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  1. The Cult of Damien appears to be on the warpath, with aims to chase down the US Government-in-exile into Northern Union territory. Working in tandem, NICEA, DICTUM, FATE and the Commissariat will provide irregular support and intelligence for entrenched Northern Commonwealth forces.
  3. NICEA
  5. The Northern Intelligence Central Enforcement Agency will leverage two arms towards this operation. The Administrative Bureau of Cyber-Defence (ABCD) will utilize its quantum supercomputing assets to disruption of communications and electronic hardware used by Damienite forces. This will involve direct cyberattacks on the enemy battlespace network and communications nodes, with aims to seed viruses and worms into enemy computer systems (while sparing those of friendly US forces). Where possible, electronic infrastructure south of the line of control will be hit, in an attempt to delay the movement of Damienite forces and disrupt logistical supply chains. Where all else fails, NICEA will work with the NU Model Air Army to use the AGM-99 DISS missile suite to conduct penetrating strikes against power and communications nodes which could potentially assist Damienite incursions northwards.
  7. Any computer and communication systems successfully commandeered by ABCD will be handed over to the Department of Information, Communication, and Transmission Universal Management(DICTUM), who will conduct a broad-sweeping anti-Damien propaganda campaign designed to demoralize the enemy and encourage defectors.
  9. FATE
  11. The Foundation for Analysis of Temporal Eventuality (FATE) has observed the Eschaton from the shadows, utilizing its remaining spectrum of quantum assets to create a predictive picture of human behaviour even as the conflicts burn across the globe. While the Legions of Hell remain outside the realm of pschohistory, the Horde of Damien is very much human. This means that their actions can be ascertained, via predictive determinism. FATE will conduct a broad-spectrum FUTURINT analysis of the Damienite forces, with aims to predict their movements and general strategy before the Damienites make it.
  13. The Commissariat
  15. While the QUORUM and the psychohistorians work the quantum realm, the Telepaths of the Commissariat will deploy quietly to the front lines. Their purpose will be threefold:
  17.  • Even with theatre-wide airborne communications, there may be a need to issue a broad spectrum of commands to friendly units across the entire theatre at the speed of thought. The Commissariat will complement the Argos Battlespace, filling in any blanks with psychic communications.
  19.  • More significantly, being mind-readers, the Commissars will aim to establish non-consensual mind links with officers of the US military loyal to Damien, in order to "read" the enemy and provide Psychic Intelligence (PSYINT) directly to battlefield planners, relayed along the Commissariat mental network.
  21.  • The Commissariat will sow as much confusion among enemy forces by planting subliminal messages and "suggestions" in the minds of enemy troops.
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