. >Around others, she's squeaking and huffing in anger.
  70. >... You don't show a single sign of caring.
  71. >"We could just go to my house, if places with a lot of ponies aren't your thing."
  72. >Being around anyone is the worst.
  73. >Hexferry included.
  74. >"So, what do you say?"
  75. >...
  76. "No."
  77. >With that, you turn to walk around he-
  78. >Y-your vision hazes over.
  79. >Your h-head is th-throbbing...
  80. >W-were you... h-hit?
  81. >S-something's wrong...
  82. >You feel...
  83. >S-so c-c-c...
  84. >Cold...
  85. >You don't feel your body hit the ground, but you certainly see it.
  86. >All your body can feel is the quake.
  87. >Why is the ground shaking so?
  88. >Or... is that just you...?
  89. >Hexferry's face comes into view.
  90. >What's that emotion?
  91. >Fear? Worry?
  92. >You don't know but she certainly isn't happy.
  93. >... Are her lips moving?
  94. >You can't hear her.
  95. >The only thing you can hear is your shaking breath.
  96. >Your sight is... fading?
  97. >So... cold...
  98. >Hexferry jumps up.
  99. >You can only see her hooves now.
  100. >... She seems to be... standing there...
  101. >Why?
  102. >Your brain is running in circles.
  103. >She's standing there...
  104. >Then what?
  105. >She's standing there...
  106. >... Your blood...
  107. >You can feel your blood.
  108. >... It's just as cold as you are.
  109. >So... cold...
  110. >... Your window of vision gets smaller.
  111. >It's closing in on you.
  112. >Hexferry comes back into view.
  113. >Is she worries?
  114. >Does she even care?
  115. >... Why?
  116. >She dashes out of your sight.
  117. >... Though, that isn't difficult now. Your eyes have almost stopped working.
  118. >You can feel your consciousness fade...
  119. >The world shifts just as your sight ends.
  120. >...
  121. >So...
  122. >Cold...
  123. >...
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