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  1. Package: bodhi-theme-pack
  2. Version: 0.69
  3. Section: main
  4. Priority: optional
  5. Architecture: all
  6. Depends: bodhi-theme-beauty, bodhi-theme-greyish, bodhi-theme-mariad, bodhi-theme-boox, bodhi-theme-green, bodhi-theme-lg2, bodhi-theme-luxe, bodhi-theme-moonlight, bodhi-theme-nogal, bodhi-theme-sky, bodhi-theme-white, bodhi-theme-wood, bodhi-theme-brown, bodhi-theme-lynx, bodhi-theme-elegant, bodhi-theme-miguel2, bodhi-theme-agust, bodhi-theme-1890, bodhi-theme-ambient, bodhi-theme-beauty2, bodhi-theme-japan, bodhi-theme-angelic, bodhi-theme-passion, bodhi-theme-blue-angle, bodhi-theme-lanoche, bodhi-theme-electric, bodhi-theme-mystery, bodhi-theme-metal, bodhi-theme-pink, bodhi-theme-7, bodhi-theme-angelic2, bodhi-theme-smoke
  7. Maintainer: Jeff Hoogland
  8. Description: Bodhi Pack Theme
  9.  A meta package to install all Bodhi themes
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