MGE Side III Countless Cabins

Dec 4th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Countless Cabins
  2. In truth, when you arrived in this sea, and this island, I became aware of it.
  3. I actually thought I’d go out to greet you myself, but the moment I felt your soul in the sea, my womb went “kyun kyun”, the strength faded from my body, and I couldn’t move at all...♥
  4. My mind also went blank, and if I remember correctly, I think one of the Song Maidens was saying I had to do something or other because of the “National Memorial Festivities”, but I completely forgot, and I’ve been connected with you ever since you turned up♥ I wonder if I did something bad♥
  6. You’ve only been to my room, but this ship has a lot of guest rooms.
  7. By the way, I was thinking of giving something to you, now where did it go?
  8. All sorts of pretty things fall down to the seafloor, and from time to time I pick them up, but I grow tired of them quickly and they end up in some room.
  9. It seems the other day, the Song Maidens were cleaning up while angrily grumbling “Jeez!”... But often there are people who come here hunting treasure, and I’d rather they not take them home.
  11. Ufufu♥ If they take something, it can’t be helped♥
  12. There are lots of hotels and shops outside of the Queen Diana’s central tower, but all of the rooms in this central tower are ones I received, so anyone can use a room, and they are welcome to take whatever is inside as they please♥
  13. So if a man hunting treasure enters a room, any monster can take him♥
  14. Also, there are lots of monsters and Song Maidens staying in these rooms who want a man to take them home♥
  16. Perhaps you too could have been taken by someone, or possibly taken someone home, so I was very, very happy when you came straight to my room♥
  17. I forgot to ask you because we were feeling so good, but why did you come to me anyway?
  18. You’ve already poured plenty of compensation into me, like you’re still doing now...♥
  19. So, if there is anything you wish for, I’ll grant it all♥
  21. ...Ehh? You saw me in a dream? Then your loins got hot, and when you thought about me, you got an erection that wouldn’t go away?
  22. You had no other business but to come and see me? It isn’t a coincidence that you didn’t stop at any other rooms?
  23. In the bedroom earlier, you weren’t asking whether you could pull out, you were asking if you could keep it in...?
  25. Ahaan♥ When you say something like that, my womb goes all kyun kyun♥
  26. As I expected, that destiny I felt when I was young was such a wonderful thing♥
  27. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  28. Topic -Her Majesty the Queen and Admiral Eizen-
  29. During the history of the Ship Nation, Her Majesty the Queen made an agonizing decision in order to quell the anger Diana’s people felt towards Admiral Eizen, who had been accused of communicating with monsters.
  30. Her Majesty intended to somehow pretend Eizen was executed, and have him escape to a foreign country with his family, but before that, Eizen was rescued by sea folk in the waters near Dé Ryúa, and his whereabouts became unknown.
  31. Meanwhile, as promised, Eizen’s wife and daughter were being taken to a foreign country aboard an Order ship, but when the two of them heard that he had perished in a maritime accident, they cast themselves into the sea as the ship passed through the waters near Dé Ryúa.
  32. Having thrown themselves overboard, the two went missing for a while, but later on, they became Nereids and eventually washed up in Dé Ryúa, where they reunited with admiral Eizen, and it seems to this day the three of them are living their lives together pleasurably.
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