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  1. #This file auto-generated by Plank.
  2. #2013-03-04T17:08:51+0000
  4. [PlankDockPreferences]
  5. #Whether to show only windows of the current workspace.
  6. CurrentWorkspaceOnly=false
  7. #The size of dock icons (in pixels).
  8. IconSize=48
  9. #If 0, the dock won't hide.  If 1, the dock intelligently hides.  If 2, the dock auto-hides.
  10. HideMode=1
  11. #Time (in ms) to wait before unhiding the dock.
  12. UnhideDelay=0
  13. #The monitor number for the dock. Use -1 to keep on the primary monitor.
  14. Monitor=-1
  15. #List of *.dockitem files on this dock. DO NOT MODIFY
  16. DockItems=Thunar-folder-handler.dockitem;;firefox.dockitem;;thunderbird.dockitem;;libreoffice.dockitem;;vlc.dockitem;;steam.dockitem
  17. #The position for the dock on the monitor.
  18. Position=3
  19. #The dock's position offset from center (in percent).
  20. Offset=0
  21. #The name of the dock's theme to use.
  22. Theme=Default
  23. #The alignment for the dock on the monitor's edge.
  24. Alignment=3
  25. #The alignment of the items in this dock.
  26. ItemsAlignment=3
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